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  1. rasaliad


    Mr. Mohamed post an excellent tutorial about websockets, maybe it can help on yours needs.
  2. Wow yes your are right, in 15 minutes I learn several things, for example the part about the font and others. Thanks so much MHMDA, for your time and your interesting tutorial
  3. Nice Work!!! Is there the possibility to build this desktop as framework to be sell with source code? to be used for any kind of project. I hope yes, thanks for inspire us...
  4. +1 Good question!!! How to do that using layout?, please help us
  5. reincarnation, I'm afraid it is not free, after tenth day they will charge 9.99US monthly
  6. Hi, rencarnacion Here in our country (DR), we use firebird since version 1, and we had application from big company to small, and is working without any problem, we use it for application in: Wharehose (WMS), TimeAttendace, Customers (DGA), Visitors sign up, Events (big events), and Account (ERP). Firebird is for us a robust database.
  7. Hola Entiendo que por seguridad, con UniGUI no es posible, desde el browser imagínate los hackers haciendo de la de ellos con tus archivos. Bueno pero del lado del servidor si podrías hacerlo, pero no la del cliente. Busca en Google si alguna librería de JavaScript, podrías hacerlo. Saludos
  8. Saludos Frank, desde Republica dominicana!!!
  9. Hi, When you said Datamodule, are you talking about DataSource?
  10. Hi Delphidude, Thank you very much, for this information, very useful !!!
  11. Hi Delphidude It is posible for you to share this dev setup, or are there in the forum some links that point to this? Thanks
  12. Hi all For sure almost every body here know the DevExpress Layout components from Developer Express. Do you know any Javascript component that do the same job as DevExpress Layout?, where at design or runtime you can drag and drop components containing into a Layout in a form and save it for later restore the layout? I hope some body know about it or do something like this. Thanks
  13. Hi Mohammad, any news about this? Thanks
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