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  1. I think I need to put the UniGUI temp folder on a ssd or a memory disk.
  2. Hi Pals: Does anyone know why UniGui is generating to me so many cache files? I use drawings on all my buttons, would that be? I'm have much users using too much cache files for the same picture I think is no sense. Now I'm experiencing low performance because high hard disk usage. Thanks Pals. Nueva imagen de mapa de bits.bmp
  3. Ok!, let's leave out the comunity version of Delphi, let's use the professional version.
  4. 1) Responsible Layout. 2) Better integration with JQuery plugins / Bootstrap. 3) FreePascal approximation to make cheaper UniGUI Linux Servers.
  5. Hi Pals: I'm propose a deployment alternative for those people, that don't want or can't spend much money for do a Web Application running on a Linux Server and using Delphi-Like data access technology. My idea is to use the Delphi Community Edition/Professional Edition to develop/test/debug the application with UniGUI as always. But to deploy to Linux, it have two options: 1) If You have/use the Delphi Enterprise/Arquitech edition, continue as allways. 2) If You only have/use the Community/Professional, the UniGui generates a runtime version of your application that runs/compile using the freepascal at cross compiling mode. That way is not neccesary for UniGUI Pals to develop a Lazarus compatible screen designer, only they need to make code that compile with freepascal. To do a debug in this mode will need debug procedures/functions that can write messages on the /var/log/messages file or wherever You want. Obviusly is neccesary to use components that Delphi and FreePascal share or use compiler directives for it. Wath do You think about?
  6. Excelent! Thank You very much, Mr. Wilton!!!
  7. Hi Pals: One of My Customer wants to I turn on the WebMonitor, and other don't. There is a way to programatically change the WebMonitor property to turn on or off when I need? Thanks and Best Regards
  8. +1 Cost of make a web application running on Linux using Delphi is too expensive compared with other solutions. New Lazarus Web Frameworks in on the roll. Not yet as UniGUI, but they don't stop improving its frameworks.
  9. Yes I do, but security guys are annoyng people. Best Regards
  10. Thank You very much for Your help Pal!!! I breathe with relief that I don't need to change from .exe to .dll My project. It have some customizations that I know doesn't work very well when is used inside a IIS. Best Regards
  11. Thank You very much Pal! I did not know that about Hyperserver! After severals years I will be use IIS again, just for one feature that don't work as espected on service mode everything else work excent for Me. I hope that soon the Linux implementation with UniGUI and apache module work well to use it (including good SSL support). I really don't like to use IIS. Best Regards
  12. Thank You very Much Mr. Farshad. This answer points me to the right path from today to the future. The hyperserver is not available on IIS, I assume IIS have other alternative way to do something like that. Thanks Again and Best Regards
  13. Hi Pals: My Customers work in conjuntion with Banks. They (the Banks) make security auditory occasionally. This time They find some "Severe Security Issues" with My project maded with UniGUI and implemented with SSL and as Windows Service. Attached are the audit issues They found, if You want to see about. Basically They say that My way to do the SSL implementation is not secure. Based on contents of the report I realize that They want to I migrate My project from Windows Service to IIS because this security concerns are already solved. Are They right? The OpenSSL implementation of UniGUI is that bad? Is there a way to configure UniGUI to avoid this attacks of Birthday, Beast, Poodle, and so on? (funny and fatal names) Please Pals! I want to know Your experiences with SSL implementations about security concerns. Thanks to All and Best Regards UniGui SSL Vulnerability.pdf
  14. Hi!: My security deparment request to me to change the session ID (_S_ID value from ajax requests) after a successfull login. I find no way to do this on UniGUI. I realize that is possible to change the session id via the UniSession.SessionID property, but If I make the change, I loose my session an it broke in invalid session. There is a way to do that? Thanks Pals and Best Regards
  15. Hi Pals: I received a security audit, and one thing they demand to me was the use of the ReCaptcha component. That's because it needs a call to Google to make service work into a Login form, according to safety connections regulations a sensible input form can't depend of externals to allow access because a men-in-the-middle attack can happen. For this audit note I was forced to make my own Drag-N-Drop captcha. Here available for pals. Enjoy Best Regards ImNotARobot.7z
  16. Normally to solve this kind of problem I point to nil the TDataSource.DataSet property attached to the TUniDBLookupComboBox, refresh the dataset and then point the TDataSource to the actual TDataSet descendant that have the data. Best Regards
  17. Obrigado pelo seu vídeo. Mais ainda tenho uma dúvida. ¿O qué adianta façer rodar o Apache no Linux se o uniGUI nao pode façer apache modules no Linux e o ISAPI nao roda tambeim no Linux? Thanks for Your video. But I still have a doub. Whats is the purpose to run Apache on Linux if uniGUI can't make apache modules for Linux and the ISAPI also doesn't work on Linux?
  18. Thanks Farshad! Now finally we can grow up our applications.
  19. Hi: What are the correct method to implement a ssl certificate to a uniGUI application under linux? There are difference with the method used on Windows? Thanks and Best Regards
  20. Hi: Is possible to implement a linux unigGUI application using a Personal Edition of uniGUI? Thanks and Best Regards
  21. Hi: What are the best or recomended method for implemeting a real production environment uniGUI application? A service (daemon) application? A standalone application thats is redirected to null and start up on the rc.local scritp file? A apache module? Thanks and Best Regards
  22. Thank Your Very Much! I will implement this right now!
  23. Hi Pals: About ClickJacking Attack. The solution is to atttach a flag X-Frame-Options or Content-Security-Policy(frame-ancestors) into the HTTP response of the server. Anyone know how to attach this response to the HTTP Response on UniGUI? Thanks and Best Regards
  24. This is the xss attack, but luckily is fixed on the last version.
  25. Hi Pals: Anyone know how to avoid clickjacking attack and XSS attack with UniGUI?
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