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  1. Hello Again: I found the problem. Something was wrong with some thread created inside the application startup process after session start. Thank you for your patient and time. Dionel
  2. Hello: Tthere is a connection to SQL Server, but it is not open at design time. I can assure it.
  3. And here is a video of how it works on my machine. UNIGUI-Error-01.mp4
  4. Hello: The biggest problem is that there are no errors. It just stays looking to connect somewhere but doesn't connect in the end. The App is StandAlone for testing purporses, running over Windows 2012 Server, but it is not working as server, is for just testing. And I installled the same run-time package as I'm using for developing in my computer. ( Dionel
  5. Hi, I'm having a problem trying to test an application developed with unigui that I just finished this week. On my machine, in which UNIGUI is fully installed, it works fine, but on the test computer it keeps looking for something on the internet and in the end it gives an error that it can't connect to "I don't know what". I am using version, because the latest version cannot be downloaded. I paid for the License last year and it expired in April of this year, due to other problems that I had to solve before in the company and UNIGUI could not be used for more than a year. Question: Do I have to buy the license again? What is that module looking for and where is it not found? Is there anything else or something specific that I should read about UNIGUI licensing?
  6. Hello: You can use https://www.sqlmanager.net/en/products/tools/advancedexport to export to many formats.
  7. dionel1969

    News RAD XE6

    It seems to be RAD XE5.6, or maybe I'm wrong?
  8. This is the same problem that I have: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/3482-unigui-in-delphi-xe2-and-inheritance/
  9. Ok. I will try. PS: Sorry for the delay in my answer.
  10. Hello everybody: I just installed Delphi XE2 in a recently installaded Windows 2003 Server. With this X2 installation I intall last uploaded Unigui version. There's nothing before, but when I tryingt to use "inheritance mechanism" from unigui there appear an error like this: "UniForm not found". Is there something I'm missing??? Notice: I use this with Delphi 2009 and it works well. Thank you for your attention and time.
  11. Hello: I was looking this site and there are some possible options for hosting apps. http://www.superb.net/
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