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  1. The image component is on the form itself yes.
  2. I'm sorry, I cannot find a solution for this, probably something stupid from my side. The form is client side aligned, I have a form with client side alignment, the layout of the form is border. I have an image control with region center and a containerpanel at the bottom with region south. The image properties are as following: center: true proportional: true stretch: true As you can see the image is stretched, but I would like the aspect ratio to be respected.
  3. Hi, We have some very large images for a construction company. They want to preview the images from within the application, so i try to display them in an image control. As the images are so large, I set the property proportional to true so that the images are resized to fit in the size of the image control. But that does not seem to work. Thx, Dominique
  4. Yes, That is the main problem, he can scroll very fast in the list.
  5. Hi, I have the following problem. I have a grid with mail messages on the left, on the right a preview of the mail is shown. When the user scrolls (i use the onselectionchange event of the grid), a procedure is called to create the preview. This can take some millisecons because the eml file needs to be read by an external library and a html file with attachments is generated. When the user scrolls fast in the list, i sometimes get an error message that the html file is not accessible by the uniURLFrame. This is the procedure that is run: if VwMessages.FieldByName('Message_type').AsInteger <> 1 then begin AUrlMail := Utils.Generate_mail(Destination, False); PreviewFrame.URL := AUrlMail; end else PreviewFrame.URL := ''; The procedure that generates the html file with the attachments is Generate_mail. Is there a way to show a mask with onselectionchange or something? Thx
  6. Hi, I would like to use the emptytext property that is available on the uniedit component on db components. But i notice this property does not exist, is there a reason for this? Thx, Dominique
  7. Hi, I would like to expand or collapse a unitreemenu at runtime. There is a procedure Fullexpand, but that gives an javascript error. Can a complete expand and collapse be done another way? Thx, Dominique
  8. Hi, I would like to take a license to font awesome pro and use the duotone icons. Is that possible in Unigui and if yes, how to implement this (providing that I have a subscription). Thank you, Bernaert Dominique
  9. Yes, They are all uniimage controls. Dominique
  10. Hi Sherzod, I know, but I can't tell 100 customers to clear their cache 🙂 Or I should rename all the images, but that are over 200 images referenced in more than 300 units.. Dominique
  11. Hello, I've changed all external images used in the unigui application (loaded using url parameter in the image control), but I did not change the filenames. Now when I open the live application, the old icons are still visible (in cache). How can I make that the browser loads the images again from the server (one time). Thx, Dominique
  12. I'm having the same issue. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. Dominique
  13. Hi Farshad, The old server is windows server 2016. The new server is windows server 2019.
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