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  1. Hi Sherzod, thank you very much! Best regards
  2. Hi, I have a PageControl with 2 TabSheets. Data can be edited in both tab sheets. If data have been changed, I would like to display a message that they must first be saved, or that switching to the other tab sheet is prevented. How can I prevent switching? Best regards
  3. Hi, when I start the ssl-demo I can find the following in the log file: ssl.exe: 00004214: 16:00:27 [Indy]:EIdOSSLUnderlyingCryptoError : Error accepting connection with SSL. error:14094416:SSL routines:ssl3_read_bytes:sslv3 alert certificate unknown : Addr: $00776FDF The application seems to run. I have the same problem with my own application What can be the problem? Best regards.
  4. Hi Sherzod, thank you, now it's clear. Many thanks again Best regards
  5. Hi Sherzod, thank you very much for the quick help. That works great. Is the date format always to be entered in JS (2021-09-01), or are there other formats as well? I'm only asking because I need to convert the date format Best regards
  6. Hi Sherzod, the format is no problem. I can parse the result and can switch to the needed format. Important is to have an InputValue to be able to set the wanted date. I hope you can find a solution . Best regards
  7. Hi Sherzod, one additional question: Is it possible to change the input and output format (YYYY-mm-dd)? Best regards
  8. Hello Sherzod, thank you so much, this looks nice and is exactly what i wanted. What I just don't know yet is how to enter a default value, e.g. the current date or any other value. I tried UniSweetAlert1.InputValue, but I think you have to do this through JS? Best regards,
  9. Hi, is it possible to have a DateTimePicker as an InputType for a SweetAlert? Best regards
  10. Hi Sherzod, works fine, thank you. Best regards
  11. Hi, is it possible to have another closing symbol at a TabSheet? Best regards
  12. Hi, is it possible to place the Badge also at the title of a TabSheet? Best regards,
  13. Hi, Thanks everyone for the quick response. I will think about how I will implement it. It was important for me to know whether there might be a direct route. This does not seem to be possible. Best regards
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