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  1. skafy

    DBLookupComboBox set value

    I think i managed to solve it by setting DataSource field at its value and not selecting ListSource value. something like that UniDBLookupComboBox1.DataSource.DataSet.FieldByName(UniDBLookupComboBox1.DataField).AsString:= UniDBLookupComboBox1.ListSource.DataSet.FieldByName(UniDBLookupComboBox1.ListField).AsString but I still moved from DBLookupCombobox to DBComboBox for better managing of data. Hope it helps
  2. skafy

    DBLookupComboBox set value

    Hi, I'm having problems with assignment of a dblookupcombobox's value. I yould like to auto fill dblookupcombobox if there is only one record. I cannot find out how. if dsData.DataSet.RecordCount = 1 then begin dsData.DataSet.First; dblookup.KeyValue := dsData.DataSet.FieldByName(dblookup.KeyField).AsVarit; end; when i check dsData.DataSet.RecordCount there is more than 0 values. how can i achive this.
  3. skafy


    It works. Dunno how this did't came to mind. Thank you a lot Pep!
  4. skafy


  5. skafy


    HI, I'm having problems with tabOrders in my controls that i make on the fly. I create 10 UniEdit fields (panel1) and when I click on one field and press tab tab,order is cycled between already created buttons. I attach simple case. I want that when I put cursor on field 1 and pressing tab the tab order is set as fields was created 1,2,3,4,5,... Please help. UniguiTabOrder.7z
  6. skafy

    Browser back button

    Hi, I'm wondering if it possible to catch event when back button is pressed in browser and than cancel the request so it won't kill the session? So backbuttonpressed would be handled differently in code. best regards. P.S. Can this be implemented: https://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?457536-Ext-JS-6-x-prevent-browser-go-back-button
  7. skafy

    TUniDBEdit alignment property

    Hi, I think this still don't exists in new builds. EDIT: I've managed to workaround like this. NumberEdit.DataSource.DataSet.FieldByName(YourFieldName).Alignment:= taLeftJustify;
  8. I'm having problem showing file from server on PDFFrame. I shared a folder from server with my account like so \\SomeServer\SomeFolder\ . When I try to show some file from shared folder I get massage : Message: file origin does not match viewer's. pdfFrame.PdfURL:= '\\SomeServer\SomeFolder\SomeFile.pdf'; is giving me above result. What should be done for resolution?
  9. skafy

    Change background color of Button on runtime

    Thar worked. Thank you both!.
  10. skafy

    expand empty node

    Because I would like to fill it on expand event. I would connect it to database and count something.
  11. skafy

    expand empty node

    OK. If you have node it is presentet as single entity. There is no + sign on left side of the node (for node expendsion), image in only for one node. If you fill that node with subnodes (chilldrens) then + sign is presented with this node (where we just add subnodes) and picture changes to "folder". So is it possible that you have this plus sign and folder image if there is no subnodes in the node. only one node, without childrens that is presentet as parent node.
  12. is it possible to change button background color on runtime?
  13. skafy

    expand empty node

    I'm wondering if I could create node without subnodes and would be able to expand this node without subnodes.
  14. skafy


    We did. If you mean to integrate TMS Workflow Studio it is better to create your own workflow (create your own database with logics. This is what we did)