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  1. I'm 62. I started with Delphi 1 in 1995, mainly Windows desktop apps. Also worked with Turbo Pascal for Windows and Borland Objectvision back in the early 90's.
  2. i not found file progressbarexample.zip  can you send it to please




  3. Hi Farshad, I understand the proces to deploy to a Azure VPS/VM, which is basically direct access to a server and configure ISAPI module on IIS. I would like to try to deploy to an Azure cloud service - web role. Azure manages the instance for you such as OS patches and security updates. The web role is basically IIS except that you don't need direct RDP access to configure the server. The web application (ISAPI, ASP.NET, etc.) is packaged and uploaded to the web role instead. I understand that ISAPI applications can be packaged in a cloud services package, just cannot figure it out and thought someone might have already been succeeded. Some links http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/cloud-services-how-to-create-deploy/ http://dotnetthread.com/articles/30-Choosing-between-Windows-Azure-Web-Sites-Web-Roles-and-VMs.aspx
  4. Could anyone that has successfully deployed a uniGUI ISAPI dll to Azure please provide the steps and example that you used to create the package and service definition schema? I'd like to deploy my app to an Azure web role instead of VM but having a difficult time doing it. Thanks! Robert
  5. I would like to suggest - as a component of the core documentation set - is a basic introduction to javascript as it relates to uniGUI and EXTjs. Also include a cookbook section that describes and provides examples of how to extend the uniGUI components using javascript. I believe this would be of great benefit for those developers who come from the desktop world as a way to become more productive with the framework. Thanks
  6. Congratulations Farshad! My ordering experience went well. Best wishes and thanks again for a great product.
  7. We really need to get uniGUI out of beta. Clients want to see full documentation and specifications. Several live production users/sites as reference is needed. I know that uniGUI will get there, but it has been a long road.
  8. Hi Bruno, I'm also interested. A demo app would be great if possible. Thanks!
  9. Would it be possible to get a sample program that can demo the panel effects please? Thank you.
  10. Thanks everyone, I appreciate your help. I will check out your suggestions.
  11. Hello, I'd like to have the ability to mouseover/mouseenter a unipanel and have the panel change color and/or display some other type of effect, such as a solid white border - something similar to clicking a tile in windows 8, then return to the original color/initial effect at mouseleave. Would anyone know of a way to do this within unigui? Thank in advance.
  12. Installed the latest version in XE4. Created the default program from Unigui wizard. Compile Error - [dcc32 Error] Main.pas(33): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'RegisterAppFormClass' (initialization section) Repeated install in XE3, same error above (also tried 64bit in XE3 and XE4) Thanks
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