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  1. Freeman35


    Thank you for shareS.
  2. No problem But, sorry, english never & ever be my any language. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m70qoPgB1ms - "for firebird, use "postevent"": my database is MS SQL, not Firebird. no metter - "You can access to all mainform": you mean access from where Server Module, You have to learn unigui how is work. you have a session list. (look in demos) "uniGUI\uniGUI\Demos\Desktop\Session List\" -if so how server module detects changes in the database without timer? This is about OOP programing type T_FRM = class(TUniForm) ..... procedure Set_On_FB_Event(const FB_Event: Integer); ... published property On_FB_Event: Integer write Set_On_FB_Event; ........ procedure T_FRM.Set_On_FB_Event(const FB_Event: Integer); begin // your code here end; When use T_FRM.On_FB_Event:= ...; Set_On_FB_Event will triggered. So, you don't need timer. And when need trigger easy way is, Tquery.AfterPost & Tquery.AfterDelete. For example: ServerModelue has a "procedure Sent_Event_to_All_Sessions(This_Table_ID: Integer);" In This procedure, get all session, then one by one get all form's of session's and set T_FRM.On_FB_Event:= This_Table_ID; I hope translate this time
  3. Freeman35

    uniGUI DOES QrCode

    Thank you, Can it posible read other barcode(s) ? ean13-ean-8 etc.
  4. I was write on that link. EventAlerter check only one db. And it has a thread. How to use this EventAlerter ? for firebird, use "postevent" manual or in trigger. I'm use manual, via sql command in tquery. on aftercommit event of transaction. in Unigui, remove "EventAlerter" because you have a sessionlist. this mean you have all clients list. You can accsess to all mainform, or others form. for me easy way is access to just mainform. I wrote, Add a property to mainform on your app. If you set this property, set.... procedure is triggered. So, get forms list, this will be same session then same idea, add property to other form and add set.... procedure. You don't need timer. This my suggession works like a EventAlerter. JUST in same application, but multi session. And need get all sessions list in hyperserver
  5. Problem is EventAlerter has a thread. its conflict with unigui's thread so not good idea use any EventAlerter. maybe my message give idea on this link http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/12043-how-to-send-a-text-message-from-servermodule-to-all-mainform-sessions/&do=findComment&comment=64328
  6. Why you are trying extra kod? You can get session list in unigui. look in demos. Add a property to main form. text, number or record type or what you need. Write set procedure to this property. Write a sent message procedure. In this procedure has a loop for sessions. and set income param(s) to session's mainform's xxxx property. Thats all. This can be problem in just hyperserver. 'cos If I'm not wrong, can not get all session list in hyperserver, so can not sent message to all. But this can fix.
  7. Freeman35

    HowTo : Open form in PageControl

    You can use resize event, or dis link can be helpful http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/7848-layout-advanced-tutorial/&tab=comments#comment-40129
  8. Freeman35

    Firebird 4.0 Beta

    I'm use interbase before been firebird I'm talk about system. not security. I'm telling to customer, If some one copy db from server to anywhere, its not mine problem. Hardware not my problem
  9. Freeman35

    Firebird 4.0 Beta

    Is still SYSDBA's password saved in "security.fdb" ? I mean, change sysdba password any then create db with this user & password. Then copy db to another pc or reinstall firebird. Try connect with masterkey, Is it still NOT change system ?
  10. Freeman35

    CalandePanel's ScreenMask problem

    Hi, Why CalanderPanel's ScreenMask hiding before finish job? I mean Screenmask showing, but shortly, why not waiting event(s) painting ? reagrds
  11. yes, its a another view point But we need it
  12. On this thread, you can see, selected date 31 october 2018, in uniCalendar, on left side. How to show this selected day in uniCalenderPanel ? for example, can you tell me, which day is selected day (cell) on screenshot ?
  13. Freeman35

    Can I add extra text in dbgrouped field row?

    Thank you mhmda. My problem is I don't know js ( and hate it ) In my app, client side has not that values, I need two colums "İaşe bedeli" this column not in grid so not on clientside, TBL_KB_TUTAR is added but need to grouped sum. Needed result iaşe bedeli - sum(TBL_KB_TUTAR) and been colored or css and bla bla. So compicated for me, I have to learn many js function and more then extjs class, property....
  14. Freeman35

    Can I add extra text in dbgrouped field row?

    From query, same row has this value