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  1. delagoutte

    individual Columns in uniDBGrid

    do you test it with agris with many columns >50. If yes, have you got any problem with performance or not ?
  2. i don't think there is any problem with this.
  3. delagoutte

    uniGUI with SAML 2.0 single sign-on

    thanks for your sharing
  4. try this : replace ' sort: function() {'+#13#10+ ... ' if (this.el.hasCls(''x-column-header-sort-DESC'')) {'+#13#10+ by ' sort: function(a) {'+#13#10+ ... ' if (a==null && this.el.hasCls(''x-column-header-sort-DESC'')) {'+#13#10+
  5. delagoutte

    uniGUI with SAML 2.0 single sign-on

    nobody ? a client ask me the same thing
  6. No error in console ? have you got a column with checkbox for selection ? if not, try adding, YourGrid.options.dgcheckselect : true; Your column have sortable : true ? for your question about sender.multiSortLimit=10;' -> you couldn't have more than 10 column sorted see doc sencha
  7. i must do a little cleaning but i think it only remains useful code GridColumnSortWithCancel.zip
  8. now, i have a solution. i'll try to do a small sample project
  9. no, i think he want a column sort with 3 states for exemple : first click on column header-> ASC Sort second Click on column header -> DESC sort third Click on oclumn header -> NO sort 4th click on column header->ASC SORT . ......
  10. delagoutte

    adjust caption on tunibutton

    I have a tunibutton on a panel. this button is anchor on right and left. When i decrease my panel size my button size width is decrease. If the caption is too long for the button, i would like the caption to be written on 2 lines or that the font size decrease automaticly. Is it possible to do that ?
  11. delagoutte

    Emergency assistance

    have you try with https://***.***.***/myapp.dll/m ? maybe wechat use https and a redirect to a http link is restricted in many cases ?
  12. Hello, Farshad/FMSoft would you be able to produce a tutorial on "how to create a custom theme" ? Where to start? tools needed ? how to proceed ? how to add in unigui adn how to deploy ?
  13. delagoutte

    How can i produce my own theme ?

    anybody could help, farshad ? other ? I have produced a theme with sencha themer based on triton. where should I put the files produced by themer ? unipackage-6.5.3 ? other directory ? We must create other files ? what should I do for my theme to appear in the list of themes available in unigui ? it's been months that I ask on different post without ever having a complete answer with good practices. Would it finally be possible to have one?
  14. Hello, i have a grid with a onselectionchange in this event i have a code like this procedure TMainForm.MygridSelectionChange(Sender: TObject); begin MyFrame.LoadData; end; I would like to know what it is the best method to be certain that I do not enter many times in parallel in this portion of code Loaddata. What is the good method for be sure TCriticalsession unisession.locksession , ... other ? If i use TCriticalSection, i think that i have this portion of code that will be locked/protected for all session but i would protect it only for the usersession.
  15. ok thanks for your answer
  16. delagoutte

    htmlfrane with html form

    have you try tab index : https://webcheatsheet.com/HTML/controll_tab_order.php
  17. delagoutte

    Forum very very slow...

    for me, i don't see a big difference. i often use "unread content" and i must wait 4-5 sec or little more before receive anything.
  18. delagoutte

    Hiding focus lines in TUniDBGrid with v1.50.0.1481

    i had the same problem with my custom css when i updated my project from 1.0 to 1.5 version : for resum : before (with 1.0 version and extjs 4): x-grid-row-selected , x-grid-row-...... after (with 1.5 version and extjs 6) : x-grid-item-selected, x-grid-item-......
  19. is there a method for do this ?(import in unigui a theme produce by sencha themer)
  20. delagoutte

    How can i produce my own theme ?

    i have a theme that is produce by themer. How can i add it to unigui and use it ?
  21. delagoutte

    column selection check how to fixed?

    i have a unidbgrid with option for having a column with check box for the selection. How can ido for having this column that is always display ? how to fix it ? if you have a grid with many column, -> there is a horizontal scrollbar -> if you scroll on the right, this column for selec row is not displayed
  22. delagoutte

    Unisession.AddJs for elementes inside a UrlFrame

    it is attach to this message framecommunication.zip in directory \exe\files\ there is the html frame page
  23. delagoutte

    Unisession.AddJs for elementes inside a UrlFrame

    yes, i think it is a protection/restriction problem. i had this problem, for this, i implemented a communication "protocol" between unigui application and iframe based on postmessage. i use this sample : https://gist.github.com/pbojinov/8965299 it is simple to adapt in unigu but if you want i could retreive the sample that i made.
  24. delagoutte

    Unisession.AddJs for elementes inside a UrlFrame

    if you use your webbrowser inpesctor, your grid have the good Id ?