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  1. I'm old Kylix programmer. Luckily printing to PDF solve much Linux printing problems if compared to Kylix epoch. Today Luckily We have much aproachs to generate PDF reports! Best Regards
  2. Hi Pals: Sorry for the dumb question. If I use the Professional version of Delphi: Can I generate a apache module application? If it can be generated. Can I execute it on Linux with Apache for example? I mean using only UniGUI components consuming a REST FULL service instead of a Database Server directly. Someone allready tried to do this? The current price of a Delphi Enterprise license are too high for me only to make it work on Linux when a Customer wants to reduce server license costs. Best Regards
  3. Hi Pal: Use InsertComponent Method or InsertControl instead of change the parent property. When FfrmPopup is a TUniForm: Example 1: { Crear un origen de datos } FdsPopLista := TDataSource.Create(FfrmPopup); FfrmPopup.InsertComponent(FdsPopLista); Example 2: { Crear una grilla } FdbgPopLista := TUniDBGrid.Create(FfrmPopup); FdbgPopLista.Align := alClient; FfrmPopup.InsertControl(FdbgPopLista); Best Regards
  4. Hi! It would be nice If We can use an alternative http server than IndyHttp Server component with UniGUI, for example Secure Blackbox, IPWorks or even Clever Components. It's known to all that Indy HTTP server, is a good server component but lacks of some security features that are mandatorial thesse days and We need to implement ourselves, task that are more hard because we need to know how to minimize risk and implement on code, and with the closed-source aproarch of UniGUI is more dificult to do. The other servers components have inside some of thesse features available from start and have good updates of it. I know that I can use Apache or IIS with UniGUI, but there are some implementations where this aproach is not possible and a embedded http server is required. And the security broke occurs however. Before that I had customer that are banks, I didn't worry much about security. Only a HTTPS certificate was enough, but now I get constant auditing notes of my web applications.
  5. My point is.... The Sencha Grid does it grid management internally via a JSon (users of Sencha with PHP know that). Why don't expose a Delphi property to assign to without the need to translate REST JSon response to a TDataSet and translate to JSon again (that internally UniGUI does)? No sense for Me.
  6. HI: I ask to put the user memory usage to the server monitor sessions list. To know the use of memory of each session. Best Regards
  7. Hi! I want the TUniDBGrid to be populated also from a JSon data instead of a TDataSource. I will be very usefull to Me when I use UniGUI against a REST Server done with a different tool than Delphi. No need to do updates, only browse capabilities required. Best Regards
  8. I think I need to put the UniGUI temp folder on a ssd or a memory disk.
  9. Hi Pals: Does anyone know why UniGui is generating to me so many cache files? I use drawings on all my buttons, would that be? I'm have much users using too much cache files for the same picture I think is no sense. Now I'm experiencing low performance because high hard disk usage. Thanks Pals. Nueva imagen de mapa de bits.bmp
  10. Ok!, let's leave out the comunity version of Delphi, let's use the professional version.
  11. 1) Responsible Layout. 2) Better integration with JQuery plugins / Bootstrap. 3) FreePascal approximation to make cheaper UniGUI Linux Servers.
  12. Hi Pals: I'm propose a deployment alternative for those people, that don't want or can't spend much money for do a Web Application running on a Linux Server and using Delphi-Like data access technology. My idea is to use the Delphi Community Edition/Professional Edition to develop/test/debug the application with UniGUI as always. But to deploy to Linux, it have two options: 1) If You have/use the Delphi Enterprise/Arquitech edition, continue as allways. 2) If You only have/use the Community/Professional, the UniGui generates a runtime version of your application that runs/compile using the freepascal at cross compiling mode. That way is not neccesary for UniGUI Pals to develop a Lazarus compatible screen designer, only they need to make code that compile with freepascal. To do a debug in this mode will need debug procedures/functions that can write messages on the /var/log/messages file or wherever You want. Obviusly is neccesary to use components that Delphi and FreePascal share or use compiler directives for it. Wath do You think about?
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