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  1. eyvAllah, I have a trail version 1531, working on this release , and no source of UniSweetAlert. I wanna add this function to forum's sweetalert library http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/8910-sweetalert2/
  2. Hi, How to wait in function? I mean, I have a component, it has a execute funtion : Boolean type. This function has a ...jscall or jsadd command of unigui. this code run java script. Than script's has a result, this result handled in jshandle, this okey. Question is, How to wait while, answer returning in execute function? Think, like a if Form.ShowModal=....... thnak you
  3. Hi, Did you try from ObjectInspector "color" property.
  4. eyvAllah, I didn't understand what you mean. which class and for what assignTo? can you share or add to that demo project? regards.
  5. Hi, in ....\uniGUI\Demos\Desktop\CustomControl-4\ 1- Install this component first, but do NOT forget modified dpk file. there is still unigui prefix 20. change to what you are use 2-) open ....\uniGUI\Demos\Desktop\CustomControl-4\cc4.dpr and add a inhereted this main form via unigui's wizard ( "inheritable Items" ) 3-) press (Alt + F12) in IDE for look in dfm. Get this error on first screenshot maybe this problem can be on inhereted MAINform Second screenshot from my capmponent example. This is type of form. This not main form or etc. simple form type Tf
  6. Merhaba, Rusça yazmadığım için kusura bakma, kızıyorlar. ben şöyle bir çözüm buldum, istersen deneyebilirsin. UnimFieldContainer1.LayoutConfig.Cls:= "pnlGeo freeman35" .freeman35 .x-label-el{ margin-left: 27px; margin-top: -10px; } px yerine em kullanırsan, sanırım ekran boyutları değiştiğinde, daha net çözüm olacaktır. iyi günler.
  7. new version 6 is coming https://fontawesome.com/6
  8. try <i class="fas fa-map-marker-alt"></i> add this, default unigui can not have, add to custom css file
  9. Thank your answer, On demo, combobox's onchange event reset applicaion so new setted theme been selected and actived. For test I copied code & combobox from demo. result on that screenshot.
  10. Hi, I copy source from ".\uniGUI\Demos\Desktop\ThemeChange\Theme.dpr" This demo work normal. Is there any setting haveto ? on main module or server module? thanx
  11. eyvAllah, bilgiyi paylaştığın için teşekkürler.
  12. owner is mickey soft. installer and first sp1 release same time ID: 30923, RAD Studio 10.4 Patch 1 https://cc.embarcadero.com/item/30923
  13. use hyml tag. for example "<br>"
  14. I wish people share experience, ofcourse no one haveto share, but I don't understand why hide ?
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