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  1. I have the same doubt. Managed to solve?
  2. diegojmap

    Checkbox Unimdblistgrid

    I need to use a checkbox in a unimdblistgrid or unimdbgrid in both I could not, I need to select some records and generate a ticket. I could not and I did not find the demos.
  3. diegojmap

    Chebox no UnimDBGrid

    I could not use it either, is it possible?
  4. diegojmap

    Checkbox Unimdblistgrid

    Is it possible to put a checkbox on an unimdblistgrid? Preferably using extemplate
  5. diegojmap

    Doubt Unimselect

    Thanks, duplicate topic if you can exclude
  6. diegojmap

    Doubt Unimselect

    Is it possible to open a unimselect via code? For example when clicking on a UnimDBListGrid it opens the unimselect list
  7. diegojmap

    Doubt Unimselect

    Is it possible to open a unimselect via code? For example when clicking on a UnimDBListGrid it opens the unimselect list Criei o topico no lugar errado, poderia mudar para uniGUI Mobile?
  8. diegojmap

    Edit Theme

    I search for themas sass or less files so that I can edit them easily and recompile in css
  9. diegojmap

    Edit Theme

    I would like to edit a theme as I do to download the scss files?
  10. diegojmap

    Change favicon and Titel in Browser at runtime

    Taking advantage of the subject. In the migration to sencha 6 the icon of the forms stayed like this. I could not solve it. Has anyone gone through this?
  11. diegojmap

    3 doubts about unigui mobile(dblistgrid)

    thank you mohammad item 2 and 3 i found. The 1 do you have any topic?
  12. 3 doubts about unigui mobile 1- Is it possible to put a badge on a dblistgrid? 2- Is it possible to put a iconclas in a dblistgrid? 3- How to group by the initial letter of the name in a dblistgrid?
  13. diegojmap

    FrxPictureView Problem

    I am having a serious problem with FastReport + Apache + FrxPictureView Version uni- Already the second customer that happens: SAT_Unigui.dll: 00001C34: 09:27:08 []: Access violation at address 0523ECDF in module 'SAT_Unigui.dll'. Read of address 00000000 The report only works if I remove the FrxPictureView component. I have 600 reports in this situation, I was able to deploy the client by removing all the images, but it was a temporary solution, now it happened in the second one.
  14. diegojmap

    Capture Cookie

    I need to capture the cookie of a page, in vcl with WebBrowser: procedure TFrmxDemo.WebBrowserDocumentComplete ( Sender: TObject; const pDisp: IDispatch; var URL: OleVariant); var document: IHTMLDocument2; cookies: String; arq: TextFile; begin document: = WebBrowser.Document as IHTMLDocument2; if Assigned (document) then DtMdlDemo.vCookie: = document.cookie; if Pos ('https://esaj.tjsp.jus.br/push', WebBrowser.LocationURL ) >0 then FrmxDemo.Close else FrmxDemo.Top: = vTop; end; In unigui I'm trying to use URLFrame, is there any way I could capture the cookie? Can be with ExtEvents.
  15. diegojmap

    Erro FastReport ISAPI

    Thank you all for your help. Actually I was looking at the wrong log file. In the general log file was giving the message of access violation. I arranged it on the report and it worked. Sorry for my fault.