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  1. Hello: You can use https://www.sqlmanager.net/en/products/tools/advancedexport to export to many formats.
  2. dionel1969

    News RAD XE6

    It seems to be RAD XE5.6, or maybe I'm wrong?
  3. This is the same problem that I have: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/3482-unigui-in-delphi-xe2-and-inheritance/
  4. Ok. I will try. PS: Sorry for the delay in my answer.
  5. Hello everybody: I just installed Delphi XE2 in a recently installaded Windows 2003 Server. With this X2 installation I intall last uploaded Unigui version. There's nothing before, but when I tryingt to use "inheritance mechanism" from unigui there appear an error like this: "UniForm not found". Is there something I'm missing??? Notice: I use this with Delphi 2009 and it works well. Thank you for your attention and time.
  6. Hello: I was looking this site and there are some possible options for hosting apps. http://www.superb.net/
  7. UniMainModule.OnSessionTimeout did not work for me in the "near" past while there was a ADO Proc running. To avoid that I had to use threads for calling ADO Proc and do some refreshing in the interface using unitimer.
  8. Thank you for your comments. This issue I solved a time ago, but anyway thank you again for your help.
  9. dionel1969


    Yes, it looks good. (at glance).
  10. Hello: In this days I was missing a components like TUniCheckListBox or TUniCheckGroup and the DB pairs.
  11. Thank you. I will take a look about it later.
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