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  1. Thanks for no response? I solved the problem by myself.
  2. I want to install isapidll on Windows Server 2016 and IIS10. Is there a newer description of settings? Actual docs ends with IIS7? Do I have to enable SSL in my isapi-dll?
  3. How can I access the system camera from my unigui-webservice?
  4. I use www.xyz.de/?abcdef to call my webapplication. How can i achieve that param abcdef ist not shown in the browserline?
  5. I solved the problem. TLS1.2 has not been activated on my webserver (W2008 R2). After activation evrything runs fine.
  6. Hi Farshad - your linke to what you've done returns 'forbidden' to me. I have the same problem on my webserver. Can you give me another link?
  7. Works fine - but not the original screen mask text comes up but the message "Loading" appears.
  8. I solved the problem. Everything works fine.
  9. Up to last year I assigned a certificate to my webapplication using "bindings" (IIS7). Now I bought a new certificate. When I tried to assign it to my application I get the attached error message. Has anybody an idea about that problem? Application works fine in http-Mode.
  10. First I returned back to Delphi 10.1 and unigui 1399 and evrything runs fine. Next step will be testing the same function with delphi 10.1 and unigui 1486. If that fails I will prepare a demo for you. Last step will be to proceed again to Delphi 10.3.1.
  11. I created a frame with a page control on it and created 5 pages. In each page I want to manage data of one of my tables. When I try to set the tab order of the fields in the pages in the natural chronology they are always reset in a strange fuzzy logic.
  12. How can I change the background color of pdfframe from black to any other color?
  13. In the moment it works in my Chrome-Browser but in none of the others. I see that its not a good way until someone creates a tool that can really work with pdf-files in unigui or at least in a htmlframe: fill out the form and store the data in the pdf file. Please close the topic.
  14. I am showing a PDF-Formular within an UrlFrame and I can fill out the formular in my webapplication. Now I want to send the completed PDF-document to the Server and save it in a separate directory or directly in my database as a blob field. In Adobe I can place a command "Sending to server" where i filled in my "localhost:8082". Where can I look within my unigui application if a new file is present?
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