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  1. Hi, Tab closing 1541 version ajax error. Hello, while the attached example works fine in previous versions, error occurs in the new version. Thank you. close.mp4 pageact.zip
  2. We solved the problem by connecting @Farshad Mohajeri While installing Component, I was doing Clean first, because it deleted all DCU's in this way, there was an error. Thanks.
  3. This error also occurred in the 1541 version released today as Delphi 10.4. I uninstall and reinstall but the problem is not solved, what is the problem? [dcc32 Fatal Error] uniTools27.dpk(52): F1026 File not found: 'InstDecode.pas'
  4. The problem is not with unigui. I solved the problem by changing the TByteSoapArray part to TByteDynArray in the pas file that occurs when the problem is imported with the WSDL service. Thank you.
  5. I try this way again, the same, corrupted PDF file occurs. dosyayaz := TFileStream.Create (ExtractFilePath(UniServerModule.LocalCachePath) + ETTN + '.' + 'PDF', fmCreate); dosyayaz.Position := 0; dosyayaz.Write(Cevap.DocumentFile, Length(Cevap.DocumentFile)); dosyayaz.Free;
  6. Hi, Saving the stream file as PDF occurs smoothly in the VCL project. PDF file is problem in unigui project with the same codes. What could be the source of this problem? Thank you.
  7. Hi, You can see the problem if you examine the simple example attached. Country, City, State fields do not react even though Lock: = True is selected. Thank you. hdrlck.dproj.zip
  8. This is how I solved the problem. UniHTMLFrame1.HTML.LoadFromFile ('D:\FilePath\FileName.html',TUTF8Encoding.UTF8);
  9. You can see that the UniGridsColumnLockingAndHeaderGrouping example does not work when you lock fields that are groups. I am using the latest version (1539)
  10. I wonder if there is any development regarding this problem?
  11. Hi, When I load the saved HTML file with UniHTMLFrame or UniURLFrame, Turkish characters appear corrupted. Charset = UTF-8 is used in HTML code. When I open the file with Crome, there is no problem, when I open it with Unigui components, there is a problem with Turkish characters, how can I solve this? UniHTMLFrame1.HTML.LoadFromFile ('D:\FilePath\FileName.html');
  12. Thanks for the answer. How can I tie all of these operations to a standard, can I standardize dealing with each form separately. I wanted to know this.
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