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  1. rasaliad

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    Nice Work!!! Is there the possibility to build this desktop as framework to be sell with source code? to be used for any kind of project. I hope yes, thanks for inspire us...
  2. But, when ServerModule Create, there is not user connected, or I'm wrong?
  3. rasaliad

    Correct way to close and destroy a form

    Hi I have the same question
  4. rasaliad

    responsive Design Question: Placing TuniPanels

    +1 Good question!!! How to do that using layout?, please help us
  5. rasaliad

    Delphi EBook free

    reincarnation, I'm afraid it is not free, after tenth day they will charge 9.99US monthly
  6. rasaliad

    Firebird 4.0 Beta

    Hi, rencarnacion Here in our country (DR), we use firebird since version 1, and we had application from big company to small, and is working without any problem, we use it for application in: Wharehose (WMS), TimeAttendace, Customers (DGA), Visitors sign up, Events (big events), and Account (ERP). Firebird is for us a robust database.
  7. rasaliad

    Acceso a una carpeta local del cliente

    Hola Entiendo que por seguridad, con UniGUI no es posible, desde el browser imagínate los hackers haciendo de la de ellos con tus archivos. Bueno pero del lado del servidor si podrías hacerlo, pero no la del cliente. Busca en Google si alguna librería de JavaScript, podrías hacerlo. Saludos
  8. rasaliad

    unigui colombia

    Saludos Frank, desde Republica dominicana!!!
  9. rasaliad

    Datasource on the form or on a datamodule

    Hi, When you said Datamodule, are you talking about DataSource?
  10. rasaliad

    TMS Web Core...a new framework from TMS Software

    Hi Delphidude, Thank you very much, for this information, very useful !!!
  11. rasaliad

    TMS Web Core...a new framework from TMS Software

    Hi Delphidude It is posible for you to share this dev setup, or are there in the forum some links that point to this? Thanks
  12. rasaliad

    Layout as DevExpress

    Hi all For sure almost every body here know the DevExpress Layout components from Developer Express. Do you know any Javascript component that do the same job as DevExpress Layout?, where at design or runtime you can drag and drop components containing into a Layout in a form and save it for later restore the layout? I hope some body know about it or do something like this. Thanks
  13. rasaliad

    Unigui guide - pdf vs Live video conference

    Hi Mohammad, any news about this? Thanks
  14. rasaliad

    [Mobile] ProgressBar.js not found

    Hi, I'm adding a mobile module to an existing unigui app. I add a Mobile Login Form and a Mobile Main Form, then when run app with localhost:8077/m it only show the loading... message. In the log file is the following message: myApp: 00154F30: 12:34:55 [HandleFileRequest[]]:File not found: C:\Program Files\FMSoft\Framework\unigui\touch-2.4.1\src\ProgressBar.js How to solve the problem. Thansk Liriano
  15. rasaliad

    Unigui guide - pdf vs Live video conference

    Hi Mohammad Thanks for your help to the unigui community, I prefer a PDF guide (and attach example projects file) because it can be read over and over. Thanks for advanced PD: I'm able to pay for it if it's necessary.
  16. Hi En Project Options -> Build Events -> Pre-Build Events -> Cancel on Error = False.
  17. rasaliad

    Basic layouts

    Well... I just want to say Thank you, Thanks for your help, there is a power behind the layout, to make beauty and flex GUI, but not all of us know about it, or how to use it. Your tutorials are very useful and appreciate. Thanks again. Regards,
  18. rasaliad

    How to Avoid screen mask

    Thanks for your help, it works!! Regards
  19. rasaliad

    How to Avoid screen mask

    Hi Folks, I have a Mobile Form and on it, there is a TUnimDBListGrid, every 5 seconds, I want to refresh the query (Close and open a qrQuery1), then when the close and open happened, appeared the screen mask over the ListGrid, how can I avoid it to show?, I mean, I want to refresh but no with the screen mask, I have not set any screen mask property. Thanks and Regards, Liriano
  20. Hi Mohammad, thanks for sharing... I notice an error, look the image, sorry i can't attach image here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/516322ebr919135/Screen%20Shot%202017-08-09%20at%2011.19.27%20PM.png?dl=0
  21. rasaliad

    About capture picture from webcam with unigui

    Hi Bertifox Have you seen this http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/4666-unispecial-component/?p=23362
  22. rasaliad

    UniGUI with Delphi 10.2 Tokyo

    Hi, could someone help me? I have a customer that is going to buy Delphi 10.2 Tokyo Professional with FireDac and UniGui, my question is: Does UniGui install without problem with Delphi 10.2 Tokyo Professional. Please give me a help as soon as possible, we need to buy it. Thanks in Advanced Liriano
  23. rasaliad

    UniGUI with Delphi 10.2 Tokyo

    Thanks Ronny and Ricardolb, for your feed back. No problem with linux, it will be used with Windows, and delphi 10.2 Tokyo Professional! Liriano
  24. rasaliad

    Dynamically array component creation

    Hi, perjanbr Can you please, give a sample with generics.collections, to create/destroy components at runtime. Thanks, Liriano
  25. rasaliad

    How to Pick a Time in Mobile

    Hi Folks How is the bet way to pick the time in a mobile form, there is a DbDatePicker, but i not find a DBTimePicker. How have you done it. Thanks for the help. Liriano