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  1. Hi Norm, Thanks so much for the detailed explanation. Very interesting. But a spontaneous question arises in my mind: At this point, if Unigui must basically act as a backend server, why not use VueJs as a frontend and specialized tools written in Delphi, such as Xdata, Mormot, KbmMW, DelphiMVCFramework, as backend? Thanks a lot
  2. Interesting topic... Is there any example of how you use Unigui as a backend?
  3. Hi, I have always ask for a Combobox or Lookup with a list of display values and and corresponding values to be assigned in the field below. Now I can with dataset lookups; I need also a simple editor with a list of display values and a list of corrispondent keys. I add the request (made many times) for a well-formatted and multi-column table in the popup (with headers and separation lines). If it already exists tell me where I can find it 🙂 Good job!
  4. 1) What do you mean? I mean a "tested" solution that actually works has never been published. Please point me to a post that actually solves the problem for real. 2) There is a solution on the forum (client side) Ok, tell us which post has the solution that actually works. It is clear that we always prefer the client solution, especially on grids when fast user input does not have to be slowed down by continuous chatting with the server for simple calculations or actions that can be fast direct on the client. 3) Server solution, with calculated fields. Well, Is it possible to perform client-side calculations? A simple addition or multiplication should not force us to create a calculated field in the dataset that is on the server. Especially if that field must also be able to be modified by the user, so it cannot be a calculated field, but a standard field to which a calculated value is assigned (which is a different thing). My request is: how is it possible to obtain field3=field1+field2 directly on the client, without calling the server, if not by updating the dataset when post the data? I want to be clear, this is not a controversy. Unigui is really cool. But blocking the work in search of small solutions by randomly searching the forum and being told "there is the solution on the forum" is not very welcome. Because in the meantime the work is blocked and those simple things requested PREVENT the release of applications to users. Currently I have no working solutions for what I requested. And for this reason, that is, for these small things, I was forced to use another tool to deliver some small projects on time. Currently I don't read anywhere how to do 1+1=2 directly in the fields of a DBgrid on the client. So I myself like a set of "worked" examples that I simply need to implement in my own applications. In the meantime, I thank you for your precious help.
  5. Hello Sherzord, the forum have no solution for simple requests. let's not insist, let's give real examples: 1) How to start editing cell in grid without enter o f2 but typing directly the value; 2) how to confirm end editing in a cell grid with enter and passing to next field; 3) How to display in grid, column 3 = column 1 + column2 while you are editing (I type 10 +5 in column 1-2 and automatically column3=15). Better if this can be also a client level. 4) TIMELESS... a DBLookup with display value e key value to store (remote and not). DBlookup with incremental search and with multicolumn popup (a grid) let's leave it as a miracle 🙂 Good Job!
  6. Hi Luciano, please make a screenshot or a demo of your multicolumn popup, thanks
  7. Please share images and demo in english; I don't understand chinese... Is full responsive? (Client or Server?). Thanks
  8. Hi, I need to show a Uniform or Uniframe into a UniURLFrame for manage responsiveness at form (popup) level. I need a new form "viewport" (Unlike the "window" viewport) for manage client responsive align of component. How assign the parent property (or similar way) to the UniUrlFrame, or another way for show a Form/Frame parented to an Iframe? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi IrigSoft, NO, I have the problem a DESIGN TIME. It's very slow with Delphi 10.3-11. With 10.2 is faster (normal refresh)
  10. Hi, I have noted that IDE very slow with 20-30 UniDBText component in Delphi 10.3 - 11; If i use only UniDbedit works well, but if I use UniDbText the form is very very slow ad design time when move components. It refresh continuosly. I have forms that display 40-50 DBtexts (invoices, etc..) Anyone else having the same problem? Thanks
  11. First immediately on the client and consequently then on the server
  12. I think that Zqdl8 needs to assign the value into CLIENT, so dataset must be update automatically. I need the same: cell C = cell A + cell B, on the same row, at change of A or B; And I want to calculate it at Client level, so the dataset is update automatically at SERVER level on post. Otherwise too much "chatting" for a simple sum or row calculate.
  13. Hi, in practice, the cell must go into edit when any key is pressed, which corresponds to the first character typed in the editor, except for pressing the navigation keys. It is a fairly normal necessity for those who have to enter data quickly into the grids. Please find a solution that works, Thanks
  14. Hi Sherzod, i'm asking for this feature from pre-release!!!!!! :-)
  15. Hi Sherzod, thank you. But in 99% of cases we need a grid in the popup, or the result formatted as a grid, with titles for the columns (we can also have 4-5 fields) and with items from a dataset. And especially with the filter when inputting characters. Always asked for and never got. Yet Unigui is very powerful… 🙂
  16. Good morning, Is it possible to know what are the new features planned in the next releases? I'm always waiting for the following implementations: 1) better operational handling regarding lookups with grids or other components in the popup and with autoincrement during input; (really essential for porting from VCL and above all it makes the difference with other web tools) 2) Management of the client-side store, as if it is a client-side dataset, powered by server queries or Json/csv files; in readonly mode when you want speedup input od Dblookups and use lookup local data (cities, countries, and other tables), without querying the server for each character pressed; in editing mode: really useful for performing calculations and inputs directly on the client (in javascript) as if it is a cached-update table, with updates on the server via Applyupdates or similar; this would allow a very fast input on the grids or in DBeditors, with calculations and checks on the client, and ESPECIALLY it would allow only one data exchange with the server on AppluUpdates; 3) A Dbgrid which therefore also has client functionality, without necessarily making a server call per record scroll; We develop tax software where user input is very fast and therefore the continuous exchange of data with the server does not help but slows down input user. if application have a lot of connected users there is a useless bandwidth traffic that is generated for my cases which could be managed entirely on the client side with sporadic calls to the server to optimize resources (eg: in a form with 50 numerical Dbedit, each Dbedit modifies the content of all the others with calculations ; everything could be done only on the client) Sorry for my english 🙂 Thanks in advance!
  17. Some time ago, I have posted an example for obtain responsiveness from Unigui, adding Pure Css. It works well for my need, and responsiveness is all client (no Server calls). Now I can also modify, with templates, appearance of the grids. All without Bootstrap. For complex project there is RadCore
  18. Please share your sources, it is always useful for someone who needs it, not to reinvent every time. Thank you 😉
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