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  1. it is a problem of tunifileupload component, the file is sended in one block. so the whole file is loaded in memory, and if you use a 32 bits appliation, you have reached the limit with a 2go file. the problem also exists if you have 2 session that upload simultaneously a 1 go file on each session. we actually work on this problem and we maybe could propose a solution.
  2. i already see this post where you add escape on filename "&filename=" + escape(file.name) but the problem is not in the filename
  3. i continue investigation for trying reproduce the problem. on our test server where i am am alone : i send with multiupload 5 * files 212Mo : ok i open 2 session and on each session i send with multiupload 5 * files 212Mo : KO submitFile(): expected expression, got '<' in console i open 2 session and on each session i send with multiupload 5 * files 90 Mo : OK i open 2 session and on each session i send with multiupload 5 * files 120 Mo : OK i open 2 session and on first session 5 * files 120 Mo and on second session 5 * files 212Mo : OK i retry with 2 session with 5*212Mo : KO it not seems have memory leak, the memory before test and after test are the same Like you could see we are far from 2Gb One of problem, if you send a file with size 200 Mo the memory used in ressource have a peak to 400Mo . it would be better if the upload was done by packet with unigui upload component. Without this upload by packet i can't have many session that can upload simultaneously Have you got an idea for fixi this problem ?
  4. yes i know , yes it is a 32 bits app but we are far from this limit. and the message is not in our app but in the hyperserver log. we use apache 32 bits and hyperserver 32 bits. if we were near the limit of 2Gb, i think i'll try use apache and hyperserver 64 bits but it seems we are far this limit.
  5. hi , i work with @Didier i have more information : we use hyperserver with apache. when the problem appear in our app there is an message in log file of hyperserver dll hyperserver.dll: 000011F4: 11:19:27 [TUniHyperServer.HandleHTTPRequest(), Node:[3]]:Out of memory hyperserver.dll: 000011F4: 11:19:27 [HttpExtensionProc[]]:EOutOfMemory : Out of memory : Addr: $01A1D146 we have got 8Go of RAMon the server ,and we used only 25% of RAM
  6. thanks it is ok. there was a little problem because i could move column but i found a solution thanks again @Sherzod
  7. maybe ? for the row its is the current record in my dataset but how can i find the column ? cellindex extjs = column index delphi ? other ?
  8. with unidbgrid, there is a on cell click event but not a on cell double click event. how can i determine the cell that is double clicked (column ?)?
  9. on windows, you could create your own url protocol see that https://stackoverflow.com/a/7277284 for resume, you add your protocol in registry and after you could do href <a href="PaintApp://my_image.png">open paint with my_image.png</A>
  10. in your context you would have a thing like that <VirtualHost *:81> # ServerAdmin webmaster@domain.com # ServerName subdomain.domain.com DefaultType text/html ProxyPreserveHost on ProxyRequests off Proxypass / ProxyPassReverse / # ErrorLog "|bin/rotatelogs.exe logs/%Y-%m-%d_subdomain.domain.com-error.log 86400" # CustomLog "|bin/rotatelogs.exe logs/%Y-%m-%d_subdomain.domain.com-access.log 86400" common </VirtualHost>
  11. could you give the part of your apache.conf where you have your configuration for proxy/reverseproxy ?
  12. 1- unigui is wonderfull for dev when all is defined in designtime, but when we create /change properties in runtime grid editor, filter editor, column title... it is very more difficult. i would like unigui team work on this development aspect. 2- optimisation for uploading with very big file 3- unigui hyperserver farm 4- save/load configuration grid (column position/visible/sort/filter .....) 5-having a better visiblity for current evolution under dev . what are the current evolution in progress and what is the end date ? 6- improve security 7-add a property fingerprint as brower version, ip ...properties of session 8-tools for create or own theme
  13. So in my previous message, i said it works in runtime but it is false. could you check my last test case ? have you got an other solution ?
  14. @Sherzod hello, i do a test case joined to this message with control that exist on designtime but there is problem : Uncaught TypeError: can't access property "value", a.field is null Uncaught TypeError: can't access property "value", a.field is null GridEditors_change_editor.zip
  15. so, in my project i create all editor unicheckcombobox in designtime. if in designtime ,i set the editor to the control unicheckcombobox there is not error message. but if i set the editor to a combobox in designtime and after i change the control to the unicheckcomboboxcontrol i have problem : the value are not checked when the control display the dropdown list and when the value is set by the control i have this error message : for change the control at runtime i use your method cureditor := TUniFormControl(GetControlByName(UpperCase(aGrid.Columns[i].FieldName),aTypeControl)); aGrid.Columns[i].Editor := cureditor ; aGrid.JSInterface.JSCall('setEditor', [TUniFormControl(cureditor).JSControl], aGrid.Columns[i].JSColumn); TUniFormControl(cureditor).JSInterface.JSAssign('valueField', ['val']); have you got an idea to fix this ?
  16. @Sherzod do you think there is a solution ? Do you recommend creating the components in design in my situation ?
  17. i want that the user could choice the type of control for each column. the user could choice between combobox checkcombobox, checkbox, radiogroup, memo ....... i have 48 column for this grid, if i create them only on demand when it is necessary if think it is better than to have 48 combobox + 48 checkcombobox+48 checkbox+..... that are not realy used and after i must do the same thing for the filter contol!!!!
  18. with this test case, change editor, and change value -> js error + if value is london -> checkbox with london value, is not checked .. many problem GridEditors_runtime.zip
  19. hum, it seems working if the control are created on designtime but not if there is create in runtime. i'll do a test case
  20. Hello, i would like change the editor control of columns in runtime. i do a simple test case : i add a unicheckcombobox in the hidden panel i add a radiogroup for switching the editor property for the column "city" between combobox and checkcombobox. -> if you select combox -> the editor for column city must be a combobox -> if you select Checkcombox -> the editor for column city must be a Checkcombobox but it is not work is there anyone that could said me why it is not working and how can ido for do this change of control on runtime ? GridEditors.zip
  21. @stevewong Thanks for your work. Did you test it with hyperserver ? did you work on solution of signin with azuread, office35, facebook, twitter... ?
  22. hello, for begining, thanks for this sharing. i think there is an error for the validation its is not if Format('%.6d', [CalculateOTP('YOURSECRETKEY')]) = UniEdit1.Text then begin // Valid end; but this : if ValidateTOPT('YOURSECRETKEY',StrToIntDef(trim(UniEdit1.Text),-1)) then begin // Valid ShowMessageN('Valid'); end
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