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web hosting, with Serveur IIS and firebird ?


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i want to try contabo VPS


i have no idea what i need, as i have never had a VPS


Could someone who is using contabo VPS point me in the right direction


just need it to test uniGui out, also have a DBisam server for my database on VPS


any help would be great


Thank you

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Well schweppes


What i did was, buy a year subscription for the VPS L plan (Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition (64 bit) ). Then when it was ready, I think a day after, I install:


- Firebird

- Dropbox (to transfer my files to deploy)

- Setup IIS


and done, running with out problem.

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Thank you rasaliad for your reply


do i need any options


what do i need from Administration panel


or just stick to basic package


Thank you


A VPS is a (virtual) PC which is hosted elsewhere and you connect it through Remote Desktop. You can do whatever you like. Even install Delphi and write your code directly in it.

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Hi all,


If you subscribe for a VPS server and you have many customers.

How does it work ?

Can i use one ip adresse for many customers ?

Something like :





Where :

xxx.xxx.x.x is the vps server IP adresse bought.

Customer_n are folders.


No limits for number of folders ?


Is it true ?


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