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  1. Hello. Please can you share with me how did you solve your problem? I have the situtaion. Maybe i won't be able to have an answer too.
  2. If i do the same on a windows 10 operative system with IIS7, everything works fine but not when i do it on a Windows Server 2016 with IIS 10. Please can anyone helpme?
  3. I installed on a IIS Server the ISAPI dll of my application following the basic steps to do that. When i load my application into Chrome, the login form shows correctly but after i provide the credentias (user and password) and hit the login button, the application never responds again. I checked the develompent tools of chrome and could see that the handle event returns or show an error "Canceled" and after few more canceled messages, the error 503 appears. I reload the browser and then the login form shows again correctly but after the login this errors happens again. I did read the documentation to deployment an ISAPI dll and folow those steps but i can not figured it out whats could be happening. Can you please tell me some recomendations? thanks in advance
  4. Good morning! I'm trying to use the TUniFileUpload component to upload files to my database but depending on some validations i need to filter the types of files when opening the explorer, for example sometimes i need to upload just .pdf and in other case just .xls is it possible to make this kind of approach? or how can i make the file type validation ?
  5. Good afternoon everyone! I have this situation where i need to put a memo in a TUniGrid column, but i haven't found out how to do it. Have anyone done something like that? I leave the image of an example of a devExpress Grid wich is the component i have to reply with uniGUI
  6. Anyone has implemented this component? I don't know how to use it
  7. Here is the gif I hope it helps! thank you!
  8. I don't have the example because It is a devExpress component TcxDBMaskEdit, and the mask they are applying is (1?[0][0])|\d{0,5}'.'\d{0,5} then maskKing property is emkRegExprEx. Is it possible to apply this kind of masks on uniEdits ??
  9. Good afternoon! Is there any way to apply a mask to a TUniDateTimePicker so it doesnt allow you to enter any values, i mean that when i enter values it only accept numeric values and automatically add a date format like 99/99/9999? Thank you!
  10. It is a devExpress component TcxDBMaskEdit, and the mask they are applying is (1?[0][0])|\d{0,5}'.'\d{0,5} then maskKing property is emkRegExprEx
  11. Good morning everyone! I need to get a functionally in a TUniDBNumberEdit, the maxlength of the numberEdit must be 10 digits long but right after i enter the fifth digit then the next 5 digits should show as decilmals. Does anyone has done something like that?
  12. Hi! I was expecting something like "UniEdit.JSInterface.JSCall('getTriggers().t1.click" which didnt work, because i have a dinamic function on a datamodule so any form could call it and send just the uniEdit, in the above example i have to know the triggerEvent procedure of each uniEdit i receive. I'm trying to avoid doing it locally on each form. Thank you! i appreciate your help!
  13. Hello! Anyone knows if its possible to execute a Trigger 's click event of a TUniEdit on RunTime. I have this function that receives a TUniEdit and depending on some validations i have to execute a trigger button click event (I have two triggers on each TUniEdit) Thanks you in advance!!
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