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  1. d.bernaert

    Annoying user interaction

    Hello, I have a large number of tables that are displayed grouped in a unidbgrid. I want the grid to be collapsed by default. I've added the following code to the afterload event of the grid: GridTables.JSInterface.JSCall('view.features[0].collapseAll', []); This works perfectly, except, when showing the frame, it first shows the grid expanded for half a second and then collapses all groups. Is there a way to prevent this and see the inital view already collapsed? Also I would like to disable the hinting when hovering over the groups. Thx, Dominique
  2. d.bernaert

    Disable hints on accordion lay-out

    Hello, I'm using a frame with accordion lay-out to display several panels. Each panel has a caption and next to it is a expand or collapse button. I would like to disable the hint shown when hovering over the expand collapse button. How can I do this? Thx, Dominique
  3. d.bernaert

    Menu structure

    Thx, will try. Dominique
  4. d.bernaert

    Menu structure

    Hi Sherzod, I'm not using anything for the moment. This is for a large ERP system, I'm looking for a good concept to create modules. Each module would contain a large number of screens. Dominique
  5. d.bernaert

    Menu structure

    Hello, I would like to create this type of menu structure. Tabs at the top and a frame below where the main module is loaded in when the tab is clicked. The tabs are created in function of the subscription of the user. I've tried using tabs but there is no support for images, correct? I don't want to use page control because I need to create it dynamically.
  6. d.bernaert

    Indent text unidbgrid

    Thx Sherzod, muchos betros :-) (Belgian spanish...) D.
  7. d.bernaert

    Indent text unidbgrid

    This is the bootstrap theme from Gerhard slightly modified (Themepack). Dominique
  8. d.bernaert

    Indent text unidbgrid

    Hi Sherzod, no not edible. Dominique
  9. d.bernaert

    Indent text unidbgrid

    Hello, I have a grid which contains a description field that is linked to a calculated field. I would like to indend the value of certain fields to mimic a title and values below it. So if it is not a title I add a few spaces to the beginning of the description to make it indend. But it seems blanks are trimmed, how can I force the display of the blanks in front of the text? Thx, Dominique
  10. d.bernaert

    How to use the TUniScreenMask component

    Hello, you can attach the screenmask to the control (button, menu, ..) that invokes the opening of the form. If you want the screenmask to be visible until all data is loaded there is a property on the screenmask component waitdata or waitfordata i think. Dominique
  11. d.bernaert

    Is there a need for a (structured) uniGui WIKI?

    Same here, would be great.
  12. d.bernaert


    Sherzod, very simple, drop a treemenu on a form. Set the screenmask on the component. I don't want the screenmask to appear on each item in the treemenu, only when clicking on certain items in the treemenu. Dominique
  13. d.bernaert


    Hi, I had a big problem when clicking items fast in a treemenu on the left invoking the destroying and the loading a new frame on the right side of the screen when the user was clicking to fast between menu items. I think I've been able to solve the issue with putting a screenmask that fills the entire screen when they click an item, this way they can't click another item anymore before the frame is completely loaded including data. The issue I have now is that the screen mask is invoked on each item click, but some menu items open modal forms and the screen mask also appears when clicking the arrow to open the sub items in the treemenu. Is there a way to invoice the screenmask only when clicking certain items in the treemenu? Thx, Dominique
  14. d.bernaert

    UniPdfframe blank page

    Hi, I'm having an issue with UniPdfframe. When printing a document, an empty page is always appended with at the bottom the url of the application. Very anoying when printing an invoice or any other document. The pdf is correct. Anybody has experience with this? Thx, Dominique
  15. d.bernaert

    Print google maps

    Thx, will try but I'm using a component from unifalcon because I need to lookup the address. Don't know if that's possible with Googlemaps component included in Unigui. Dominique