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  1. My app is running on Linux 64 (Ubuntu 18.0.4). The server has 256 GB of RAM. I set the MaxAllowedSize from 0 to When it was 0, no message was shown, but the upload did not work. After changing to 3221225472, the message above appeared. What can I do to solve this matter? Thanks
  2. I have had the same problem with Themes that are not loaded in Linux. Looking forward to the correction in a new build.
  3. Hi, I had the same problem and found a solution. In my case, DBLookupComboBox has a datasource and datafield. Consider DBLookupComboBox.datafield is MyField. When the statement MyField.AsInteger:= 1 is called programatically, the correspondent item in the DBLookupComboBox is not selected. The solution is to add the statement: DBLookupComboBox.UpdateText; Apparently, UpdateText does manually the work that should be automatic by a data aware component as TDBLookupComboBox. I hope this can help others.
  4. I had the same problem and thank you for this solution!
  5. I am trying to use a DBMemo component inside a FieldSet. I had done a sample project to show the strange behavior. This is the screen with the problem. The first component is a DBMemo, and the second one is a DBMemo inside a FieldSet. The DBMemo inside FieldSet shows only one line. Why? There is no difference when alignment is equal to none or to client. I have attached the project to this post. I would like to know what I am doing wrong. Could you, please, help me to solve this problem? Thanks ProjetoTeste.zip
  6. It works fine. Thank you! I have asked: "Additionally: what can I do to put a minimun width to DBLookupComboBox?" Is there 'minWidth', too?
  7. Yes. Here it is. Thank you. ProjetoTeste.zip
  8. I have a UniFieldSet which contains DBLookupComboBox, DBEdit and DBCheckBox. The DBCheckBox occupies more width that I want. The DBCheckBox width should be smaller. I would like to know what I am doing wrong. This is the DFM part of the form: object MainForm: TMainForm Left = 0 Top = 0 ClientHeight = 338 ClientWidth = 586 Caption = 'MainForm' OldCreateOrder = False MonitoredKeys.Keys = <> PixelsPerInch = 96 TextHeight = 13 object UniFieldSet5: TUniFieldSet Left = 0 Top = 0 Width = 586 Height = 88
  9. I opened an old project with the complete list of themes. After that, I opened the new project. Then, the list of themes appeared complete also in the new project. I don't know what happened, but the problem is solved this time. I will close the topic. Thank you.
  10. I executed FMSoft_uniGUI_Theme_Pack_1.90.0.1534.exe in order to install the themes package. The dropdown list of Theme property of UniMainModule still shows the standard themes without the new ones. I was looking for some existing topic, but I couldn't find. What I have to do to be able to pick more themes? Is there a topic with a step by step process? Note: I had achieved the installation before, and some old projects have the complete list of themes available.
  11. I think you can reproduce the behavior using the sample program: "Memo and Image Column". I guess that if you Lock the first two columns, you will see the problem happening.
  12. UniGUIVersion I made a simple app. There is only one form with a DBGrid. The first 3 columns are Locked. The last column in the grid is DisplayMemo (=true). The database is in the source directory: DADOS.FDB and is a Firebird file. When running the application, the line with IDPACIENTE = 26 has different heights: one for the locked columns, and higher height for the others. It is due to the last column has data. The lines below are not even between locked and unlocked part of the grid. DBGridLocked.zip
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