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  1. @Farshad MohajeriCan't unigui be used as the world's standard RestFull server?
  2. I think you are using an old unigui version, so I cannot view it with your exe. I don't want to write a URL this is a solution that won't be right for the other party RestFull logic is fixed all over the world.
  3. Hi, Thanks. I was able to compile the project. But I can not get any results, what I'm doing wrong, I added the project sample. REST Server.zip
  4. Hello, Thank you for the answer. I implemented your answer, but rest debugger does not return the correct result. I added the code you wrote into a small project, you can find the example in the attachment. While sending the data, I want to send it as below with rest debugger. URL : http://localhost:8077/JSON Conten Type : { "Username": "test01", "Password": "test01"} Rest_Full.zip
  5. I can do this myself. What I can't do is read the incoming JSON value. I can't see the incoming Json value.
  6. I have prevented the error from occurring as follows, but I cannot see the JSON value sent with CustomBody in ARequestInfo. How can I get the incoming CustomBody value. procedure TUniServerModule.UniGUIServerModuleHTTPCommand( ARequestInfo: TIdHTTPRequestInfo; AResponseInfo: TIdHTTPResponseInfo; var Handled: Boolean); begin if ARequestInfo.URI = '/user' then begin AResponseInfo.ContentText := '{"Name": "bbbb","Mission": "pppppp" }' ; AResponseInfo.ResponseNo := 200; AResponseInfo.WriteContent; Handled := True; end; end;
  7. Hi, Can I use it as Unigui Rest Full. So like this; I will send the following 1.json format as Post method to http://localhost:8077/user link. 2. I will send it as a response in json format, can this be done? 1. Json { "username": "a", "Password": "123" } 2.Json { "Name": "bbbb", "Mission": "pppppp" } *I tried to do a lot of reasoning and examples but as a general problem. When I type http://localhost:8077/user I see the following error on the screen. Invalid session or session Timeout. (Invalid URI: /user ) Is there a solution Thanks
  8. @Marlon Nardi Greetings Marlon, Are you able to look into this matter? Thanks.
  9. Hi @Marlon Nardi Attached is your Kendo example, when you compile please open the pie chart because there is a problem there. I want to show the "Isler" field and "Amount" field information when the mouse is hovered over the chart in the pie chart.The data structure is as follows. with ClientDataSet1 do begin CreateDataSet; // Works, Quantity AppendRecord(['a ISI',1 ]); AppendRecord(['b ISI',3 ]); AppendRecord(['c ISI',5 ]); AppendRecord(['d ISI',7 ]); AppendRecord(['e ISI',9 ]); end; For example, I want to see the following result when Pie is hovered over the chart with the mouse. "a HEAT :1 " It should be with the code below, but "{0} field returns "Amount" information, while {1} field does not return "Works" information. Do you have a suggestion about this? Chart.ChartProperties.Values['tooltip'] := '{visible: true, format: "{0} :{1} "}'; *The sample project is attached. FSKendoUI_Test.zip
  10. Hi, PivotGrid gives the following error even when I compile the Unigui demo. This error existed in the past, then it was fixed, now it still persists. Could not set cell position: row: [0], column:[0] :Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'style') Unigui v1.90.0.1564
  11. Hi @Sherzod I solved the problem with item 3. Thank you very much. This error occurred because I couldn't make edtOfferYuzde.BlankValue := 0; These standards should be added to the component specifications. @Farshad Mohajeri
  12. The example is attached. Value should be 0 when there are no values. test02.zip
  13. @Sherzod I am sending you an example. When you delete all the values in the above component, you will see the value of -1. * If the onchange feature is -1, do not say 0, after all, the user can give a value of -1. test02.zip
  14. @Sherzod None of these solutions worked. I just couldn't try this; There is no blur in the ExtEvents event of the TUniDBFormattedNumberEdit component, so I couldn't test it. UniNumberEdit -> ClientEvents -> ExtEvents -> blur
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