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  1. Hello, I have to create a unigui application that has to download pdf files generated by another unigui application sent via unisession.sendfile (which runs on a different server). If I try to download them directly from the browser I get the correct pdf files, if I try to download them via: var IdHTTP1: TIdHTTP; Stream: TMemoryStream; Url, FileName: String; begin Url: = ''; Filename: = 'download.pdf'; IdHTTP1: = TIdHTTP.Create (Self); Stream: = TMemoryStream.Create
  2. Hello, what is the best solution to generate reports for UniGui in Linux environment? Thank's in advance
  3. A temporary workaround? Best Regards!
  4. While waiting for the fix, how can I get around the problem? Best Regards.
  5. Hi everyone I am having problems to displaying jpeg images in TUniImage components in a application compiled for Linux 64 , if I load jpeg images I get error "Cannot assign a TJPEGImage to a TPicture" The same code compiled below for Windows 32 or 64 bit runs perfectly. The code is: var _stm: TMemoryStream; _stm: = TMemoryStream.Create; DBField.SaveToStream (_stm); _stm.Position: = 0; UniImage.LoadFromStream (_stm); FreeAndNil (_stm); Where am i wrong? Thanks in advance
  6. flexdev


    Found the problem.. to call file upload I used a button with modalresult = mrOK, if I set modalresult in the buttun = mrnone it works, if I set modalresult = mrok it doesn't work, it is systematic.
  7. flexdev


    I have identified the case: the uniupload component is used inside a form derived from a strongly customized ancestor form, if used inside a descendant form from this ancestor the the error is generated, if used in a descendant form from a simpler ancestor form it works.
  8. flexdev


    Hi everyone, in my application when I try to use the tunifileupload component inside a form, after I have selected the file, the component freeze and I receive the error in log file FrontEnd.exe: 00002710: 19:52:11 [Unknown picture file extension (.)-]:EInvalidGraphic : Unknown picture file extension (.) : Addr: $00000000005E3FAB FrontEnd.exe: 00002634: 19:52:17 [Unknown picture file extension (.)-]:EInvalidGraphic : Unknown picture file extension (.) : Addr: $00000000005E3FAB FrontEnd.exe: 000021D0: 19:52:22 [Unknown picture file extension (.)-192.168.69
  9. If TUniContainerPanel containg a UniImage and a Label and setting AlignmentControll to uniAlignmentClient not work fine, the label always write near TuniImage, never inner TUniImage,
  10. Sorry, I don't understand what you mean
  11. Hi, I would like to display a list of images (products on sale ..), in each image I would like to superimpose text with the name of the product
  12. Hi, how can I overwrite a text box in a TuniImage?
  13. restarted the pc, clean and rebuild the project .... ... the problem disappeared!
  14. no part of the anonymous procedure is execute...
  15. Hi, in a complex form I have this code : _xScad.ShowModal( procedure (Sender: Tcomponent; AResult: Integer) begin if AResult = mrOk then LoadEvent; end ); Anonymous procedure not execute at showmodal return .... but if change the code to ..... procedure TMainForm.ReLoadData(Sender: Tcomponent; AResult: Integer); begin LoadEvent; end; ... _xScad.ShowModal(ReLoadData); the callback procedure is execute.... in many parts of my code I use anonymous callback procedures and works perfectly
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