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  1. This is a very simple project and actually shows how uniGUI is powerful and can use anything with little adaptation. I barely made any changes to this project. Therefore, credit is full for the authors. But this project demonstrates how to use the browser's localstorage and exploit this amazing resource to store data temporarily. I didn't have much use for this project and was going to my "bin" until I placed it in a tab of a larger project and left it as resources for users to use as a dashboard for their own notes and reminders. Customized with the data of the company for which the project was created and "presto !". Everyone loved it. Have fun with it... just change the HTML in the component to your needs. And yes, localstorage means that notes are automatically saved after the browser closes. Just open it again and they're still there (client side, of course) . uniGUIExpress-Sticky.rar
  2. Hi there... Since there are lots of interactions with this post and pvts messages, I want to make it clear: 1-This example is fully functional. The audio is played and downloaded to a CACHE folder. Just use it ! The uniGUI ISAPI version has the on-line playing disable because some people got more than 100 audioclips poduced in my website and that makes it slow.So , i disable ONLY the on-line play but you can still download. Please, download de VCL version I made and use it without any dependency. Is fully functional ! 2-You can make as many as you want audioclips. But Google limits the size of text per "get" operation. Just break into small phrases and you can have a full narration in any language. 3-The file downloaded is MP3 format and good quality. 4-The source code for both uniGUI and VCL is in the PACK 4. VCL binarry is here. 5-With the uniGUI option, you can insert audio messages in real time in any website. Very useful ! 6- This post is completely different from Speech Synthesis I made some years ago and still in pack 04. The quality is WAYYYY better. 7- Works in any browser. Depends on Google Translate service.
  3. Note: only 1000 chars limit. This is a google limit, not mine !
  4. This project uses the Google Translate API to receive the audio generated by the phrase according to the language used. This way you'll be able to assemble audios in your direct language in MP3 format and use it the way you want. Test on-line https://www.unigui.com.br/isapi/uniGUIGoogleSpeak.dll Edited: Disabled the online "play" feature due to some users heavily using the example above and slowing down the server for other operations. See the downloaded audio file ! EDIT2: Source- code to uniGUI and VCL project available in Pack04. VCL binary download below, no restrictions. See new year's eve promotion GoogleSpeak.rar
  5. Already done ! Is for sale now. All old stuff in our catalog. See all and promo at
  6. Reload... is in CloudFlare and not a "cached" plan. So, reload to load all pictures.
  7. Sorry... but soon I 'll be releasing a comp. pack to the community. But not in this particular subject.
  8. Hi

    I told that I could do that for you. Let me know if you need a quote.

    1. andyhill


      Yes Fred but you must understand I cannot pay every time I need to do something.

      The RDP did not meet my expectations, also with the WhatsApp project I was of the understanding that there was going to be an update ?

      Kind Regards

    2. Fred Montier

      Fred Montier

      If RDP4uniGUI not meet your expectation, what did ? It was available to TRY BEFORE BUY ! Like I always do.
      Have you see noVNC ? is exactly the same JS code and used worldwide in any CloudServer hosting service. Have you download the original from Cybele I sent you ?

      And what in the whatsapp project is missing to work ?  There is no update to WhatsApp project. I was planing another example using THE SAME MATERIAL, THE SAME COMPONENT that is already there. But not for now because just had 3 sales. So for now, no planing wasting time on that.

  9. Again, free downloads only to uniGUI subscribes. And due to my limited space here, all projects are deleted after some time.
  10. This is the second time ! I know ! But I like it. And this uses a different approach to YouTube API embedded videos. Try this one and you will see some differences ! www.unigui.com.br-YouTubeBackground.rar Have fun !
  11. Lost any of our projects ? A lot are no longer on-line. Get all and more with this only-time promo. We prepared a real promotion for the international uniGUI community: All our products listed below for approximately 50% off. Take advantage of it's year-end promotion and in 2022 we won't sell any more projects. Thank you all for the partnership and help so far. Have a nice Christmas and happy new year with your relatives. This promotion lasts until 12/25. All in one combo - More than 50% off ! https://www.unigui.com.br/promoxmasall.html Pickup List Single items - More than 50% off ! https://www.unigui.com.br/promoxmassingles.html WhatsApp/Telegram: 55 11 986207676 For now, Merry xmas and happy new year.
  12. Desktop or/and mobile are not "web" ?
  13. In a nutshell, you can run it just with a HTTP server with the WEB folder as root. Of course, with minor modifications to the JS code. As tha same as noVNC Web/JS version but needing more adjusts to JS code. They are almost the same projects. The only scenario that I'm using it is where, with an uniGUI server, monitoring 8 remote windows servers with just a single click. Way faster than anydesk and more light-weight. If is not your intention and anydesk or teamviewer is no problem, maybe this is not a good option since with those softwares they have more resources than a regular Windows RDP and much more than a RDP-ish via browser. Browser are limited. See VNC2Me that maybe is a better solution since you can manage user groups and use proxy. But you MUST have client app and server app instaled to run it.
  14. Nop... don't have a WIN 2016 to try. See: 1- Unigui is only used to start the internal indy server. VCL there is no uniGUI in the middle. Is the same as cybele demo. 2- The indy server is only used to manage direct the RDP session in another port defined by the admin. 3- From this on, is HTML and JS behind the scenes., Test with the noVNC and see the same happens. Note that there is a button at the header bar, left corner, that enables/disable remote control by mouse/keyboard. Try scale, color definition to configure. Or yo ur server side screen configuration. Again, this demo is EXACTLY the same at the Cybele repository at SourceForge. Just striped down some useless stuff and recompiled. You can download the binary version from them. Download the original binary below. If that does not work, not much you and I can do about it. ThinVNC_1.0b1.zip
  15. All of those solutions are for legated software needing a little more time for use it via web. And only make sense when your charge montly fees and cover the costs. Otherwise, is "recode"/migrate it in uniGUI, Intraweb or more radicial and expensive TMS WebCode solution.
  16. No... this is more for similar cases as noVNC/UIltraVNC/VNC2Me when you need to have a quick access to a specific server via browser. More like a support tool for you, not for your clients because they don't know what to do with it. I have like 10 CloudServers to different customers and always using Anydesk or noVNC. This is a free alternative right now. Since I always use FTPs, no need for Windows RDP. Windows RDP only allows 2 RDP sessions per license. Have to pay more to grant access for more users. IN this cenario they can run the same program in different remote sessions using the same DB. But is nota scalable solution. This IS NOT to "elevate" binaries app to run in/via a browser as Cybele does. Not even to share the same app because they will use the same Windows Sessions. So, either you buy more Windows RDP license or use Cybele/similar tools to elevate your software to a multiuser environment in one go . But all those tools are paid options. None is free like in "free meal". This is the subject that I had research for more than 10 years. Hence, uniGUI.
  17. See BOSS, HORSE at GitHub Repositories and Hashload group at Telegram (in portuguese, sorry) There is a related "web-ish" to horse framework that can generate a real pwa in Delphi. BOSS is like npm for Delphi packages. Very useful !
  18. You might use the free version. The original code is note mine and I would never charge for that. But the source code is not available for download and I made a lot of changes to get it working again. Even the original repository, it is not working ! For 8 years now... no updates. Is very useful, just change the logos and string in the HTML and have your business brand/style.
  19. Example below no onlye it records at client side but posts to server side as MP3 format. All at once. Very useful. See https://www.unigui.com.br/Mp3AudioRecorder.html
  20. See https://www.unigui.com.br/democetera/ Example #37
  21. Link for what ? First post is the link for the free version... all features.. nothing missing or time restrictions.
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