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  1. Hi Farshad, in the demos that I quickly tested this is not true. Or the demos don't show this management (all updates in one shot). I will try the demos carefully again. Thank you
  2. Really? I don't think I saw it in the demos
  3. HI, Any news on HypherGrid updates? Planned improvements? As it is in this initial phase it doesn't cover my needs (I have to have all the crud in cache, not only the update, but also insert and delete records). Thanks!
  4. Wow! This would be a great thing!
  5. Hi Farshad, In this case unfortunately we are back to square one. We need to find a way to do real-time calculations on the client (as well as individual record validations). All before updating the server with the "Save" button (for ex.). So for me (and I think for others too) it is necessary to forcefully interact on the Javascript side in order to simply manage the input of an invoice and then be able to send the data already calculated and validated to the server. But I have no idea how and where to intervene to interact with the "store" on the client. I need documentation on this. Thank you
  6. Hi Farshad, But in this first version it doesn't seem to work like that yet (I'm referring to the first point). So do we have to wait for the next releases to see something changed or improved in the logic? I already asked this question: How to do row calculations in Hypergrid? Example: Total=Price x quantity. We need examples or instructions on how to carry out calculations and validation checks directly in Javascript (unless you want to implement Pas2Js 🙂 ) I would like to point out that Hypergrid is truly a step forward in the management of "enterprise" applications and I hope to use it intensively. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi Sherzod, your demos don't have these options enabled. Thanks
  8. Good morning, Let's now start a looong discussion on the new Hypergrid features :-) First of all, I thank Farshad for his invaluable work and for the excellent product created so far. It is clear that my words only have the intention of seeking the best solution to my software problems and above all to facilitate the migration from desktop applications, which unfortunately (or fortunately), use grids for data input in an exhaustive manner . In Unigui, however, the continuous "chatting" with the server for data and event management is NOT adequate for the intended use, especially with applications with very fast inputs (shops, supermarkets, etc.) and above all the forecasting of many connected users. So I'll actually summarize what I would like to achieve, without prejudice to Unigui's excellent and incredible management of the sessions: I need to move data to the client, via queries and immediately afterwards destroy these queries to free up resources and leave the ball to the client, until the latter sends me some data back or decides not to do anything. In this way the server has many more free resources (many fewer active datasets waiting). When the client decides to send me updated data, I DO NOT update a dataset (which is a good option) but directly generate the SQL needed to Insert, update, delete in the DB. Otherwise I am forced to leave the dataset open and Hyper management is useless. And this is easy to obtain at server side if the Json received is more complete. Or if all operation are received in one step. Therefore, I ask that the management of HyperGrid be changed, so that the ApplyUpdates operations (commit all works) are in a single operation, and not immediate insert and delete and only the update is in batch. In practice, the json produced should be modified and contain both the operation to be performed and the entire record to be written (except clearly for the delete which only requires the key). Just one operation, and not 3 separate ones. The server must not be called for events in the meantime! (The Hyper navigator continues to call events on every keystroke!). If the client keeps calling the server for every event, what is the purpose of the Hypergrid? Personally I would have preferred a new UNIdataset, totally client and powered by the server (dataset, json, csv, etc.) and with cached updates, to which to connect Hypergrid and NOT ONLY, but also all the DBaware components. In this case we could manage the classic master (header) and details (body) totally on the client with the possibility of updating the server in batch. Hypergrid is a great start, but I think the type needs to be adjusted in favor of greater independence from the server in client operations and I think this is easily achievable by Farshad. Question: How to do row calculations in Hypergrid? (total=price x quantity) Thanks and good job!!
  9. Wow!! Please share the code!! Farshad, please insert the component in Unigui!
  10. HI Picyka, also DB version? (Anyway a NATIVE unigui component is welcome) Thanks
  11. Hi Michel, DbLookups with Incremental Search and grids in popup is now a dream that sooner or later I hope will come true... but it is not easy to achieve and in fact it is difficult to find it on the web, while it is widespread in Desktop applications. It may seem strange, but I have several Desktop projects (Devexpress) that I cannot port to Unigui, precisely because they contain many DbLookups to be managed in an "intelligent" and controlled way. As well as the Combox with Items (display) and Values (stored) which is an easy component to create for Farshad. But it seems I have to send a case of good Italian wine to Farshad to convince him... 🙂
  12. Buonasera Gerardo, 
    ho aperto un vecchio progetto con Delphi 12 e l'ultima release di Unigui. Ma vi sono diversi xUniDBComboBox che adesso non funzionano più.
    Ricordo male o era un tuo componente condiviso?
    E' per caso disponibile un aggiornamento per le nuove release di Delphi?
    Ti ringrazio,
    Stefano Monterisi

