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  1. d.bernaert

    http://Localhost:8077 (with lines of Delphi code)

    Hi, see code below for ServerModule to start browser automatically while debugging: private protected procedure FirstInit; override; implementation procedure ExploreWeb(page:PChar); begin ShellExecute(0, 'open', page, nil, nil, 1); end; procedure TUniServerModule.UniGUIServerModuleBeforeInit(Sender: TObject); begin if ExtractFileExt(ExtractFileName(ParamStr(0)))='.exe' then ExploreWeb(pchar('http://localhost:'+ IntToStr(port))); end;
  2. d.bernaert

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    Very nice! here you can find some screenshots in the manual of an online Saas-platform we are creating for the moment (document in dutch): https://www.wavedesk.be/Manual/Dutch/Overzichtkredietdossiers.html Grtz. Dominique
  3. d.bernaert

    Status 404 error when trying to upload hyperserver

    Yes, replace the dll on the server with an older version, it will run with the latest runtime, a fix should have been published already, very frustrating.
  4. d.bernaert

    Status 404 error when trying to upload hyperserver

    We need to wait... I've downgroaded to a previous version of the dll on the server. Dominique
  5. Hello, I'm trying to upload a new version of the application using the latest version of HyperServer. When starting to upload I get an error 404 in HyperServer. Any ideas? Thx, Dominique
  6. d.bernaert

    Multiple datamodules

    Hello, I'm working on an ERP-application and I would like to split up my data access components to different data modules in combination with the module withing the framework. So I've created a few datamodules for each module. The problem that I'm facing for the moment is that my main database access component (IbDac) is on the unimainmodule where it should be I think. At design time I can reference the main database access component from the different modules. At runtime I get the error that the connection is not defined. I seems like the additional data modules are created before the unimainmodule, is this the case and how can I solve this issue? Thx, Dominique
  7. d.bernaert

    Troubles with unicalendarpanel

    Hi Sherzod, will try to create a testcase tomorrow. Grtz. Dominique
  8. d.bernaert

    Troubles with unicalendarpanel

    Hi Sherzod, I can put an application online that simulates this behaviour. Would that be enough? Dominique
  9. d.bernaert

    Troubles with unicalendarpanel

    Hello, I'm facing problems with the unicalendarpanel. Everything is working fine in the application but as soon when I add a unicalendarpanel component a frame, the frame is displayed correctly, but opening a modal form after that gives me an empty form. Any suggestions? Thx, Dominique
  10. Hello, this is the code I use to create tabsheets on the fly and align a unicontainerpanel al client. This is all done using client side alignment. The layout of the panel is border in my case. This is how I create a contacts tab: procedure TJournalFrm.Show_contacts(Module_id: integer; Master_datasource: TDataSource); var ContactsFrame: TUniFrame; ContactsTabSheet: TUniTabSheet; begin ContactsTabSheet := TUniTabSheet.Create(Self); ContactsTabSheet.PageControl := PageControlJournal; ContactsTabSheet.AlignmentControl := uniAlignmentClient; ContactsTabSheet.Layout := 'fit'; ContactsTabSheet.Caption := str_relations; ContactsTabSheet.ImageIndex := 18; ContactsFrame := TContactsPanelFrm.Create(Self); With (ContactsFrame as TContactsPanelFrm) do begin Start_contacts(Module_id, Master_datasource); Parent := ContactsTabSheet; end; end; This is the result (bottom part).
  11. Hello, I had the same problem. I use client aligment. I set the aligment to 'fit' on the individual tabsheet to solve this. Dominique
  12. d.bernaert


    Indeed, a nice implementation.
  13. Hello, I'm trying to setup the following lay-out. I have frame, alignment client, layout: border. It contains a header (region: top), body panel (unicontainerpanel - region center) that hosts a unidbgrid. Below the 2 is a unipanel with region south, it is collapsible. This all works fine, but I would like to add a splitter betwee the body panel and the panel at the bottom so that when the panel is not collapsed the user can make it bigger or smaller. I can't get it to work, the splitter first showed at the wrong position, I've been able to fix this using the createorder but it behaves completely wrong. Does anybody have an idea? Thx, Dominique
  14. d.bernaert

    Problem with unidblookupcombobox

    Hello, I'm having a problem with unidblookupcombobox. I have an entry form that contains a field to select a customer from a dropdown column. The column contains 2x a customer with the same name which are 2 separate customers. Unidblookupcombobox always selects the first customer in the list. How can I fix this? Thx, Bernaert Dominique