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  1. Hayri ASLAN sorry This error appears when accessing any extension. Are you telling me that with unigui I can't access an extension? I showed you a ready-made example. I just need to do it in with Unigui. If you're telling me it's not possible I'm very worried. How to access chrome.runtime.sendmessage with unigui? It has nothing to do with my extension. @Sherzod
  2. Hayri ASLAN Could you check?
  3. sorry TesteAssinador.rar
  4. I'm using onclick in ExtEvents
  5. Did not work. Not even with Onclick. I'm posting the attachment, if anyone can help. TesteAssinador.rar
  6. I need to access a chome extension. I'm using beforeshow in ExtEvents. function window.beforeshow(sender, eOpts) { var extensionId = "pnahlmehglnaomfnngekhphldmbjhdel"; chrome.runtime.sendMessage(extensionId, { message: "certs", body: "list certificates" }, function (response) { console.log(response); }); } Return the message: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'sendMessage') What would be the correct way to call it?
  7. I just tested it, opened 4 pages. 2 They opened normally and 2 were locked. log.rar
  8. Farshad I have a problem with some clients. The hyperserver resolved most clients crashing. On our development server and some clients I have some problems. Especially when I have more than one Hyperserver Pool. As the image some processes are stuck getting the server, it does not connect to the Bank. Is it possible some remote access on our machine? Detail I have clients with high processing and this never happens, I use the same configuration. The message in the log is sat_web.dll: 00000DFC: 11:10:34 [TUniHyperServer.HandleHTTPRequest(), Node:[1]]:Read timed out. sat_web.dll: 00000DFC: 11:10:34 [HttpExtensionProc[]]:EIdReadTimeout : Read timed out. : Addr: $02746AB0 sat_web.dll: 0000111C: 11:10:38 [TUniHyperServer.HandleHTTPRequest(), Node:[2]]:Read timed out. sat_web.dll: 0000111C: 11:10:38 [HttpExtensionProc[]]:EIdReadTimeout : Read timed out. : Addr: $02746AB0 sat_web.dll: 00000BC4: 11:10:59 [TUniHyperServer.HandleHTTPRequest(), Node:[4]]:Read timed out. sat_web.dll: 00000BC4: 11:10:59 [HttpExtensionProc[]]:EIdReadTimeout : Read timed out. : Addr: $02746AB0. I've tried leaving ServerModule with default settings and it didn't work. I updated to the latest version of Unigui and hyperserver, the problem persists. The detail is that this happens on some machines. They also don't have antivirus. The process is open.
  9. Does anyone have an example of forum with unigui?
  10. I have a similar problem. Can you tell us what the solution is?
  11. <html> I'm trying to catch the CloseIframe event <head> <title>IFRAME</title> <script language="JavaScript"> function close() { console.log('close'); top.ajaxRequest(top.MainForm.UniURLFrame1 , "CloseIframe",[]); }; </script> </head> <body> <h1>IFRAME</h1> <p> when clicking on the button you should close the iframe window opened by uniguiu </p> <button onclick="close()">Close</button> </body> </html> URLFrame2.rar
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