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  1. Hi Sherzod, I got the desired behavior using the Hidden Panel helper feature with a Numeric edit with SelectOnFocus enabled.
  2. Ronbral

    TUniCustomDBGrid.MoveToRow(): Unexpected Row number: 0, 3.

    Also occurs in But it's actually pretty random and hard to fake. I thought I was related to the Dataset.Locate that I use in a quick launch location window; but I've never been able to confirm this.
  3. Ronbral

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    Adan200: Seems to me Excellent !!
  4. Hi, I have searched the Forum most I did not find ... I would like that when a cell in the grid receives focus, the content is automatically selected. This greatly improves the productivity of changing the values of the fields by the operator. How can I achieve this? XE8, UG
  5. Ronbral

    Password Strength Meter

    Hi, There are several ways to do what you want. I use a 3 sec timer to display the password and re-hide. As follows: procedure TFRPW.iEyeClick(Sender: TObject); begin //Show secret password UniTimer.Enabled := true; Ed1.PasswordChar := #0; end; procedure TFRPW.UniTimerTimer(Sender: TObject); begin //Hide password UniTimer.Enabled := false; Ed1.PasswordChar := #42; //joker char end;
  6. Ronbral

    How to get TUniFrame JSName

  7. Ronbral

    Set z-index of FileUpload Dialog

    Erich Anwendungen sind auf höchstem Niveau. Schön
  8. Ronbral

    Encrypt the password when sent to the server.

    Zilav: Parece melhor com uma chave de segurança aleatória e um controle de edição padrão em vez de ... CustomAjax-Rev1.rar ATTENTION! I forgot to clean Edit before sending .... Here's the fix: Const js = 'function keydown(sender, e, eOpts) '+ '{ var event = e; '+ ' if (event.keyCode == 13) { '+ ' var v = this.value; '+ ' this.setValue(""); '+ ' ajaxRequest(@frm@,"LoginEvent",["password="+MD5("@key@"+v)]); '+ ' } }';
  9. Ronbral

    Password Strength Meter

    Hi! For those who are still in the first steps of UniGui, just like me. Here is the implementation of the Jquery plugin to measure the strength of the password in your projects. PassMeter.rar
  10. There was garbage in a Path property of the ServerModule (cache folder) generating two paths to the Cache folder. ... Depois de implantar meu aplicativo em produção, gerado com o FW HS, pude observar que as imagens embutidas nos formulários não são exibido (no ambiente de desenvolvimento, a exibição está correta), bem como o ícone do aplicativo. Eu vi no log que alguns arquivos não são encontrados no pasta de cache. Eu já verifiquei o acesso à pasta chache tem privilégios totais, bem como a opção de cache persistente (true). mas sem sucesso. Existe alguma coisa para eu fazer?
  11. Ronbral

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    Congratulations Zemorando! Another refined application for the gallery of the top Unigui level.
  12. Ronbral

    Add Event in UniCalendarPanel

    Hi Erich! I am currently working with this component in the version JS 6.5.3 and the functionality is normal. See my snippet of code that is just like yours. With UMM do begin If ASSelectDS(sql, '', KMT2) >0 then while not KMT2.Eof do begin //Adiciona e Exibe Evento na Agenda ------------------------------------- Ok AEvent := CalAgenda.Events.Add; // Novo evento <--- AEvent.StartDate := StrToDateTime(KMT2.FieldByName('taa_agenda_data_ini').AsString+#32+ KMT2.FieldByName('taa_agenda_hora_ini').AsString, FmtSettings); AEvent.EndDate := StrToDateTime(KMT2.FieldByName('taa_agenda_data_fim').AsString+#32+ KMT2.FieldByName('taa_agenda_hora_fim').AsString, FmtSettings); AEvent.Title := KMT2.FieldByName('taa_agenda_descricao').AsString; AEvent.Reminder := 'lembrete'; AEvent.CalendarId := KMT2.FieldByName('taa_agenda_id').AsInteger; AEvent.IsAllDay := false; //UniCheckBox1.Checked; //--- KMT2.Next; end; KMT2.Close; end;
  13. Ronbral

    How to select none where uniDbGrid is show?

    How to get the same effect in UniDBVerticalGrid? In a screen with many grids, displaying the selection when there is no focus leaves a polluted appearance.
  14. Ronbral

    UniDBVerticalGrid ERROR_2 in runtime show dataset

    Following... In my tests I validated that in version the Vertical Grid applied to a run-time generated dataset mem presents the anomaly of not activating the EDIT when double clicking on a field. When compiled in trial version, it works. This is true for the mem dataset ClientDataSet. KbmMemTable (what i use) does not activate the edit in either version. UniDBGrid works perfectly with both mem ds.