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  1. You can use hidden panel and uniedit after uniedit- event onchange etc
  2. You can use global variable on summery event and result you can get this variable
  3. How find solution? I have problem like this when logout to login form showing dll
  4. Hi all Tell me anybody how hide dll after logout to login form..I'm deploy IIS by manual default document I set dll but when logaut to login form in adressbar showing dll Best regards
  5. How create menu like this? can you share sample?
  6. Hi , you should choose in dbgrid-columns - display memo =true
  7. I don't understand why use service for this Example I have table Torder when inserting or update or delete in this table i have trigger which insert to table Talert log insert update delete etc from this table i will select unitimer but exclude old logs?
  8. Unidbgrid with summary total how can i export to excel?
  9. Why? when you call event in trigger or procedure you can insert event table and select with unitimer
  10. I see. Thanks I try this but not work, http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/5280-unitimer-error-firebird-events/
  11. Can you more explain how doit? How you connect your service + unigui and on web app control or receive events from service ?
  12. Ramadan Kareem to all brothers
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