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  1. This is interesting to implement .... someone would give a help ... ...Thank you
  2. Estimado Andriws, que version de Unigui se requiere para ejecutar. Me da error. Gracias -------------------------------------------- Dear Andriws, what version of Unigui is required to run. It gives me an error. Thank you
  3. +1 Spanish Thanks / Gracias!
  4. mmurgas

    Google Drive

    Dear, greetings. My question is if from our Unigui it is possible to save data in a spreadsheet in googledrive. Thank you!
  5. HI mohammad, i get an error when downloading the file. Please could upload it again Thanks you so much
  6. display 您没有安装Flash!
  7. Dear Lema, First of all thank you very much for your help!!! I have a KML file loaded ok, with several polygons, my question is it possible to search for a particular polygon, can it be searched for by some characteristic? Thank you so much mmurgas
  8. This is very useful, unfortunately only works with IE
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