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  1. d.bernaert

    Trying HyperServer

    Hayri, indeed :-) Thx a lot for the help! Dominique
  2. d.bernaert

    Trying HyperServer

    Hello, I have several projects running as isapi dll's on our windows dedicated servers. I just tried for the first time to deploy an application with the hyperserver dll and executable running under IIS. Everything seems to run fine but I cannot reach the control panel. If the url is https://www.adm-concept.cloud/AdmAdmin/ which works fine and I try https://www.adm-concept.cloud/AdmAdmin/server I get File or directory not found. Probably a stupid question, but does anybody know the answer to this? Thx, Dominique
  3. d.bernaert

    individual Columns in uniDBGrid

    That would be something I'm also very interested in. Dominique
  4. d.bernaert

    Forgot  password

    I use the following library to send mails from our platforms. It features a mail service, so mails can be placed very fast in a waiting list so there is no delay waiting for the mails to be send, the service handles the rest automatically: https://www.emailarchitect.net/easendmail Dominique
  5. d.bernaert

    Summary sorting

    Hi Sherzod, yes, the grid is read-only. Dominique
  6. d.bernaert

    Summary sorting

    Hi, i have the grid with grouping as displayed in the attached screenshot. Now I would like to order the grouping in function of the total amount (sum) after each group on the second column in the summary from low to high. For instance, the first group in the list should be the third in the screenshot which has a total amount of 571.096, 42, the second should be the second in the screenshot, ... Can this be done? Thx, Dominique
  7. d.bernaert

    DBGrid - color during refresh

  8. d.bernaert

    DBGrid - color during refresh

    Hi, I don't know about the flushing but for the last column to stretch, you can set forcefit on the grid to true so that the full width of the grid is used and you can set flex on the last column to 1 to make it use the rest space available. Dominique
  9. d.bernaert

    Here an example for sending SMS

    Thx Mierlp. Dominique
  10. d.bernaert

    Fly-out modal form from the right

    Hi Erich, indeed works without tweenlite, perfect, thx! Dominique
  11. d.bernaert

    Fly-out modal form from the right

    Hi all, i use TweenMax.min.js to slide in components in the onshow of forms without problems. Now I'm trying to do the same for modal forms but that does not work apparently. For the components I have the following code: in the script part of the form: function SlideInForm(frm) { TweenLite.from($('#'+frm), 0.5, {y:-300, delay:1}); } Then in extjs events I have the following: function window.show(sender, eOpts) { SlideInLogo(LoginFrm.ImageLogo.id); } But does not work with modal forms. when using SlideInForm(UniForm1.id); I also tried with calling #1. Any idea Dominique
  12. d.bernaert

    Tag Input / Edit / Field

    +1, need this for a major project...
  13. d.bernaert

    Hyperlinks in dbgrid

    Hi, like a hyperlink, not a real hyperlink. I want to simulate the functionality of an action column. For instance a grid with the name of the customer, his address, and invoice number. When clicking on the customer name I want to open the customer details in pop-up form. When clicking on the invoice number i want to show the invoice details in pop-up form. Dominique
  14. d.bernaert

    Hyperlinks in dbgrid

    Hi, I have several columns in my unidbgrid which is connected to a table. Now I would like to display certain columns in the grid as a hyperlink, so the text value coming from the table should be converted to a hyperlink. When the user clicks a certain field which is a hyperlink, I would like to execute an action. It is my intention to avoid using an action column this way. How can this be achieved? Thx, Dominique
  15. d.bernaert

    Include script

    Thx! works perfectly. Dominique