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  1. Hi Codeb, Sorry for delay ! Last Version 5/10/2015 http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=3006 Salvatore
  2. Hi mierlp , Last Version 5/10/2015 and use the Function GetSelectionCount http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=3006 Regards Salvatore
  3. Hi , see : http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/5044-new-bmunidbgrid-with-multiselection-rows-and-popupmenu-vers-098-and-099/ Download last Release : http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=2923 Best Regards
  4. Hi , Document Viewer: simple interface unigui to view OpenOffice + Pdf documents. See : http://viewerjs.org DocViewer.zip Good fun . Regards Salvatore Marullo
  5. Hi liteci, See also : http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/4722-sencha-unigui-iphone-style-button-togglebuttons-toggleformfields-toggletoolbar/?hl=iphone IPhone Style Button - Toggles FormFields, Toggles Toolbar, Toggles Button. Tested with Unigui 0.90.50. Regards Salvatore Marullo
  6. Hi liteci, I do not know why the link is no longer exists. but If you give me a bit of time, hopefully tomorrow, I will post a new version tested with version 0.99. Unigui . regards Salvatore Marullo
  7. Hi, simple TextToSpeech Unigui component(wrapper) of mespeak.js. Voices are quite robotic but "don't look a gift horse in the mouth" or "Noli equi dentes inspicere donati" . mespeak.js : http://www.masswerk.at/mespeak/ Jbeep.js : https://code.google.com/p/jbeep/ I tried only the languages with which I have some familiarity; sorry !! supported languages : ca (Catalan) cs (Czech) de (German) el (Greek) en/en (English) en/en-n- (English, regional) en/en-rp (English, regional) en/en-sc (English, Scottish) en/en-us (English, US) en/en-wm (English, regional) eo (Esperanto) es (Spanish) es-la (Spanish, Latin America) fi (Finnish) fr (French) hu (Hungarian) it (Italian) kn (Kannada) la (Latin) lv (Latvian) nl (Dutch) pl (Polish) pt (Portuguese, Brazil) pt-pt (Portuguese, European) ro (Romanian) sk (Slovak) sv (Swedish) tr (Turkish) zh (Mandarin Chinese, Pinyin) zh-yue (Cantonese Chinese, Provisional) See mespeak documentation. Supported browsers: Firefox, Chrome / Opera, Webkit, Safari and Chrome 38.0.2125.509 on Android 4.2.2. Not supported browsers: MS Internet Explorerer. Installation : package BmTextToSpeak; {$R 'bmtexttospeak.dcr'} {$R *.res} requires designide, rtl, vcl, UniGUI17; // XE3 , change your delphi version. // XE2 UniGUI16; // XE3 UniGUI17; // XE4 UniGUI18; // XE5 UniGUI19; // XE6 UniGUI20; // XE7 UniGUI21; // XE8 UniGUI22; contains BMTextToSpeak in 'BMTextToSpeak.pas'; end. 1) change your delphi version. 2) Build and Install package. 3) from release XE4 add Compiler Options -LUDesignIDE see : CompilerOptions.png 3a) compile and Run parla.dpr Good fun ! P.S. The file bmtexttospeak.zip is a little big because it contains the folder Voices. Regards bmtexttospeak.zip 02/09/2015 Salvatore Marullo
  8. Hi Rav, honestly do not understand the problem. If you want to communicate with a TCP server from a Unigui Application , just add the Indy component IdTcpClient to Unigui Form. In my example, I talk to a TCP server that processes a PDF file into a text file and returns to the Tcp_Client a return code. Function Pdftotext(PdfFilename,TextFilename,pdftotextpgm:string) : integer ; begin fuserform.Idtcpclient.Host := tcpserver ; fuserform.Idtcpclient.Port := TcpPort ; Fuserform.IdTCPClient.Connect; parms := pdftotextpgm + ';' + pdffilename + ';' + textfilename ; Fuserform.IdTCPClient.IOHandler.WriteLn(parms, TIdTextEncoding.Default); result := strtoint( Fuserform.IdTCPClient.IOHandler.ReadLn()); end; Let me know if you need an example of the code for the Server-TCP Regards
  9. Hi Stiaan, Thanks ! Regards.
  10. Hi Hazzoa, I tried with Chrome Version 43.0.2357.81 and working properly. If it works with Firefox and Opera, you have, probably, a problem with Chrome. clear the cache of chrome. View the log, and see if there are error messages. Regards .
  11. Hi Hazzoa, honestly it's a long time that does not use this component. Standart unidbgrid have search functions. But if you need them, I have adapted for release, I think it must also work for the releasse let me know! good fun ! newLiveSearchgrid.zip Salvatore
  12. Hi Kitty, see http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/5044-new-bmunidbgrid-with-multiselection-rows-and-popupmenu-vers-098-and-099/ Maybe can help You. Salvatore
  13. rullomare

    Pressing TAB

    Hi Lena, I had the same problem. Two solutions for your case: 1) add to UniEdit3 ClientEvents.ExtEvents.specialkey: if (! (e.shiftKey) && (e.getKey () == 9)) { e.stopEvent (); MainForm.UniBitBtn1.focus (); } 2) Create a new component Tuniedit with a new property onBlurControl. SEE EXAMPLE. NewEdit.zip Regards
  14. Hi ma4balaka, I posted a new version: 1) download the new version 2) Build package. 3) compile and Run Your program . Reagrds
  15. Hi logisticasoft, sorry for the delay, but I had not seen your post. See : http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/5089-tuniedit-with-new-tuniedit-with-new-properties-fieldlabel-labelalign-labelwidth-minlength-minlengthtex-triggersbutton/
  16. Hi, New Tuniedit with new properties: fieldLabel, labelAlign, labelWidth, minLength, minLengthTex, TriggersButton. Using this component create alignment problems(if use fieldLabel) with the other components between Design Time and Run Time. For the rest seems to work properly. The alignment between the various components must be calibrated manually. I wrote it for long time ago, but i not posted it for the problem described above. NewEditButon.zip modified 25/02/2015 Installation: 1) change your Delphi version. package BMUniTriggersButtonEdit; requires rtl, vcl, UniGUI18; // XE4 , change your delphi version. // XE2 UniGUI16; // XE3 UniGUI17; // XE4 UniGUI18; // XE5 UniGUI19; // XE6 UniGUI20; // XE7 UniGUI21; contains BmUniTriggersButtonEdit in 'BMUniTriggersButtonEdit.pas'; end. 2) Build and Install package. 3) compile and Run Triggersdemo.dpr Enjoy! Salvatore Marullo.
  17. Hi Soho Software Team, create a component (Tuniedit) with these properties is not very complicated, but you have a (big) problem of alignment with other components in the form between Design and Run time. Regards
  18. Hi, Change {$IFDEF COMPILER_18_UP} //XE5 and higher in {$IFDEF COMPILER_17_UP} //XE3 and higher Sorry !
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