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  1. bbm


    Hi, is there any idea, when the problem will be fixed? Best regards
  2. bbm


    Hi again, when I send the request https://localhost:8077 I get the following exceptions What's wrong? Ididn't make any changes in the source of the demo. Best regards
  3. bbm


    Hi Sherzod, thank you for your quick support. Best regards
  4. bbm


    Hi, does anybody have the ssl demo as a separat package? I damaged my demo which is part of the setup. Best regards
  5. bbm

    Refresh UniImage

    Hi, thankyou, works fine, Best regards
  6. bbm

    Refresh UniImage

    Hi, thank you, I will try, Best regards
  7. bbm

    Refresh UniImage

    Hi, I want to show a picture of a web cam in a form. I tried this with an UniImgae component. The request of the first picture is no problem (URL). The question is, how I can get a new picture every second. Is the UniImage the right way or is there any other solution? Best regards, Bernd
  8. Hi, sorry, but I think the screenshots are a little confusing. For me it will be OK, if the arrow for collapsing a panel is visible, and the collapsing can be prevented. Is there any way? Best regards
  9. Hi As a workaround, it would also help if I left the panel collapsible and only prevented the panel from collapsing. Is it possible to do this? Best regards,
  10. Hi, I mean to make the pager visible or unvisible with JavaScript. The idea is to make a work arround to make the pager visible. Best regards,
  11. Hi, The problem is that the application has gotten pretty powerful now. It may be due to the design of the application. For this reason, a test case does not seem to me to be effective. Is it possible to switch the pager on and off via JavaScript? Best regards,
  12. Hi, I have no idea! Is it possible to make like a refresh or realign? Best regards
  13. Hi Sherzod, I have another problem with the solution. When I use Collapsible := not Collapsible; JSInterface.JSCall('setCollapsible', [Collapsible]); the pager of a uniDBGrid, placed at the panel, is not visible anymore. Is there any way to bring the pager visible again? Best regards,
  14. Hi Sherzod, thank you very much. It works! Best regards
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