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  1. TUniPDFFrame First Show: ThumbNails Visible - How To Hide ThumbNails before First Showing ?
  2. PDF document generation library for server-side and client-side usage in pure JavaScript. https://pdfmake.github.io/docs/0.1/ http://pdfmake.org/playground.html
  3. Sorry to announce here but few will see it in Code Samples. uniGUI Team , let me know if this is annoying. All info in the post above or at this link: https://unigui.com.br/uniGUIPDFAnnotationEditor.html
  4. Description This tool has a practical utility to integrate the alteration of already created PDFs (although you can create one from scratch, blank) for circulating documents in this format in a business environment such as companies, clients, projects, announcements, etc. The PDF Annotation Editor allows editing by adding elements to a created PDF such as indicative arrows, images, text panels, strokes (brush), QrCodes for references, Digital Signatures Images captured directly, saving the new PDF on the server or immediate download. It is a complementary tool for a layman to add simple elements to a PDF. IT DOES NOT REPLACE A PROFESSIONAL PDF EDITOR, because you can create any document and convert it to PDF these days. It has a PDF file manager on the server, making it easy to import and manage a large amount of files. Upload PDFs for immediate use and download directly or to a folder on the uniGUI server. Resources and Features Add graphics (images), text and shapes to PDF docs Manages PDF on the server Allows you to save direct download or on the server for future reuse Easily create server to embed in your app or a unique API. Allows you to generate QrCode to embed references in Doc (very used for complex documents that have been PRINTED that need to be searched in other online sources) Captures digital signature image and import its image to PDF (this is not certificates ! See videos) Print Manager (from uniGUI) It's not subscription, license... the code is all yours! No dependency on third-party components. USes JavaScript LIB PDF.JS (the most used). Only uniGUI and JavaScript code. Easy to use. All source code included. No hidden costs or fees. Yes, we offer consultancy for adapting any of these examples to your systems. Contact us to receive a quote. Please: THIS IS NOT A PDF EDITOR. Read carefully. This is a Annotation Editor to PDF documents. BE AWARE ! Outros filmes... https://www.unigui.com.br/pdfannotation/pdfannotation4.gif https://www.unigui.com.br/pdfannotation/pdfannotation5.gif https://www.unigui.com.br/pdfannotation/pdfannotation6.gif Se more info at the link below https://unigui.com.br/uniGUIPDFAnnotationEditor.html
  5. Please share books , pdf , media or anything you think useful this post shared from https://t.me/delphidevelop/798 and says : this section is good : Alister Christie - Code Faster In Delphi.pdf Webinar Commit 3 months ago Marco Cantu - Object Pascal Handbook (Rad Studio Alexandria Version).pdf Webinar Commit 3 months ago Nick Hodges - Coding In Delphi.pdf Webinar Commit 3 months ago Nick Hodges - Dependency Injection In Delphi.pdf Webinar Commit 3 months ago Nick Hodges - More Coding In Delphi.pdf Webinar Commit 3 months ago
  6. i have a problem trying to open files whit the UniPDFframe. this is the code that i am using for open the PDF, is like the code in the Example. folderUrl:= UniServerModule.FilesFolderURL + QR_Liquidaciones.FieldByName('nombrepdf').AsString; UniPDFFrame.PdfURL:= folderUrl; i want to open the PDF here \\\Liquidaciones\ and the pdfurl is http://localhost/Prueba/pwug_cnf.dll/// this is the url that the componen concatenates http://localhost/Prueba/pwug_cnf.dll/ i am using the build 1558
  7. Good afternoon. I comment my situation, make a project which deploys it in IIS. When I want to open the pdf, I get the address and the component automatically adds the path of the dll in front of the path that I provide, does anyone know how to solve it? or how to remove the path that concatenates me? this is the code that i am using for open the PDF, is like the code in the Example. folderUrl:= UniServerModule.FilesFolderURL + QR_Liquidaciones.FieldByName('nombrepdf').AsString; UniPDFFrame.PdfURL:= folderUrl; i want to open the PDF here \\\Liquidaciones\ and the pdfurl is http://localhost/Prueba/pwug_cnf.dll/// this is the url that the componen concatenates http://localhost/Prueba/pwug_cnf.dll/ thanks.
