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  1. diegojmap

    PDF Editor

    In fact, they are building plans. A project approval system. The client needs to make some doodles and dialog boxes inside the plant. A competitor presented this and the customer went crazy. Na verdade são plantas de imoveis. Um sistema de aprovação de projetos. O cliente precisa fazer uns rabiscos e caixas de dialogo dentro da planta. Um concorrente apresentou isso e o cliente ficou doido.
  2. diegojmap

    PDF Editor

    I need a pdf editor, for small notes. I researched some products in the market to integrate. https://smallpdf.com/en/editar-pdf https://developer.ilovepdf.com/pricing https://www.pdffiller.com/en/edit-scanned-pdf.htm https://www.pdftron.com/ https://solidframework.net/ https://www.pdf-tools.com/ https://www.pdfescape.com/ https://dochub.com/ Has anyone done anything with unigui?
  3. Would it be possible to get the process PID? I still have connections that get stuck with consumed CPU.
  4. diegojmap

    Redirect PDF

    I'm using fastreport server with unigui. The service is on the same server as IIS. It is possible to redirect the pdf generated in this call for http://localhost:8099/result?&varconexao_1=CnxIPM21X&format=PDF&report=ipm/extrato_GIA-EFD_sintetico.fr3&INSCRICAO=132374153. Is it possible to redirect the pdf output to the external ip?
  5. Is it possible to know the current node via code?
  6. Is it normal for node 0 to not decrease CPU consumption?
  7. I did the tests with the standard configuration, my reports do not come out. I left AjaxTimeout: = 1200000; SessionTimeout: = 600000; I still have those messages even though I support the session.
  8. Farshad, seems to have solved
  9. Freezing after generating pdf with fastreport. I have system freezes randomly, always supporting pdf generation. I used unipdfframe and switched to uniurlframe and the problem continues. I can only close the report screen and the system is locked.
  10. Good morning Farshad. I have a problem when trying to migrate my structure to hyperserver. We do the processing and close the system. The process always occupies 25% of CPU. See that the node has no session.
  11. Sorry it was a failure here. You can delete the topic.
  12. I'm having problems with crashing I believe it has to do with the reports. Sometimes some reports have 1500 pages and the unigui is having to generate them. I am also looking for something autonomous. Or simply create a separate exe. I've tried the fastreport server and it also has some crashes.
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