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  1. oflor

    Freelancer or Contractor on UniGUI

    I'm interested, my email is oflor@yahoo.com, I have not UniGui License for Mobile only for "Desktop"
  2. oflor

    Pivot Grid support

    +1 (if this means that I want to use the pivot grid to)
  3. Now I'm programing OnAjaxEvent - OnCellDblClick on the TUniDBGrid to show a mask when I invoque another form when I dbclick on the dbgrid. And when I click on a cell could be cool if they can enable this behaviour to. Normally I'm showing hidden containerpanels to show in-line editors when I click on a specific cell. But if they are sleeping to long the user make another click on it. Please see attached example. DBGridDblClick.zip
  4. Mr., About Responsive Design: I'm develop for assurance companies, they have customers that want to know his account situation, covers of this insurance policy, reports sinisters, and so on. Here in Paraguay are growing the use of smartphones and tablets very high. They need to access his information from a mobile device as equal from a normal PC and sometimes do some register of data from them. I agree that high corportative applications don't need mobile, but massification of data is moving data from corporative servers to mobile devices. For this type of applications is possible to enable a special project type on UniGui (maybe called Responsible Application) to develop this type of app and maintain the normal UniGui Application as is currently. Linux is mandatory for mi. Is a shame to use virtualization to implement web services.
  5. About Support Issues: I'm for a long time use UniGui ver Is a good release, stable, strong like a rock, very usefull. I was stuck in this version because a big development and growing of my web app has begun and we have not time to do some kind of beta tester job for every new release to know if still work. In this time Farshad support was very well, excelent, every problem was solved diligently. Every widget work as spected. Now the bulk of the development has finished, and is the time to upgrade UniGui to reach last support and new features. For my surprise, some of the widget I more use (like the TUniDBLookupComboBox as Delphi VCL Mode), stop working as spected, some others have drawbacks to use them, and so on. Mi point is. Many versions have passed and much bug fixing job has maded. Wath is the reason that old bugs have appeared again? The implementation of new ExtJs version? Is mandatory to upgrade ExtJs version if they implies a lot of bugs to reborn on a currently and actually used web apps on our customers?. As I say up here, Farshad support never disappointed me, I hope much or all of widget problems can be solved quickly because I don't want to assig time to do workarrounds to all my code or in the worst of the cases, downgrade to the, until the actual version turn stable again. I'm deposite my faith to the team of Mr. Farshad. Go On!
  6. Talking about this.....You realize that suspiciously TMS have a http://wiki.freepascal.org/pas2jswith a visual editor? In the developer snapshot of Lazarus 1.9 and CodeTyphon 6.30 you can use it like the way of TMS but without visual design.
  7. Take a look on the Lazarus fork CodeTyphon. Is more mature than lanzarus iself. The bugs normally have ben killed. Is a good looking ide to adoptate to make great web apps with UniGui....some day maybe....
  8. I will be become a beliver if this come true!
  9. oflor


    I will try,....thanks!
  10. oflor

    Ajax Double-Click on a TUniDBGrid

    Works very well!!! Thank You so much my friend!
  11. Hi Pals: I want to do a Ajax Double-Click on a TUniDBGrid. When I do a double click on a DBGrid I want to do some database operations and show the result on a next tab sheet. I want to show the wait mask when the event is procesing data. On normal OnDoubleClick of the DBGrid I can't show any type of mask of some else equal, then my users think the program was frezze. I try al the dblclick client events I found and only the dblClick of the panel object reacts to double click. The problem is that react for all types of double click wherever you make on the dbgrid. I want to act equal that the standard double click event that react only when you make double click on the rows of cells. Y try also the celldblclick and rowdblclick client events and don't fire de ajax event. Please if some of You was deal with issue like this. Thanks and Best Regards UniDblClick.zip
  12. oflor

    Ports Lock on Windows Server

    Referent to this post. Some people say to me that is required to sign digitally the .exe files to avoid security program to lock or delete our UniGui programs. Because I'm using UniGui as Windows Service that opens a tcp port the antivirus behaviour analizer can suspect of the WebApp. I will sign my program to know if the problem is solved.
  13. oflor


    Thank You!!!....I got it!
  14. oflor

    Are you more than 40 years old?

    Pals: Mi opinion about this, is..... To make Delphi (Object Pascal) appetizing to younger developers there are some point to cover: 1) The development tool must be free. (or start-up friendly) (like java, php or python) 2) The Web is the NOW and the future; other technology must be discarted, only disperse usefull efforts. 3) Responsive design is the answer to save hours of design work. 4) The cloud will be the the only way to store great amount of data (yes i'm talk about linux server implementations to) 5) Web Mobile development must be a stronger platform with capabilities to store local data on the phone/tablet (on sandbox). Not native app. A new standard may be done to reach this. We are tired of apps that required all permissions only to see family pictures in exchange of lost of privacy (you know wath app i'm talking about) Tools developers must do its best effort do reach that. Normal developers must do its best efforts do make amazing applications that encourage and challenge younger developers to do greats applications. Thats mind rethinks tools, platforms, make a lot of examples, and figth to teach on schools to young minds. Can we reach all this points with our current tools?........I don't know......maybe yes, maybe not. Personally I think that Lazarus is a big hit pointing all this. Best Regads my pals
  15. oflor

    Ports Lock on Windows Server

    Hi Pals: I try every tcp scan tool and task lister know by google....neither of them says to me witch is the locking app... Motivate by desperate I kill every task I see on the task manager at "point-blank range" (a quemarropa). And finally I find the guilty. Was the f@#....new TeamViewer. I don't known how a application can lock a tcp port and don't figure on the active ports of windows. Maybe some NSA issue?... Whell, my method was not pure but it works! I anyone know other way to do, please share it to the pals. Best Regards to all