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  1. Hi Wilton; what negative impact of using the timer did you detect?
  2. Wilton, considering the context of Fashard speech, he referred to communication between the HyperServer ISAPI and the EXE application. Because to maintain compatibility is still done in HTTP, when implementing TCP/IP and or Pipes, we will have better performance in the flow of data between the manager and its nodes.
  3. Very good news! It would be nice if UniGUI could take advantage of it. Since we no longer see evolutionary updates on Indy. Other frameworks are starting to look for new layers of communication, like Grijjy, which I like a lot. But this really means a huge and heavy job for the FmSoft team ...
  4. You can use this approach to find and relate components between SS / CS: {$DEFINE IN_DEBUG} // Comentar esta linha em Produção procedure TUniMainModule.UniGUIMainModuleNewComponent(AComponent: TComponent); begin {$IFDEF IN_DEBUG} if AComponent.ClassName = 'TUniContainerPanel' then K.ALog(AComponent.Name+' / '+AComponent.ClassName+' = '+TUniContainerPanel(AComponent).JSName) else if AComponent.ClassName='TUniHTMLFrame' then K.ALog(AComponent.Name+' / '+AComponent.ClassName+' = '+TUniHTMLFrame(AComponent).JSName) else if AComponent.ClassN
  5. You must use an HTML Parse to extract any content from the HTML document. I use CleverSuite, which has this functionality. But there are many libraries on the market for this purpose.
  6. Wilton, Muitas personalizações podem ser feitas no nível do sistema operacional para obter melhor desempenho. Considere também a versão do Windows Server Datacenter, If you have a lot of procs Cores. What is the hardware; Processor, Mem and SSD?
  7. Olá equipe UniGui! Existem planos para incluir o Froala Editor na lista de componentes disponíveis? https://www.sencha.com/blog/introducing-froala-into-your-sencha-applications/
  8. Hi I'm new to UniGui, I haven't even completed my first project yet, but I would like to express my opinion: All the work being done to advance the Delphi Web application environment is extremely important to the entire developer community. Thus, the work of TMS should be viewed with respect as it is truly promising. However, even more is what UniGui has been doing through Web development and the very impressive advances in ExtJS 6 versions. The UniGui Team is to be congratulated, as we say here. I would also like improvements, especially with regard to performance and
  9. Maybe this online configuration generator will help you: https://nginxconfig.io/
  10. Maybe this it helps: http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/adjusting-upload-limit.htm
  11. Hi Sherzod, I got the desired behavior using the Hidden Panel helper feature with a Numeric edit with SelectOnFocus enabled.
  12. Also occurs in But it's actually pretty random and hard to fake. I thought I was related to the Dataset.Locate that I use in a quick launch location window; but I've never been able to confirm this.
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