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Formatted input for uniEdit


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A simple demo of using jquery plugins to format UniEdit control.


Masked Input for fixed length input

Include jquery.min.js and jquery.maskedinput-1.3.min.js in ServerModule.CustomFiles


maskInput for variable length input and regexp pattern matching

Include jquery.min.js and jquery.numberMask.js in ServerModule.CustomFiles


When UniEdit is on UniForm use Form.OnActivate event

When UniEdit is on UniFrame use UniTimer with RunOnce=true


Have fun!



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Simple way to use Formatted Input Mask in 0.9x and 0.8x biggrin.gif


Open the attached project, read instructions in example.


Long live to UniGui.. I love it!!!






By using a mask with a date field in the database of type date, how to handle the error:


"__ / __ / ____" is not a valid date


in OnExit if the field is empty?

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correct original project(ok for 9x version of unigui)


correct procedure TMaskedInput.Format(UniEditControl: TUniEdit);
  i: integer;
  js: string;
  js := '';
  for i := 0 to definitions.Count-1 do
    js := js + SysUtils.Format('$.mask.definitions[''%s'']=''[%s]'';', [definitions.Names, definitions.ValueFromIndex]);
 js := js + SysUtils.Format('$("#%s_id-inputEl").mask("%s");', [uniEditControl.JSName, mask]);
 // js := js + SysUtils.Format('jQuery(function(){jQuery("#%s_id-inputEl").mask("%s");});', [uniEditControl.JSName, mask]);
 // UniSession.AddJS(Format('jQuery(function(){jQuery("#%s_id-inputEl").mask("%s");});', [Ed.JSName, MaskStr]));

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