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  1. Freeman35

    Header background UniPageControl

    procedure TUniServerModule.UniGUIServerModuleBeforeInit(Sender: TObject); begin Self.CustomFiles.Clear; Self.CustomFiles.add('files\badgetext.js'); Self.CustomFiles.add('files\Css.css'); Did you try this way?
  2. Freeman35

    Header background UniPageControl

    I'm use firefox, that screenshot from F12 developer mode, check your css from there, some time need to F5 so reload last modified file(s)
  3. Hello, dbGrid has a 3 column for editable. 2 edit and last one is checkbox. DataSource.AutoEdit is False, so for edit mode, user haveto dblclick. This is normal. dbGrid.RowEdit:=True; Why not open row editor when click to checkbox column? and DataSet mode change to dsEdit. this is big problem, 'cos user close windows, but row not posted. I can write control code, but how to check row editor is active ? or can I active manual row Editor ? how to? Second Problem is, Can not select checkbox component in IDE object inspecter. dbGrid's column's property editor -> "Editor" property attached screenshot from Obj. Ins. regards.
  4. Freeman35

    Header background UniPageControl

    "servermodule.CustomFiles.add('files\xxxx.xxxxxx'); follow on help and forum
  5. Freeman35

    Header background UniPageControl

    yes, but not bodyCls, just " Cls -> _tab-bar _tab-active _tab " you can make a external css file too, when you wanna change someting in css property, You have not upload your app to sever, just modify css file, on client site press F5 or refresh browser.
  6. Freeman35

    Header background UniPageControl

    my css is: ._tab-bar .x-tab-bar{background-color:#3f454c!important} ._tab .x-tab{background-color:lightslategray} ._tab-active .x-tab-active{font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif!important;font-weight:bold;font-size:14px}
  7. Freeman35

    Sweet Alert behind the forms

    Hello, http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/8910-sweetalert2/&page=2 did you see this topic?
  8. Can you try this on "AdvMainMenu1" I mean, first "UniTreeMenuPrincipal.SourceMenu:= nil;" then run your filter code on AdvMainMenu1. Then finally reSet "UniTreeMenuPrincipal.SourceMenu:= AdvMainMenu1;" I can not test on lastunigui sorry, I have 1484.
  9. Freeman35

    Howto use "%" in statuspanel's widh?

    Thank you so much, it was not importand, but you gived one more perfect solution, thnak you so much. You will get a double esspresso from me ( guatemala been )
  10. Freeman35

    Howto use "%" in statuspanel's widh?

    Thank you
  11. procedure TUniForm.UniFormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin Self.Height:= UniApplication.ScreenHeight -40; Self.Width := UniApplication.ScreenWidth -200; and / or procedure TUniForm.xxxxxxFormScreenResize(Sender: TObject; AWidth, AHeight: Integer); begin Self.Width := AWidth; Self.Height:= AHeight; maybe helpful to you.
  12. Freeman35

    Howto use "%" in statuspanel's widh?

    Hello, How to use percentage value in statuspanel's widh? Thank you.
  13. Freeman35

    How to use TUniFileUpload like TOpenDialog

    No metter, " there is no spoon "
  14. Freeman35

    How to use TUniFileUpload like TOpenDialog

    I saw you faster then me AStream: TFileStream MEMTable.FieldByName('Name').AsString := AStream.FileName; Now much more HATE java & script Thank you, ( Did you see turtle in your PM )
  15. Freeman35

    How to use TUniFileUpload like TOpenDialog

    I understood, Can I get filename(s) without path(s), MEMTable.FieldByName('Name').AsString := ????