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  1. Hello, How can I use this css unigui's edits? text edit, combobox, datetimepicker, number edit etc. https://codepen.io/maheshambure21/pen/EozKKy and / or https://codepen.io/MichaelArestad/pen/ohLIa Thank you. if some one interested, more free css https://freefrontend.com/css-input-text/
  2. Freeman35

    SpeedButton alignment

    Thnak you GerhardV and Volk65. This will be so helpful for me.
  3. Freeman35

    TUniTreeMenu Search

    Its not work like a treeview. "for I := 0 to tvmMenu.Items.Count - 1 do" This code not accsess to sub items. Counts NOT all items count, just Item's count. for I := 0 to tvmMenu.Items.Count - 1 do TMP_item:= tvmMenu.Items[I]; for J:=0 to TMP_item.items.Count -1 do Mean need write callback funtion, for chek all items.
  4. Freeman35

    All about the Badge

    Thank you for codes How to use this for tahsheet, pagecontrol ? regards
  5. http://interesu.tk/index.php/home/ura/8-2012-05-15-10-49-21/941-2018-03-19-09-37-11

  6. Freeman35

    unitreemenu runtime

    Farshad was said, will turn this component. Remove Sourcemenu on designtime. OnFormCreate Add TUnimenuitem to TUnimenuitems, or what you want. after then add Sourcemenu in runtime. After onformcreate change TUnimenuitems not apply to unitreemenu. So if you make this, you have to do this on unitreemenu. find unitreemenu's node then change a few proprty. caption, tag etc.
  7. Freeman35

    Microsoft Edge: Animate does,t work?

    Hi Erich, Can you make a simple unit how to do panel(one edit then second) slide and form(no any imagen about this )? So may be I can learn how is wok this. Thank you.
  8. Freeman35

    How to change Panel Title Height ?

    Thank you so much
  9. Freeman35

    How to change PageControl's Tab's Height ?

    This code has problem. In picture, I set height value just. every think is normal, but, in screen shot you can see yellow area. There is TabSheet. and Form has to be in this tab client area, I mean, Like From.Align:= AlClient. But its not. position is default I mean not changed, Bars on top.
  10. Freeman35

    How to change Panel Title Height ?

    After refill my cafein reserve found my problem and fixed it. not about width or padding, I didn't see width parameter in my test codes of css. Thank you so much GerhardV. Have you suggestion for "x-panel-header-default-horizontal" height ?
  11. Freeman35

    Pivot Grid support

    be in major, or minor release I like this song (fallow 0:39) https://www.youtube.com/embed/XcdtSdavpH0
  12. Freeman35

    How to change Panel Title Height ?

    I used css for treemenu, and for that panel, tomorrow I'll test empty and default panel. Yes blue area size is change but, "area" is not change, title string not centered, dark blue is splitter if I move it, panel uncollaps etc. maybe its come from theme css. Usually dont tuch theme Thank you very much for help, I'll continue this later, I have to focus finish project, visual site wiil be second plan.
  13. Freeman35

    How to change Panel Title Height ?

    Thank you GerhardV, its not worked for me.
  14. Freeman35

    How to change Panel Title Height ?

    I used standart theme "triton.modified" height so when collapse width is big for me, I wanna decrease this. On Screenshot, blue area is "Panel.Title" 's area. On First screenshot, darkedblue(on right side in firs image,) its splitter, not problem on.