  8. Hi all, In database is stored html content, which is possible to show Unidbgrid. Fastreports has very limited html support, and is not usable. I have checked also UniGridHtmlExporter, but also not get expected result. Idea is to convert html to plain text and use FR to crete PDF file. Any idea how to get plain text from html? Br, Marko
  9. Without viewing the PDF File in the viewer I want to load the PDF document (via the URL) and then in code Print and Close - NO PREVIEW. Please advise - thanks in advance.
  10. Good morning everyone!! I've been stuck trying to convert a binary to PDF file but i didn't really get into anything. The reports i'm trying to show are saved as a binary type, i'm trying to process them to show them but the uniGUI PDF viewer component doesn't load files from stream. A workaround i think could work is saving the file then access it with the FilesFolderURL property, but i dont know if it is possible to do that. does anyone has done something like that? Thank you.
  11. I'm using TUniPDFFrame to show PDF files, but this component doesn't show the advertisement about digital sign. The client need to see that notice. (adj. images) Also, I need to know if an uploaded pdf is digitally signed before save on BD. Could there be any property that indicates whether it is signed or not?. Ex. bool hasSig = false; for (int i = 1; i <= QP.FormFieldCount(); i++) if (QP.GetFormFieldType(i) == 6) // FormFieldType = Signature hasSig = true; taken from http://www.quickpdf.org/forum/how-do-i-detect-that-a-pdf-has-a-digital-signature_topic2529_post10489.html?KW=FormFieldType#10489
  12. Hi Farshad, In my constant search for optimum performance on complex forms and documents of different kind and sizes, I contacted Gnostice and spoke of UNIGUI power. They have powerful components for the management of native PDF and document management in Delphi. In my attempt to be able to display dynamic documents with Unigui, (containing dynamic data with filler form) other than simple forms with a lot of components, I got this video from Gnostice people. All using Delphi. Any idea or comment is welcome. :-) Stefano Monterisi Sesamo Software Spa https://youtu.be/KuhP7E9jhl0
  13. Can anyone help me to find the latest updated "Full" UniGUI Guide in PDF format?
  14. Good night, Guys how do I disable the print button of a report when I am viewing the pdf by URLFrame.
  15. Hello Friends... I am developing an UniGUI application that uses FastReport (frxReport & frxPDFExport components). The ISAPI App work properly in IIS 7.5 (Windows 7); But when I deployed my App on IIS 10 (Windows 10), when the App want to Exporting PDF, fully stopping working (Without any Exception). Exception is in this line: frxRreport.ExportPDF(frxPDFExport); This issue solve when I Using FastReport version 4; But I need higher version in my project (5 or 6). Notice: I give Full Permission to IIS directoy for IIS_USRS & IUSR; So PDF file created in Cache directory; But without any content (file size is 1 KB) and file still is in use.
  16. I am showing a PDF-Formular within an UrlFrame and I can fill out the formular in my webapplication. Now I want to send the completed PDF-document to the Server and save it in a separate directory or directly in my database as a blob field. In Adobe I can place a command "Sending to server" where i filled in my "localhost:8082". Where can I look within my unigui application if a new file is present?