    Good evening Gerardo,
    I opened an old project with Delphi 12 and the latest Unigui release. But there are several xUniDBComboBoxes that no longer work.
    Am I remembering correctly or was it a shared component of yours?
    Is there an update available for the new Delphi releases?
    I thank you,
    Stefano Monterisi

    1. gerardocrisci


      Ciao Stefano
      il componente ora fa parte di un progetto ... 
      dammi un tuo indirizzo mail a cui mandare del codice

    2. Stemon63


      Ciao Gerardo,
      puoi inviare a monterisi@sesamoweb.it.
      Ti ringrazio sin da ora.
      Posso sapere di che progetto si tratta?
      Grazie e buona giornata!

  13. Hi, You can create a unigui application (localhost:8000 for example) in which the scanner or printer is managed, as if it were a normal desktop VCL application. This application must run on the PC where the scanner is installed. In the application that runs in the browser you need to call "localhost:8000" and pass the necessary parameters and receive the desired output.
  14. I repost the question: Is full responsive? There is an English demo? Can we have a tutorial video or advanced capabilties video, in english? Thanks in advance!
  15. Why make our lives easy? This should be the basic component (DB and otherwise) used by everyone. And instead it is ignored, making our lives very difficult for simple cases... 🙂 ++++++++++++1
  16. Hi, Haven't found a solution to your problem?
  17. Those are good numbers. Especially without HyperServer and with just one executable. But it all depends on how you manage datasets and application logic on the server side. The smaller the datasets resident in memory (coming from queries, tables or other) the less resources are consumed (memory and cpu), always having to multiply everything by the number of active users. And clearly, the less "useless" traffic is generated between client and server, the better resources are managed. I hope that with the management of "disconnected" datasets, as promised by Farshad for new lightweight DBgrids, much of the "in-memory persistent" data resources can be managed by shifting the dataset load to the client, freeing up resources on the server. This should further improve Unigui's already excellent performances.
  18. OK Sherzod, but with light grid, what operations we can perform on client WITHOUT involve server? And then, how to synchronize the updated and modified data on the client on the server? Is it possible to have some previews on the applied logic? Is there some kind of UniClientDataset and then some kind of Applyudates, for example (which would be optimal)? Or events that allow you to synchronize modified records? Any news or predictions are welcome. I won't hide the fact that, for a project that requires very fast grid input and immediate quick calculations (sums and checks directly line by line) I'm testing TMS Web Core which manages the datasets entirely on the client. But I would prefer to continue this project with Unigui, if possible. Good work. Thanks in advance!
  19. HI Abaksoft, thank you for the help! But I think an analysis by Farshad or Sherzod is necessary to explain how to interact with the Js routines that they have created, in order to be able to carry out client operations on grids and stores (client dataset) in an "official" way and in a to then be able to update the data on the server dataset. Only in this way can we develop truly powerful and fast applications since we can divide the load between calculations on the client (sometimes very fast and immediate) and server-side operations. I ask for their analysis on the problem, which is certainly good for Unigui's performances and tuning. Thank you!
  20. Hi, ABAKSoft, thank you for the idea. There is also a solution for DBgrid calculation in ChatGpt? 🙂
  21. Hi Kurt, yes I use calculation in Dbgrids. But I can use also in "normal" UniDb components. In short I want to say how to perform calculation at store level or at field level, WITHOUT call the server; I cannot call the server every time for perform fieldc= fielda+ fieldb, if all value are on the client. Especially on fast insertion in Grids (like invoices or expense reports); Server calculation are ok, but for IMMEDIATE calculation I must perform them on the client (same also for immediate checks or limits). Have you a solution? Thanks
  22. calm down, calm down, don't rush, one solution at a time, please! :-)
  23. Hi, How can perform calculations (or checks) only on the client side? I mean field c=field a+field b, but directly in the client store or on the values present directly in the editors (DB) that are in the form. But all on client side, without making ajax calls to the server? (Server dataset must be updated on post record) Thank you
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