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  1. I need to copy the text that was selected in the UnidbGrid, through the option of a PopUp menu. I am using the following code: var col: Integer; TextCopy: string; begin col: = gridSenhasLiberadas.CurrCol; Clipboard.AsText: = gridSeedLibrary.Columns.Items [col] .Field.AsString; TextCopy: = Clipboard.AsText; If I give a ShowMessage, I see the Clipboard, however I can not paste it anywhere else. Apparently it's not on the clipboard. How do I then get that dbGrid value and actually put it in the clipboard through a popup menu?
  2. Hello, I have a dbgrid and put a label next to the buttons with the number of grid records, but this information will change every time the user performs one, to put a label I managed to do it like this function pagingBar.boxready(sender, width, height, eOpts) { this.add({ xtype:'label', html: '10.358' }); this.add({ text: 'Pedido', handler: function() { top.ajaxRequest(sender,'novopedido', []) } }); } But how can I make it dynamic? because in this same function I use it to include buttons
  3. Hi! My problem is in demo as well. dbgridParent.rowwidget:=enabled: (does not matter) dbgridchild.options ... dgCheckSelect=true (--problem is here) In dbgridParent dgCheckSelect works OK. icon is on/off (check/uncheck) but in widgetframe "dbgridchild" select checkbox icon alway checked. (showing checked icon, even if it's false, not selected actual row) Do you have any solution? Thanks Csaszko
  4. Возможно ли использовать в uniGUI вложенные таблицы в TuniDBGrid на примере cxGrid Devexpress??? . Примерная реализация в ExtJS https://fiddle.sencha.com/#fiddle/nii&view/editor
  5. Hello, I have a case where I need to select certain rows according to the value of a column in a unidbgrid. Do you have a demo or functionality for these cases? Obs. I looked at this topic http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/6309-multiselect-unidbgrid-select-rows-programmatically/&_fromLogin=1, but I couldn't solve my case.
  6. i use Delphi XE8 and the Trail Version from UniGui **************************************** in German: Guten Morgen, ist es möglich die Spaltenbreite der UniDBGrid automatisch anzupassen? Wenn ich zur Laufzeit einen doppelklick auf die jeweilige Spalte setze, wird diese automatisch auf die passende Länge angepasst. Geht dies auch via Quellcode in der UniDBGrid? Einige Beispiele fand ich bereits im Internet, leider bezog sich dies immer nur auf die VCL DBGrid und war irgendwie nicht kompatible mit der UniDBGrid... Ich freue mich auf einen Hilfreichen Tipp Danke Karsten **************************************** I try to translate in Englich googd morning, it is possible to automatically adjust the column width of the UniDBGrid? If I make a double-click on the column, it is automatically adjusted to the appropriate length. Some examples I found this on the Internet, unfortunately, this is always related only to the VCL DBGrid and was somehow not compatible with the UniDBGrid ... your sincerely Karsten
  7. How can I enable only the field that has the editor enabled? It is enabling all other fields in the edition and allowing to change the same defined fields or readonly = true in each field of the grid And why does the image appear in her html, as shown in the image?
  8. I have created a pagingbar button using the following code: function pagingBar.boxready(sender, width, height, eOpts) { this.add([ '-', { xtype: "button", text: 'More Records', width: 100, id: "moreRecsBtn", listeners: { click: function() { ajaxRequest(sender, "_moreRecs", []); } } } ]); } In the OnAjaxEvent of the DBGrid I have the following code which is suppose to change the text color of the button when it's clicked but it doesn't: if EventName = '_moreRecs' then UniSession.AddJS('Ext.getCmp("moreRecsBtn").setStyle(' + '''' + 'color' + '''' + ',' + '''' + 'red' + '''' + ');'); How can I change the text color of the button?
  9. I have added a new ComboBox to a DbGrid PagingBar and I want to in code at runtime to be able to:- 1) Clear ComboBox Items 2) Add Multiple ComboBox New Items 3) Read Selected item in Items(ComboBox) via AjaxEvent (_PurchaserItems_) The problem is referencing and adjusting the ComboBox ? My code fragments:- ... ' {'#13#10 + ' xtype: '#39'tbseparator'#39#13#10 + ' },'#13#10 + ' {'#13#10 + ' xtype: '#39'combobox'#39','#13#10 + ' name: '#39'Items'#39','#13#10 + // guess, compiles, no crash ' width: 300,'#13#10 + ' height: 24,'#13#10 + ' tooltip: '#39'Items'#39','#13#10 + ' handler: function() '#13#10 + ' {'#13#10 + ' ajaxRequest(sender, '#39'_PurchaserItems_'#39', []); '#13#10 + ' } '#13#10 + ' },'#13#10 + ' {'#13#10 + ' xtype: '#39'tbseparator'#39#13#10 + ' },'#13#10 + ... procedure TfInvoice.dbGridInvoiceAjaxEvent(Sender: TComponent; EventName: string; Params: TUniStrings); begin ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// if EventName = '_PurchaserItems_' then begin // Do My Thing end; ... Thanks in advance
  10. Hello! I need a DBGrid in which some cells in each row are available for editing When user presses Tab to go to the next cell - this cell gets focus and cursor is positioned at the end of the cell value So before filling cell with a new value, user have to erase old value by press Backspace or to select old value manually and then clear it Is there any way to autoselect value when user enters the cell? Thanks for any help!
