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  1. billyChou

    Unigui with voice recognition !

  2. billyChou

    using Free FontAweSome OFFLine

  3. billyChou

    How to print HTML text inside FastReport?

    sample test for html to richedit. billyChou Test01.zip
  4. billyChou

    How to SFTP client integration

    SFTP client integration Thanks billy Chou
  5. billyChou

    Structure large project (ERP)

    1. Database transaction consistency Recommendation postgresSQL . 2. Blocks, inventory quantity, recalculation mechanism and verification mechanism.
  6. billyChou

    How to call a dll program in the browser?

    fix ,use in server side,
  7. billyChou

    How to call a dll program in the browser?

    if DLL is function, no visiable Component , it 's can use , my sample EASendMail SMTP Component https://www.emailarchitect.net/easendmail use that in unigui , can browse in chrome .
  8. billyChou

    Treegrid columns not sort

    Thanks billy Chou
  9. billyChou

    Treegrid columns not sort

    need sort. Thanks.
  10. billyChou

    Anonymous and Login Access

    do not use login form, you can custom design login form in main form may be can do .
  11. billyChou

    On-the-fly mask change

  12. billyChou

    Treegrid columns not sort

    Treegrid columns [n_job] not sort . UniMainModule.q_dbtree.SQL.Text := 'select *, left( n_job, 6) as mydate from jobnumber order by n_comp , n_pla , n_did, n_job,n_line'; UniDBTreeGrid1.TreeKeyFields := 'n_comp;n_pla;n_did'; Thanks.