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  1. How can i use excel online in urlframe? ​I always get an error access denied. Normally first you must login but how?
  2. Hi Erich, do you know that zebedee use as default Port 11965. If you are behind a router you must forward this port to the server. best regards Gerhard
  3. Hi Erich, direct connection via Internet is very slow. The only way is to use zebedee. http://www.firebirdsql.org/file/documentation/third_party_docs/firebird_zebedee.pdf I have mutch good experience since many years with this tool. The other way is to use datasnap, you can use it also with zeos. best regards Gerhard
  4. Thanks! Now i have add Pushmessages also for mobile! Best regards
  5. In TMainForm i have a property script, in TMainmForm not. Where or how can i add Script?
  6. I have test it with these components: http://websockets.esegece.com/ The Server is only a component. In Servermodule -Customfiles i add this line: In Mainform SCRIPT add the script <script> var socket = new sgcWebSocket('ws://'); socket.on('open', function(event) { console.log('OPEN'); }); socket.on('close', function(event) { ajaxRequest(MainForm.window,'Closed', []); }); socket.on('error', function(event) { ajaxRequest(MainForm.window,event.message, []); }); socket.on('message', function(event) { ajaxRequest(MainForm
  7. Hi Erich, have you add Mimetype in Servermodule oncreate? procedure TUniServerModule.UniGUIServerModuleCreate(Sender: TObject); begin MimeTable.AddMimeType('pdf', 'PDF'); end; best regards Gerhard
  8. And how i do this with Unimdbgrid on mobile devices? I have test it with OnScreenResize of Form: if AWidth>(UnimDBGrid1.Columns[0].Width+UnimDBGrid1.Columns[1].Width+Unimdbgrid1.Columns[2].Width+Unimdbgrid1.Columns[3].Width) then UnimDBGrid1.Columns[1].Width:=AWidth-(UnimDBGrid1.Columns[0].Width+Unimdbgrid1.Columns[2].Width+Unimdbgrid1.Columns[3].Width); But if i do that i have 8 Columns, all twice, maybe it is a error in UnimDBGRid..
  9. Now it works! Thanks! That's it!
  10. Hi and thanks, for me [###url###] bring only the url, not the paramaters. I have try it only in standalone mode. Is it possible that is different with IIS? It is importent because each session have different parameters.
  11. But i need the full url with parameters. There are a way to do this?
  12. Hi Erich, use the dpk file, change the lines of uniGUI14,uIndy14,unitools14 to uniGUI18, uIndy18, uniTools18; compile and install, without problems with XE4. best regards Gerhard
  13. I think your link is wrong. The Link is: https://prime.fmsoft.net/userv/mportal.dll
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