  11. as the topic, pls help. i don't want user to click the button
  12. Hello! My DBGrid contains columns with positive and negative values. I need to calculate 3 summary grand total values for every column - positive, negative and common summary (positive + negative). For this separate calculation I use Column.AuxValues[1], Column.AuxValues[2] and Column.AuxValues[3] in OnColumnSummary and OnColumnSummaryTotal events. OnColumnSummary: //positive if Column.Field.Value > 0 then Column.AuxValues[1] := Column.AuxValues[1] + Column.Field.Value; //negative if Column.Field.Value < 0 then Column.AuxValues[2] := Column.AuxValues[2] + Column.Field.Value; //total Column.AuxValues[3] := Column.AuxValues[1] + Column.AuxValues[2]; It works fine. In OnColumnSummaryTotal event I would like to display this grand total values in 3 lines for every column: Result := FormatFloat('##0.00', Column.AuxValues[1]) + #13#10 + FormatFloat('##0.00', Column.AuxValues[2]) + #13#10 + FormatFloat('##0.00', Column.AuxValues[3]); But it doesn't work, grand total row doesn't support text wrap and auto height. I can't place this values in 1 line because column will be too wide. Is there any way to solve this problem or I should use additional components to display multi line grand total? Thank you in advance for any advice!
  13. Is it possible to tell when the popup menu below appears and when it closes via events:
  14. I have a DBGrid with a TUniNumberEdit Editor for Floating Numbers set to 2 Decimal places that fails to paint only 2 decimal places, please advise - thanks. // GST nmInvEdit2.Alignment:= taRightJustify; nmInvEdit2.AllowBlank:= False; nmInvEdit2.DecimalSeparator:= '.'; nmInvEdit2.DecimalPrecision:= 2; // GST Columns.Add; Columns.Items[i].FieldName:= 'GST'; Columns.Items[i].Visible:= True; Columns.Items[i].Title.Alignment:= taRightJustify; Columns.Items[i].Title.Caption:= '$GST'; Columns.Items[i].Width:= 100; Columns.Items[i].Editor:= nmInvEdit2; //Columns.Items[i].Flex:= 1; Columns.Items[i].Font.Color:= clBlack; Columns.Items[i].Sortable:= True; Columns.Items[i].ShowSummary:= False;
  15. Without using an Editor can we round float columns to 2 decimal places ? If we have to use an Editor then I still need to round float value to 2 decimal places - Please show how to implement ? Do we use something like this and how do we apply it in code:- applyValue: function(value) { value = parseFloat(value); if (isNaN(value) || value === null) { value = this.getDefaultValue(); } //round the value to 1 decimal value = Math.round(value * 100) / 100; return this.callParent([value]); },
  16. I am using Locked columns in a DBGrid. In the DBGrid there is a column with DisplayMemo = True, and Editor = UniMemo1. When the DBGrid is shown, at first time, the locked columns appear with default height. After (at right) the locked columns, the height of the lines vary depending on the text on Memo Column. It is show in the image below. The only way I have found to correct the heights is when the form is resized. The result is that all lines in all columns are with the correct height. See the image below. How can the DBGrid appears correctly when the frame is shown at first time? Please, I appreciate any help. Thanks Americo
  17. Hi! I have a TUniDBGrid control with Grouping.enabled = True and Grouping.Collapsible = False. I need to make some actions with record user double clicked on, but I need to do this only with "data" records, not with groups. How can I do this? Thanks in advance for help!
  18. Well, I would like to use the keyboard to navigate in the grid - something like this here: https://fiddle.sencha.com/#fiddle/ron&view/editor Can this be done without changing the source code ? If not - I found the place where to modify the DBGrid - I just need to find the please to inject the following code into the "Ext.application({" Can you give me a tipp on how to do this ? Thanks Nils ----- functions I would like to inject ---- function getDirection(e) { if (e.getKey() == e.LEFT) return 'left' else if (e.getKey() == e.RIGHT) return 'right' else if (e.getKey() == e.UP) return 'up' else if (e.getKey() == e.DOWN || e.getKey() == e.ENTER) return 'down' } function specialKeyFunction(field, e) { console.log(field); var grid = field.up('grid') var pos, newPos, cellMod; cellMod = grid.selModel; pos = grid.selModel.getCurrentPosition(); var dir = getDirection(e); if (pos) { newPos = pos.view.walkCells(pos, dir, e, cellMod.preventWrap); if (newPos) { newPos.view = pos.view; cellMod.setCurrentPosition(newPos); } } Ext.defer(function() { grid.editingPlugin.startEdit(newPos.row, newPos.column); }, 100) };
  19. Dear Forum, I wanted to change the color of the Row, where the mouse is just over. Usually in Triton, it has a light blue. I tried: .customSG .x-grid-row-focused .x-grid-td { background-color: #DDAA66 !important; } but it seems not to work. Does anyone have a better idea? Regards Gerhard
  20. Hello. I use dbgrid for display data from rest.Now it have problem not display data for some device.Iphone some version display and some version not display.How to reslove this problem? iphone xs max ios 13 iphone x ios 13 android
  21. How do I get the selected value of combobox when I edit a value in the grid, I need to get the moment I select, already tried by combobox OnSelect and change more did not work.
  22. =GGG=

    DBGrid DrawRow

    Возможно ли в DBGrid закрасить конкретную строку? на данный момент нашел только возможность закрасить ячейку
  23. hi, how to change grouping header font name unidbgrid?
  24. При разворачивании строки, срабатывает событие CellClick. При этом Column.FieldName возвращает столбец, который был последний раз нажат. Это нормальное поведение грида? Grid - RowWidget.zip
  25. Hi, can you tell me the usage of "Images" property and "imageIndex" in DbGrid ? I have a table column with integers representing the index of the icon I want show from a UniImageList (Info,Warning,Error); can you explain how-to ? Regards
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