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  1. diegojmap

    HyperServer DBExpress

    I was unable to use the hyperserver in my application I'm having blocking issues, I figured hyperserver could be the solution. With about 80 connections. The same executable works on standalone, the hyper server does not work. I've done the following test with the GetDriverNames command, it does not return anything when I'm inside the hyperserver. I am attaching the document, I am months into this problem. TMainForm.UniButton6Click Procedure (Sender: TObject); var List: TStringList; begin List: = TStringList.Create; GetDriverNames (list); showmessage (list.text); end; Project1.rar
  2. diegojmap

    HyperServer SetDriveName

    Good evening Farshad I have a client with 80 simultaneous connections, I get to have 3 daily crashes. I know it might be something in my source, I decided to test the hyperserver. I use the devart interbase and fastreport6 drive. The Application directly in the Dll works ok. The Application directly in the Exe works OK. The application works in the hyperserver dll. The problem is in the routine of the reports, I create a connection indepentend to register. In the drivername line, error system, according to eurekalog image. I already put the pool as localsystem, I do not think solution I believe that bypassing this hypserver can be my departure. frxDBXDatabase.Database.LoadParamsOnConnect: = False; frxDBXDatabase.Database.DriverName: = 'DevartInterBase'; frxDBXDatabase.Database.ConnectionName: = DtMdlSAT.SQLCnctnData.ConnectionName
  3. I have the same doubt. Managed to solve?
  4. diegojmap

    Checkbox Unimdblistgrid

    I need to use a checkbox in a unimdblistgrid or unimdbgrid in both I could not, I need to select some records and generate a ticket. I could not and I did not find the demos.
  5. diegojmap

    Chebox no UnimDBGrid

    I could not use it either, is it possible?
  6. diegojmap

    Checkbox Unimdblistgrid

    Is it possible to put a checkbox on an unimdblistgrid? Preferably using extemplate
  7. diegojmap

    Doubt Unimselect

    Thanks, duplicate topic if you can exclude
  8. diegojmap

    Doubt Unimselect

    Is it possible to open a unimselect via code? For example when clicking on a UnimDBListGrid it opens the unimselect list
  9. diegojmap

    Doubt Unimselect

    Is it possible to open a unimselect via code? For example when clicking on a UnimDBListGrid it opens the unimselect list Criei o topico no lugar errado, poderia mudar para uniGUI Mobile?
  10. diegojmap

    Edit Theme

    I search for themas sass or less files so that I can edit them easily and recompile in css
  11. diegojmap

    Edit Theme

    I would like to edit a theme as I do to download the scss files?
  12. diegojmap

    Change favicon and Titel in Browser at runtime

    Taking advantage of the subject. In the migration to sencha 6 the icon of the forms stayed like this. I could not solve it. Has anyone gone through this?
  13. diegojmap

    3 doubts about unigui mobile(dblistgrid)

    thank you mohammad item 2 and 3 i found. The 1 do you have any topic?
  14. 3 doubts about unigui mobile 1- Is it possible to put a badge on a dblistgrid? 2- Is it possible to put a iconclas in a dblistgrid? 3- How to group by the initial letter of the name in a dblistgrid?
  15. diegojmap

    FrxPictureView Problem

    I am having a serious problem with FastReport + Apache + FrxPictureView Version uni- Already the second customer that happens: SAT_Unigui.dll: 00001C34: 09:27:08 []: Access violation at address 0523ECDF in module 'SAT_Unigui.dll'. Read of address 00000000 The report only works if I remove the FrxPictureView component. I have 600 reports in this situation, I was able to deploy the client by removing all the images, but it was a temporary solution, now it happened in the second one.