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  1. Why you work in unigui App? I have this in a Windows-Service App and Store all in a Database. To view and Write Mails i do. this in Unigui
  2. How can i use excel online in urlframe? ​I always get an error access denied. Normally first you must login but how?
  3. Hi Erich, do you know that zebedee use as default Port 11965. If you are behind a router you must forward this port to the server. best regards Gerhard
  4. Hi Erich, direct connection via Internet is very slow. The only way is to use zebedee. http://www.firebirdsql.org/file/documentation/third_party_docs/firebird_zebedee.pdf I have mutch good experience since many years with this tool. The other way is to use datasnap, you can use it also with zeos. best regards Gerhard
  5. Thanks! Now i have add Pushmessages also for mobile! Best regards
  6. In TMainForm i have a property script, in TMainmForm not. Where or how can i add Script?
  7. I have test it with these components: http://websockets.esegece.com/ The Server is only a component. In Servermodule -Customfiles i add this line: In Mainform SCRIPT add the script <script> var socket = new sgcWebSocket('ws://'); socket.on('open', function(event) { console.log('OPEN'); }); socket.on('close', function(event) { ajaxRequest(MainForm.window,'Closed', []); }); socket.on('error', function(event) { ajaxRequest(MainForm.window,event.message, []); }); socket.on('message', function(event) { ajaxRequest(MainForm.window,event.message, []); }); </script> Now i get the event.message in Mainform OnAjaxEvent Thats all, it works very well, hope it helps.
  8. Hi Erich, have you add Mimetype in Servermodule oncreate? procedure TUniServerModule.UniGUIServerModuleCreate(Sender: TObject); begin MimeTable.AddMimeType('pdf', 'PDF'); end; best regards Gerhard
  9. And how i do this with Unimdbgrid on mobile devices? I have test it with OnScreenResize of Form: if AWidth>(UnimDBGrid1.Columns[0].Width+UnimDBGrid1.Columns[1].Width+Unimdbgrid1.Columns[2].Width+Unimdbgrid1.Columns[3].Width) then UnimDBGrid1.Columns[1].Width:=AWidth-(UnimDBGrid1.Columns[0].Width+Unimdbgrid1.Columns[2].Width+Unimdbgrid1.Columns[3].Width); But if i do that i have 8 Columns, all twice, maybe it is a error in UnimDBGRid..
  10. Now it works! Thanks! That's it!
  11. Hi and thanks, for me [###url###] bring only the url, not the paramaters. I have try it only in standalone mode. Is it possible that is different with IIS? It is importent because each session have different parameters.
  12. But i need the full url with parameters. There are a way to do this?
  13. Hi Erich, use the dpk file, change the lines of uniGUI14,uIndy14,unitools14 to uniGUI18, uIndy18, uniTools18; compile and install, without problems with XE4. best regards Gerhard
  14. I think your link is wrong. The Link is: https://prime.fmsoft.net/userv/mportal.dll
  15. For rdp connections use this tool: http://www.winton.org.uk/zebedee/ It is easy to use and you can connect a tunnel with secure connection.
  16. Look here: http://sites.fastspring.com/fmsoft/product/unigui_plus_pro_t1?language=en
  17. Hi, no problem to do this, we use IIS and firebird with uniGUI in production. Gerhard
  18. Hi, i think you must do that in a thread becose it is a long operation. We have also do this with other long operations. Gerhard
  19. It would be good to have URL-Parameter in Unimainmodule in oncreate. For now i have these parameters only in Mainform. If we have it under Unimainmodule we can choose themes from URL-Parameter.
  20. I think this is the same error http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/1993-how-to-download-a-file-with-chiness-in-dll-mode/?hl=sendfile eg UniSession.SendFile('d:\oa\abc.doc', abc.doc); in exe mode ok UniSession.SendFile('d:\办公自动化\文档.doc', abc.doc); in exe mode ok but UniSession.SendFile('d:\oa\abc.doc', abc.doc); in dll mode ok UniSession.SendFile('d:\办公自动化\文档.doc', abc.doc); in dll mode no Logged #1354
  21. Hi all, If i download a file with german characters like ä,ö,ü,Ä,Ö,Ü,ß we don't get the download. In Standalone mode it is ok, in ISAPE Mode the generation of temporary file in cache folder is fault. For now i must change these characters in others the it works but this isn't the right way. What can i do? Is this a error in UNIGUI or this are settings in IIS?
  22. Sorry, for me it works all fine. You have test different parameters? Maybe you have a problem with the content? Mabe you must encode the url? I don't know how it is in your language.
  23. Change the Main Program {*$define UNIGUI_VCL} // Comment out this line to turn this project into an ISAPI module {$ifndef UNIGUI_VCL} library {$else} program {$endif} {$ifndef UNIGUI_VCL} exports GetExtensionVersion, HttpExtensionProc, TerminateExtension; {$endif} begin {$ifdef UNIGUI_VCL} Application.Initialize; TUniServerModule.Create(Application); Application.Run; {$endif} end.
  24. Hi Eduardo, it works, we use ISAPI and URL Parameter.
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