  17. I am trying to limit the scaling of the Mobile Form that the PDFFrame inflicts on the Parent Form. I have tested for the resize fire event and it appears not to fire ? PDFFrame.ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Clear; PDFFrame.ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Add('resize=function resize(sender, eOpts) '#13#10+ '{ '#13#10+ ' function resize(sender, width, height, oldWidth, oldHeight, eOpts) '#13#10+ ' { '#13#10+ ' alert(width); '#13#10+ ' } '#13#10+ '} '); Later, I want to reset the form scale after testing the new width against a maximum value - please advise - thanks -webkit-transform: scale(0.5); transform: scale(0.5); -webkit-transform-origin: 0 0; transform-origin: 0 0;
  18. I am using the Mobile PdfFrame and when displaying a PDF file containing an image of approx 800 x 800..1600 I get random errors during panning and zooming:- "webkit error" "a problem repeatedly occurred" "error encountered" etc. In all occasions it takes out the current session. Sometimes it shows in safari as a warning that the site is faulty. Please advise how to resolve. To test simply build a similar PDF and pan and zoom on iPhone.
  19. Boa tarde, eu estou desenvolvendo uma aplicação com hospedagem no IIS, e neste como todos, gero relatorios em PDF usando o FastReports. Uso esse código para gerar o PDF. NomeRPT.PrepareReport(True); ArqPDF := NomeRelPDF+'_'+FormatDateTime('ddmmyyyy_hhmmss.zzz',Now)+'.pdf'; PDFExport.FileName := ArqPDF; PDFExport.DefaultPath := UniServerModule.LocalCachePath; PDFExport.ShowDialog := false; PDFExport.ShowProgress := False; NomeRPT.Export(Self.PDFExport); NomeRPT.PreviewPages.SaveToFile(ArqPDF); frmRelatorios_Movimento.UniPDFFrame1.PdfURL := UniServerModule.LocalCacheURL + ArqPDF; // Displayed on UniURLFrame frmRelatorios_Movimento.ShowModal; Ele está gerando normalmente o arquivo na Cache do Servidor (pasta criada pelo Unigui na raíz da aplicação), porém, ele cria o mesmo arquivo dentro da C:\Windows\SysWOW64, só que isso vai enchendo a pasta de sistemas com arquivos PDF e eu não consigo encontrar onde é o problema que o mesmo salva uma copia do arquivo na pasta de sistema. Alguém já viu algo parecido com isso?
  20. The TUnimPDFFrame is impressive and offers a lot - however - on the iPhone many of the Info Options do not work. Can we please have an interim work around by hiding the "Info" button ">>" till this gets resolved.
  21. Due to the fact that the TUnimPDFFrame does not print properly (if this could be fixed then I have no need to pursue UniURLFrame) I tried to display a PDF on an iPhone using the PDF Desktop Demo viewer.html code. Can someone please advise how - the viewer shows fine but no PDF file contents ? - Thanks Better still, if we could fix TUnimPDFFrame Print.
  22. 您好: 我是用1410版本,付费用户。 我在使用TuniPdfFrame浏览PDF文件的时候,出现了如下图所示的错误, 但是,使用“打开文件”按钮,可以直接打开同一个文件而且没有错误,希望能够获得帮助, 谢谢!
  23. Mr. Farshad: If it is possible...to add a "Options" or "Buttons" property to the TUniPDFFrame to enable/disable visible/hide the buttons of the default PDF viewer of the browsers. There a situations where I dont want my users to download using the default download button but a specially button to for example, register the date and time where the user really download the file not only see on the screen. Thanks and Best Regards
  24. Hello, I'm having a problem with viewing PDF files in my application. I then tried to run UniGui pdfviewer example and having the same problem. I have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC with patch 2015.023.20053 witch came on Januar 10 2017. With previous version of acrobat reader (20030 or something) there is no problem. Steps to reproduce: Have instaled Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2015.023.20053 Run PDFViewer example from UniGui (localy) Close form (with X) when pdf loades. You will get a freeaze of duration 5+ sec. In Task manager 2 processes of Acrobat lives, and if you kill one while form closing, form close immediately. Is there mybe a workaround or solution for this problem?
  25. Good Morning! I wonder how do (send to) print the contents of a UniHTMLFrame. I can export the contents of UniHTMLFrame to a PDF? How? Can someone help me? Grateful!
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