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  1. I need a css that changes all the system edits, puts a darker font, or even a different color
  2. Check the possibility of putting the color of the font darker within all the edits of the system, for accessibility reasons the client does not see the letters correctly. How do I make a css that does this?
  3. I was wondering how you guys managed to delete cache folders in a certain number of days?
  4. I couldn't use these examples, do you have any of them that you got? The example I used does not exclude the folders
  5. I can't run on Berlin 10.1, it keeps giving error
  6. Did that work for you? It didn't work for me
  7. I'm not using this component, I'm using the UniFileUpload component and it doesn't have that option!
  8. How can I use it if it doesn't have the "ShowUploadingMessage" option?
  9. I'm using the UniFileUpload component and it doesn't have this property. UniFileUploadButton.ShowUploadingMessage = True
  10. I would also like to use a mask when uploading a file, how can I do that?
  11. it worked thank you very much!
  12. I made an example with just the edits UniGui Teste.rar
  13. Additional code where? Would it be in onCreate?
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