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  1. Well... an edit field where only would select a little possibilities of values, as PickList works... when mouse focus the text edit, the list open... and select a value. Too is posible to go autocompleting while writing... but... the list must be charged. Example: List of values(322, 625, 783) //and no others values, only thats. When focus in text edit must display that list... and it wouldn't a combobox. Then, before submit, I can validate the input value with an element of picklist. In my case, isn´t for mobile.
  2. I don't need autocomplete, only opening a list for choice an item
  3. I can't find the picklist property in TUniEdit. It's very interesting to access to a list of values when focus, or show a history list of values. In a while... how can I add a list of values to a TUniEdit?
  4. there is not an attachedMenuItem property of TUniTreeNode (Unigui 1.50)
  5. it is the latest version that I am allowed to download
  6. Hi Sherzod, is any news about this issue?
  7. Happy new year! Is there some news about this?
  8. I've Unigui 1500 /XE8 , News updates not are enabled for my account. How can solve? And by the way ..... I've posted some "tickets" for corrections, changes, or explanations... and I am awaiting for solutions. By not having access to updates, does that mean I will never have the corrections I post?
  9. Occasionally, at least once a month, an error occurs in an application that runs 24x7x365 Application crashes with a lot of alerts from javascript. The cache log shows: PlataformaDRA.dll: 000011EC: 08:19:33 []:Terminating ISAPI Server. Module Handle: 0000000000400000 PlataformaDRA.dll: 000011EC: 08:19:33 [TUniServerModule]:Shutting Down Server. PlataformaDRA.dll: 000011EC: 08:19:33 [TUniGUISessionManager]:Terminating Session manager. PlataformaDRA.dll: 000011EC: 08:19:33 [TUniGUISessionManager]:Stopping Cache Eraser... PlataformaDRA.dll: 000011EC: 08:19:33 [TUniGUISessionManager]
  10. oops... can replace by TUniDBGrid New source adj. Test.zip
  11. Adj. Test source. Run at 8079 port. xml files must be in same folder than .exe Test.zip
  12. Ex. SeriesBar.. Make series by month: X are brands and Y quantities. Each serie refers to a datasource. Img1: Shows data from June. Note Yamaha is 2nd. and HaoJue 10th. Img2: Show July: Note Haojue now is the second, and Yamaha the 4th... But graphic shows same order that previous month!. Doesn´t refresh the order If select all months. Note HaoJue: Always is the last, and the quantity, the last quantity in each serie! The values form Haojue are: qty Month ================= HAOJUE 1 Junio HAOJUE 35 Julio HAOJUE 7
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