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    using regkey

    "-r" .. it's a old option in delphi start command line. Easy way... open regedit, export key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Embarcadero\BDS" to file. Open file, replace "\BDS" to "\BDS_Test". Save and import reg file. To start delphi using new profile: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\20.0\bin\bds.exe" -pDelphi -np -r BDS_Test
  2. NelZ

    Database connection

    Inside RestDataware, you can create a method and publish it, creating a connection object variable (like firedac / zeos), process it and finally destroy it. Or, you can use the one automatically configured by RESTDWDataBase. TServerMethodDataModule is always created automatically and destroyed. As for using Firedac with cache, be careful when synchronizing when the connection returns. Because another user can change the data that was cached on another computer, there you have to work with concurrency errors, in addition to the risk of losing launches due to the permanent loss of connection. In this case, the user complains that he made many postings and lost the records. This cache option is great if the user continues to include / change / exclude and maintain search data, but when he returns online, you have to deal with problems that may appear. Attention, the server should not keep too much in cache, otherwise you will have a lot of problems with high memory consumption and risk of deadlock in the tables. In my opinion, the best thing is to keep the memory on the server side to a minimum. Because when the server goes down, or returns, everything continues. If you had caches, there are problems with restoring the point you were on. And that is what the REST way of working has the advantage.
  3. NelZ

    Database connection

    Transform you system to work with rest server.. uses DataSnap or RestDataware. Each procedures/functions will create a connection in runtime, execute, and return a json. In UniGUI project, create process to call this rest server e process this json. In future, you architecture will works with any type of client side and will consume lowerest resource.
  4. sample code to resize automaticaly uniDbGrid columns: thanks to Oleg by the model code. function reconfigure(sender, store, columns, oldStore, the, eOpts) { Ext.each(columns, function(column, index) { if (!sender.columnManager) { sender.columns[index].flex=1; /*fit width, comment to disable*/ sender.columns[index].minWidth = 150; /*min.size*/ } else { sender.columnManager.columns[index].flex=1; sender.columnManager.columns[index].minWidth = 150; }; } ) } Demo project Attached. uniDBGrid_Column_AutoSize.rar
  5. NelZ

    Disable PDF preview print button

    Before create pdf, in your component, set permission... Check if you component permit modify.
  6. NelZ

    Comunidade UNIGUI Brasil

    olá.. já existe alguns grupos no whats.. o melhor seria no telegram pois cabe muito mais.
  7. NelZ


    Updated link https://mega.nz/#!f9U31ShZ!TVMUEYGOlV-7Dp7TxyNt68BtXfRW2Pt7SLTS-0JQAS0
  8. NelZ

    adjust caption on tunibutton

    other solution.. in ExtEvents: function afterrender(sender, eOpts) { sender.btnInnerEl.setStyle('white-space', 'normal'); }
  9. NelZ

    adjust caption on tunibutton

    try just add in ServerModule.CustomCSS: .x-btn-button { white-space: normal; word-wrap: break-word; }
  10. Please, Add properties FieldLabel, FieldLabelAlign, FieldLabelFont, FieldLabelSeparator, FieldLabelWidth to controls: - TUniDBListBox - TUniListBox - TUniDBImage
  11. NelZ

    Novo Grupo Whats

    Cria no Telegram.. lá cabe muito mais...
  12. Remote deployment is very useful, but would be more practical if some features exists: - In an environment with many connected users and multiple nodes, when it is detected that a new version is available, show a message that the user would have X minutes or force to close the application. Hyper Server would send a message to the TUniServerModule of each application that could display that message to the user. - Capture remotely the information of several servers running Hyper Server, and thus with an administration centralized know to be there are many crashes and excesses of memory consumption, close sessions remotely. - In case of errors in new executables, to be able to return an old version of the application without having to recompile, it would be a rollback. - Remotely be able to restart or quit Hyper Server. It could easily be done when it detects a particular file in the deploy folder. Example, when the file 'reboot.dep' exists, all applications of the nodes would be closed. Or when the 'quit.dep' file exists, terminate the 'hyper_server.exe' application, and so it would be possible to remotely update the hyper server executable. Farshad Mohajeri, is it possible to create these options?
  13. NelZ

