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  1. Freeman35

    How to get java version?

    Yes, I know. JavaScript is script ! no metter, I'm still don't like it too
  2. Freeman35

    How to get java version?

    I'm use firefox. I'm always don't like java & script. gwbasic sooo much better then this. never mind, this is my idea.(damn capitalism :) ) I have to learn, of course need doc or example about this. I mean, little simple demo for use javascript in "unigui" and be very useful write a component example source code (demo)in unigui. Many people not perfect in java(like me), so write pascal code and trying use this in web. I'm working on sweetalert component. they changed to 9x new realese. and need change some code. about animation. I add old animate.css(3.6.0) it work, but this has not speed class, 3.7.2 is work with sweetalert last release, but my browser not animated. I'm working on this as long as 3 days. I thinked java version can be problem, and brainstrom, if end user java haveto upgrade? how to do this. So I'll looking for fix for this. And my animation problem is, browser problem. Upgrade java to last version but still not animated. no metter this now. When I tested from host system's browsers (firefox, safari, opera) work normal.
  3. Freeman35

    How to get java version?

    Thank you wich is suggestion about how to use javascript unigui demo ? ( I hate java & script and so on )
  4. Freeman35

    How to get java version?

    I wanna check java version on client site. 'cos sometime need new java version for javascript. if java version is old on client site for example: I wanna check this on client site. 211 is old vesion java need to upgrade I wanna give this message to end user. and if its possible open java update application, its command line ""C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_211\bin\javacpl.exe" -tab update" I think browser can not run, it not be secure. no metter, open in new tab this link "https://www.java.com/en/download/" and my application stop work or close some option (this will be on my code ofcourse) need handle this. regards
  5. Freeman35

    How to get java version?

    Hello, 1- How to get java version? 2- After check minimum version condition then open java update screen or page regards.
  6. Thank you very much. I got one question more unregisterToggleListeners: function() { Ext.destroy(this.dd); //this.el.un('mouseup', this.onMouseUp, this); this.un('mouseup', this.onMouseUp, this); <== is this right way ? removed "el" }, regards
  7. initComponent: function() { var me = this; me.callParent(arguments); me.addEvents( /** * @event beforechange Fires before this toggle is changed. * @param {Ext.form.Checkbox} this This toggle * @param {Boolean|String} state The next toggle state value if boolean * mode else the label for the next state */ 'beforechange', 'userevent', /** * @event change Fires when the toggle is on or off. * @param {Ext.form.Checkbox} this This toggle * @param {Boolean|String} state the new toggle state value, boolean if * in boolean mode else the label */ 'change'); }, Problem for sencha >4 is "addEvents" method is removed in sencha. What is alternative it ? Can any one help for this? regards.
  8. Freeman35

    How can I add column to DBLookUpComboBox

    Any news about this ? or another...
  9. Freeman35

    Unigui GoPro 1

    You can change "TUni..." (unidac's name) test to "TFD..." in pad & dfm files via any text editor.
  10. Freeman35

    take Session: .. from one device to another

    Hi, O I couldn't investigate yet, did you see this topic?
  11. Freeman35

    Unigui GoPro 1

    Thank you brother.
  12. Freeman35

    Close browser on mobile phone not close session

    Hello, http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/13251-tuniguisessionterminate-problem/ unigui session has a problem I think. No one want to touch this
  13. Freeman35

    TUniGUISession.Terminate(); problem

    Hello, I attached demo app. It's from unigui's demos. "Session List" I added two buttons. Start project, then open more then one tab. (2-3...tabs) Click to "Get Sessions" button, and see opened session list. Maroon colored line is tab's session mean. select to other, then click to "Alert to Session" and look at to that tab. You will not see alert. Id select maroon colored session and click to Alert to Session, you will see Alert. And "Terminate Session" button. just terminate self, I mean, if maroon color line on grid. If select another session then click to Terminate Session button, nothing... Terminate self session, then click to "Restart application" link and click to "Get session" terminated session(s) geting in new list too? What is wrong???? Is this a bug ??? I tested in build 1484. Session List.7z
  14. Freeman35

    buy UniGui Prof

    unigui much more experienced. Donload unigui trail, start to project. If you like it, after buy, just continue to codeing on same project.
  15. Freeman35

    What's the best debugging issue?

    localize small lines and or sometimes use "Logger.AddLog(''); sockets not wait long time.