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  1. m... i hope not... i created like the image , one is the aplication and the other is the virtual directory
  2. i downloaded the folder complete... appfolder.rar but anyway i opened a suport ticked, with my server ip and password.
  3. i see, i show the wrong log... problably is this log C:\inetpub\wwwroot\app\log\ptest_dll ptest.dll: 00001314: 13:54:25 []:Terminating ISAPI Server. Module Handle: 0000000000400000 ptest.dll: 00001314: 13:54:25 [TUniServerModule]:Shutting Down Server. ptest.dll: 00001314: 13:54:25 [TUniHyperServer]:Terminating... ptest.dll: 00001314: 13:54:25 [TUniHyperNodeManager]:Terminating... ptest.dll: 00001314: 13:54:25 [TUniHyperNodeManager]:Terminated. ptest.dll: 00001314: 13:54:25 [TUniGUISessionManager]:Terminating Session manager. ptest.dll: 00001314: 13:54:25 [TUniGUISe
  4. there is another in n0 and n1 folder ptest.exe: 000013C4: 14:56:15 []:>--------------------------------------------------------------< ptest.exe: 000013C4: 14:56:15 [TUniServerModule]:Server First Init. ptest.exe: 000013C4: 14:56:15 [TUniServerModule]:Node Id = 0 ptest.exe: 000013C4: 14:56:15 [TUniServerModule]:Node MaxSessions = 250 ptest.exe: 000013C4: 14:56:15 [TUniServerModule]:Starting HTTP Server on Port: 16384... ptest.exe: 000013C4: 14:56:15 [TUniServerModule]:HTTP Server Started on Port: 16384 ptest.exe: 000012B8: 14:57:06 []:Node-0, Terminate Started.
  5. Thanks Farshad, yes, is the second image attached, may be something that im not see. Its a server at contabo, i can send you rdp password may be you see something . I will be very grateful, i usualy use apache, its my first time with unigui and iis.
  6. Thanks alft 1. recycled pool , yes, no effect. 2. isapi extensions installed, yes, if i test with ptest.dll (created as isapi only without hyperserver it works ok in the same directory) 3. hyperserver (ptest.dll renamed) loaded /server , yes answer (image) 4. defined ptest.dll as default document, no effect (image ap6) 5. the ap is the application created (as unigui manual sas), app is the folder only. 6. I do not installed cgi module... i dont think that it is necessary only php uses ? A2020-09-23.log
  7. 1. Application pool created,changed to locasystem 2. isapi and cgi , alowed and with execute 3. all files in the same folder 4. IIS restarted but the message continue..
  8. Thanks Sherzod. but running hyperserver.exe and calling http://localhost:8077 it run ok... the message appeas if i try hyperserver.dll (isapi) the server is a 64 bit, if i try hyperserver 64 bits i get error 500, if i run hyperserver 32 bits i get the message.
  9. Please some help, version 1509 , iis 10 , windows server 16 if i run ptest.dll (isapi) run ok IF i run in the server ptest.exe run ok configuring hyperserver i get No BinaryName is assigned. Please adjust "binary_name" parameter of your CFG file. but the binary name is there.. [hyper_server] binary_name=ptest.exe initial_nodes=2 max_nodes=8 max_sessions=0 configuration stepts all followed.. my be my version ? some bug that was solved in new version ?
  10. Hi Ffredianelli.

  11. I tryed to create a testcase but without success (the system use a lot of sql server tables), than I excluded the grid and recreated one columm a time, no errors until I insert a numeric field, at the first numeric field the error is show at the line: TUniCustomDBGridColumn.InitEditor(C: TJSObject; Fld: TField); if FEdit is TUniCustomMemo then with TUniCustomMemo(FEdit).JSInterface do begin ---->>>> JSConfig('grow', [True]); end; if i comment this line the no error is triggered and the editor show (but obviusly the line do now Gro
  12. Please some help, if i put an hiden panel with a tunidbmemo on it and connect the column where I whant do show de editor , i get this message when the program start, if i type ok, the editor works ok, it shows in the grid normaly... but how to avoid this message ? Version 1.90.1509
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