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  1. d.bernaert

    Application setup strategy

    Hi, thx, I now the megademo and created already quite a few applications using this strategy but always displaying the list of data in the mainform and updating in a modal form as I can trace the changes on the callback of the modal display. I will look into the observer pattern. Thx, Dominique
  2. d.bernaert

    Application setup strategy

    Hello, I would like to create a framework for unigui applications that works as follows: 1. menu on the left side (no problem) 2. in the center of the screen, displaying of the module called from the left menu (no problem) 3. From this screen I need to be able to do inserts, modifications, searches using other forms. Key is I would like to avoid popup forms or modal forms. So the setup would be to have for instance the following: I select the option customer in the menu. In the central part of the screen I get a list of customers in a grid. From there I can create or modify a customer. Point is that I would like to display the edit or insert screen also in the central part of the screen without a pop-up. This is possible, but after the insert or modify, I need to redisplay the grid again with the modified customer. Does anybody have a framework or a setup to make this work? Thx in advance. Dominique
  3. d.bernaert

    Css of controls

    Hi, I'm reading a book an css and would like to try some css on the controls in the Unigui framework. Is there a way to now all the css tags that can be accessed, some kind of an index for each control? Thx, Dominique
  4. d.bernaert

    Delphi Rio 10.3 available ?

    Same here, the version is visible but no files available. Dominique
  5. d.bernaert

    Delphi Rio 10.3 available ?

    I'm waiting for the same. All the components I use in Unigui are currently already 10.3 compatible, the only one missing is Unigui. Grtz. Dominique
  6. Hi, I've had a look at the website. Is it available in English? Thx, Bernaert Dominique
  7. d.bernaert

    Drag drop between 2 dbgrids

    No, sorry. Will review it. Thx.
  8. d.bernaert

    Drag drop between 2 dbgrids

    Hello, for a custom project I need to multi-select a number of records in the left grid. I must be able to drag them to a second grid and there I have to find out on which record they are dropped in the grid. This is because I have to insert them before the record they are dropped on (sequence in the database). Is there any way to get the record I'm dropping the selected records on? The rest is database stuff, should be able to handle the order on that level. Thx, Bernaert Dominique
  9. d.bernaert

    Store and restore visible columns and width

    Hi, would it be possible to send it over? I would like to take a look at it if you would be willing to share this? If you don't want to post it public, please send me a private message. Would be greatly appreciated. Thx, Dominique
  10. Hi, I would like to store the visible columns in each grid and the width of each visible column so when the user enters the same form again he gets the same view again. It is my purpose to store this to a database so the user gets the same lay-out on any machine he uses. Thx, Bernaert Dominique
  11. d.bernaert


    Hello, I have a login form where I validate the user against the Firebird database. Once the validation is done I need to configure the environment for this particular user. This can take a few seconds as modules are activated in function of the license they own (filling menu's, ...). I want to show a screenmask while this configuration is done. So if I'm correct the mainform is created after the login is processed. So I put the configuration of the environment on the create of the mainform but I cannot get the screenmask to show. Also the login form stays visible while the configuration takes place. Is there a way to make this work? I also tried in the onshow of the mainform. Thx, Dominique
  12. d.bernaert


    Yes I have.
  13. d.bernaert

    Any developer from Netherlands

    I'm from Belgium, speaking dutch. Dominique
  14. d.bernaert


    Hello, just a small question. I have the enterprise version of Delphi Tokyo but yesterday I wanted to try the community edition in a virtual machine. Installation went fine but when I tried to compile the Unigui packages I got an error that the file Instdecode.pas was not found. Is this a limitation of the community edition? Thx, Dominique
  15. Thx for the feedback, that works nicely. I have one more problem. I call this code on the create of the form, I perform the calculations and then add the UniSession.AddJS lines. Problem here is that the objects don't exist yet I think, I get an error that the object is not defined. It works well when I do this from a button on the form when the form is already displayed. Is there a way to wait until the object is created and then call the UniSession.ADDJs? Thx, Dominique