    Bug na versão "Unigui -"

    Hi Tested on version Everything worked beauty. Cute button.
  14. NelZ

    Ports Lock on Windows Server

    Please, tell to us the results.
  15. NelZ

    Ports Lock on Windows Server

    my environment: win server 2012 SR2 server updated at last release. TcpView was showing tcp port openned, but application was killed by task manager.
  16. NelZ

    Ports Lock on Windows Server

    It happened to me yesterday. The solution was to even restart the server or the network card.
  17. NelZ


    This dowonload link already contains the update for ExtJS6 using the JSConfigObject to create the triggers. If any user already uses the TUniButtonEdit in their projects, they can upgrade to that version that will work on the UniGUI Beta 1.0.2+ and higher versions. And it also contains the UniButtonEditv6 package for ExtJS6 and new versions of UniGUI. https://mega.nz/#!LlV1XRSA!TVMUEYGOlV-7Dp7TxyNt68BtXfRW2Pt7SLTS-0JQAS0
  18. NelZ


    The previous version did not work with extjs6. This new version will have separated, two projects that will allow to be compatible. Will work in the latest version of unigui with extjs6. https://mega.nz/#!LlV1XRSA!TVMUEYGOlV-7Dp7TxyNt68BtXfRW2Pt7SLTS-0JQAS0
  19. NelZ

    How to add a search icon in TUniEdit?

    You can use in unigui version 1+, TUniComboBox to replace TEdit and add icons in right side. Add TUniComboBox, leave empty property Items. Add new buttons on property triggers. Write event OnTriggerEvent to capture return value. With this tip, I replaced TUniButtonEdit/TUniButtonEditDB to TUniComboBox/TUniDBComboBox in my projects and works fine. See unigui demo "triggers".
  20. Hi, Everytime we recompile application, you must close in traybar and refresh browser page. The tip will automatically close application and start a new page in default browser. In Project, Options, Build Events,Pre-Build, write command: taskkill /F /IM program.exe /T procedure TUniServerModule.UniGUIServerModuleCreate(Sender: TObject); begin if self.StandAloneServer then //if you need this, if not, remove it. ExploreWeb('http://localhost:8077'); //auto start browser end; procedure ExploreWeb(page:PChar); var Returnvalue: integer; begin ReturnValue := ShellExecute(0, 'open', page, nil, nil,SW_SHOWNORMAL); if ReturnValue <= 32 then begin case Returnvalue of 0 : MessageBox(0,'Error: Out of memory','Error',0); ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND: MessageBox(0,'Error: File not found','Error',0); ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND: MessageBox(0,'Error: Directory not found','Error',0); ERROR_BAD_FORMAT : MessageBox(0,'Error: Wrong format in EXE','Error',0); else MessageBox(0,PChar('Error Nr: '+IntToStr(Returnvalue)+' inShellExecute'),'Error',0) end; end; end; procedure TFMainForm.UniFormShow(Sender: TObject); begin //show frame/form to login only if we are not debuging... if (DebugHook = 0) then begin FLogin.ShowModal; ... end; end;
  21. NelZ

    Triggers in all Editors

  22. Please Farshad Mohajeri, Add the property to TUniDBLookupComboBox as exists in TUniComboBox to add button on control to search.
  23. I had not seen that property already exist. Sorry and thank you. Sorry and thank you.
  24. NelZ

    Forms TDI - Tabs

    This simple example show how to create a application that use a TUniPageControl to show forms inside TabSheet. Based on examples, MegaDemo and Marlon code. Thank you. Version UniGui: Delphi: XE5 FormsTDI_Tabs.zip
  25. NelZ

    Impressão direta na maquina client

    Talvez, usar o Google Cloud Print, pode dar certo. Assim, bastaria o servidor mapear a impressora e ele enviar para a impressora configurada no próprio servidor. O google, encaminharia o trabalho de impressão para a máquina do usuário. É similar ao imprimir pelo google a partir do celular em uma impressora no escritório. Veja se dá certo e avisa.. não sei se funciona.. rsrs. uma ideia somente..