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viewerjs Document Viewer simple interface unigui to view OpenOffice + Pdf documents


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Thanks, it worked fine, but if I want to use it with TUniUrlFrame on same form (not open close new form for each doucment), it only show the first document and didn't refresh when assign new document to it.

For example on your project, use show insead of show model and try to select another file from dropdown, it will stay on first document and will not use other.

I'm not sure how to refresh it?

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I have another problem, Tuniurlframe1 doesn't has "Refresh" property, so viewerjs sometimes load PDF plugins and when I assign ODS file to it, it will not load, it needs to refresh to load the new plugins to view the file.

I need to keep TUniURLframe with files list next to each others, because it's file viewer, I don't want to view the files on another form.

Any clue?

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HI, for pdf files,

anyone have experience about form filler pdf in Unigui? There is a, external javascript component?
I am looking for a pdf viewer wiith form filler capability (I need to fill from dataset and capture every field modified form user for realtime calculation)...
All for avoid complex Delphi  forms using pdf instead....
Thanks in advance!


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