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  1. Hello, Can I use this format ',0.####' in TUniFormattedNumberEdit ? this mean not show "0" on end of right(in decimal). I wanna use 4 decimal precision, but grid column width is small, and if user add zero, then edit show zero. TUniFormattedNumberEdit's default format always add zero.
  2. Freeman35

    How to gradually feed a memory table. Best way for do this

    Why you need all record sent to client side? For MemTable, don't forget added records need to memory and all of them on server and times with session count. This mean can kill server memory. EndUser can not see all rows in the same time, you can add filter and/or search parameter on form. You can add "select count...." query and set grid's pagecount value. and close/open grid's dataset. My way is, add refresh button on form. When need refres dataset, increase count and show badge text in button. If EndUser want to refresh click this. This ways, less works on server and data trafic.
  3. Freeman35

    How to do synchronize unidbgrid with dataset.locate

    My sugesstion is, can add Locate function to unidbgrid. this function, wait load grid then lacate dataset and then lacate row on grid. regards
  4. Freeman35

    How to do synchronize unidbgrid with dataset.locate

    Sorry I been late, I'm investigate more and find bug. I attached demo.Its from unigui demo. GridGrouping. I aaded one edit and two buttons. first button event do: close dataset, load data, open dataset then locate. Second button do: locate opened dataset. My problem is first one. Becaouse, I haveto do this. I have to locate after open dataset, so end user not haveto re locate in grid. If I'm not wrong, grid not load data so can not locate row. Test in Third button. AfterLoad event using and locate work as expected GridGrouping-Locate-problem.7z
  5. Freeman35

    How to do synchronize unidbgrid with dataset.locate

    Has any suggestion?
  6. Hello, I'm trying multi colum DBLookUpComboBox. Its code example on this link and my modified code is https://docs.sencha.com/extjs/6.2.0/classic/Ext.form.field.ComboBox.html col2 is my add colum. tpl example from here https://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?7749-Adding-a-MultiColumn-ComboBox&amp;s=94883ddfe5b974125a16f9381b4a44cf&amp;p=49188&amp;viewfull=1#post49188 var states = Ext.create('Ext.data.Store', { fields: ['abbr', 'name', 'col2'], data : [ {"abbr":"AL", "name":"Alabama", "col2":"AAA"}, {"abbr":"AK", "name":"Alaska" , "col2":"BBBB"}, {"abbr":"AZ", "name":"Arizona", "col2":"CCCC"} ] }); Ext.create('Ext.form.ComboBox', { fieldLabel: 'Choose State', store: states, queryMode: 'local', valueField: 'abbr', renderTo: Ext.getBody(), // Template for the dropdown menu. // Note the use of the "x-list-plain" and "x-boundlist-item" class, // this is required to make the items selectable. tpl: Ext.create('Ext.XTemplate', '<ul class="x-list-plain"><tpl for=".">', //'<li role="option" class="x-boundlist-item">{abbr} - {name}</li>', '<li role="option" class="x-boundlist-item"><div class="x-combo-list-item"><div style="position: absolute;left: 0;">{name}</div><div style="position: relative;left: 150;">{col2}</div></div>', '</tpl></ul>' ), // template for the content inside text field displayTpl: Ext.create('Ext.XTemplate', '<tpl for=".">', '{name} - {col2}', '</tpl>' ) }); I need add colum or colums in combobox. extjs can do this since sencha 3 (follow my links) I can set css or style via tpl. But I could'nt, I hope yet. I need help for, 1-) How to add extra field(s) and data's(s) 2-) How to set tpl (if I'm not wrog this mean row style) Thank you.
  7. Freeman35

    How to FullCollaps / FullExpand grouped TUniDBGrid ?

    Thank you so much, I didn't understand css, why need thats? its work without add that. Regards.
  8. Freeman35

    How to FullCollaps / FullExpand grouped TUniDBGrid ?

    So strange, [dcc32 Error] ufrm.pas(133): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'FullCollapse' And search in unigui, only TreeGrid and TreeView has this procedure.
  9. Freeman35

    How to FullCollaps / FullExpand grouped TUniDBGrid ?

    Hello eduardosuruagy, I'm using v.1480. And asked for TUniDBGrid, are you sure this version and class has it ? thank you.
  10. Hello, How to FullCollaps / FullExpand grouped TUniDBGrid ? I wanna after open dataset, Collaps all group. How can I do this? Thank you.
  11. Freeman35


    for all added dates, and if event added.
  12. Freeman35

    Color one item in TUniRadioGroup

    Perfect... Thank you so much,
  13. Freeman35

    Color one item in TUniRadioGroup

    No problem, I can understand you alone and try answer all forum. That stringS for just test, problem is " getAt(0) " here. if give bigger then 0(zero), I mean, getAt(1) or getAt(2) (ofcourse items added) get error. code add button click. so form showed. maybe can important, form showed model. regards
  14. Freeman35

    Color one item in TUniRadioGroup

    any news for this?