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  1. d.bernaert


    Yes I have.
  2. d.bernaert

    Any developer from Netherlands

    I'm from Belgium, speaking dutch. Dominique
  3. d.bernaert


    Hello, just a small question. I have the enterprise version of Delphi Tokyo but yesterday I wanted to try the community edition in a virtual machine. Installation went fine but when I tried to compile the Unigui packages I got an error that the file Instdecode.pas was not found. Is this a limitation of the community edition? Thx, Dominique
  4. Thx for the feedback, that works nicely. I have one more problem. I call this code on the create of the form, I perform the calculations and then add the UniSession.AddJS lines. Problem here is that the objects don't exist yet I think, I get an error that the object is not defined. It works well when I do this from a button on the form when the form is already displayed. Is there a way to wait until the object is created and then call the UniSession.ADDJs? Thx, Dominique
  5. Hi, I have probably a stupid question. The title and the caption are changed in the click event from the button component. How can I do this straight from Delphi code? I read the numbers from the database and would like to send the correct numbers to the component straight from Delphi. Is that possible? Thx, Dominique
  6. d.bernaert

    Google Maps for uniGUI

    Hi, I'm having a problem. I've been able to install the component without a problem. When I create a small sample application, everything works just fine. Now I'm trying to add it to an existing application and I get the following error when calling Geocoding: Ajax error. Google is not defined. var geocoder = new google.maps.Geocoder(); geocoder.geocode({"address": "Esdoornstraat 5 Knokke"}, function(results, status) { if (status == google.maps.GeocoderStatus.OK) { ajaxRequest(O888, "Geocoder", ["lat="+results[0].geometry.location.lat(), "lng="+results[0].geometry.location.lng() ]); gm_O888.panTo( results[0].geometry.location ); } else { ajaxRequest(O888, "Geocoder", ["Geocoder failed due to: " + status]); } } ); Any idea? Thx, Dominique
  7. d.bernaert

    Unicalendarpanel day view

    I would like it to be in 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes. Is that possible? Thx, Dominique
  8. d.bernaert

    Unicalendarpanel day view

    One more little question. Is it possible to change the interval of the timeslots? Thx.
  9. d.bernaert

    Unicalendarpanel day view

    Thx, Dominique
  10. d.bernaert

    Unicalendarpanel day view

    Hi, I would like to use the Unicalendarpanel in day view, not showing weekview and monthview. Is there a setting that allows me to show it only in day view? I've looked at other posts and tried the afterrender with sender.setActiveView(0), but then the calendar is not displayed at all. I'm on the latest version of Unigui. Thx, Dominique
  11. Hi everybody, we have a true believing in Unigui. Therefore we have created a new website at https://www.adm-concept.com that gives an overview of the services we provide. In the coming months we plan to release a basic CRM application (CRM Objects) in English, Dutch and French. Components we use: Unigui :-) TsiLang for translations FastReport for reporting For the theming we used the Office theme from Gerhard, recommended, he is about to release several themes in the next weeks! (http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/user/4617-gerhardv/) Grtz. Dominique
  12. d.bernaert

    Mailmerge letters on server

    Hello, I'm looking for a solution to allow the end user to create letters easily where he can insert mailmerge fields. The templates are then uploaded to the server. The user can then use a unigui application to do a mailmerge with the letter templates and preview or print the documents in pdf-format. Does anybody have a suggestion for a library that allows to do this? I know that it is possible with Tms Flexcel but is that convenient for the user to create letters? Is there no library that allows this with Word documents? Thx Bernaert Dominique
  13. d.bernaert

    Remove border UniDbMemo

    Hi Mohammad, it's just a dbMemo placed on a unipanel. I set the background of the panel and the same color on the dbmemo component. I also set the borderstyle to ubsnone on the dbmemo but the border is still drawn. See screenshot. Thx Dominique
  14. d.bernaert

    Remove border UniDbMemo

    Hi, I'm trying to display a UniDbMemo without a border. I've set the BorderStyle to ubsNone but that does not seem to change it at runtime. Any idea's? Thx, Bernaert Dominique
  15. d.bernaert

    UniImage center property gets lost

    No, I will have to check my credentials to login. Will do. Dominique