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  1. Hi! I have modal forms in application. In the OnClose event I need to cancel form closing. I check conditions and set Action := caNone but it doesn't work. Form closes anyway. I've made a testcase for demonstrate. Testcase - ModalWinOnClose.zip To check out - please press the "Show nonmodal form 1" button on main form, then press the "Show modal test form" button to call modal form. If checkbox "Can close form" not checked - form should not be closed but Action := caNone is ignored What's wrong? Thank you in advance!
  2. One possible solution, can you try it? 1. CustomCSS: .customGrid .x-item-disabled { pointer-events: auto !important; } 2. TreeDBGrid -> LayoutConfig->Cls = customGrid Works perfect, thanks a lot!!!
  3. Please see the test case I've attached to post above.
  4. DBTreeGrid2.zip I've set ReadOnly = False for "Capital" column and dgEditing = False in Grid options - CellClick doesn't work for "Capital" column only
  5. Sorry, I didn't notice that in demo project ReadOlny set to True. But in my main project ReadnOnly on Check column set to False, and ClickCell doesn't work. I'll try to apply all properties of my work grid to the grid in demo and try again
  6. DBTreeGrid.zip Please click on cells of the UniDBTreeGrid2 If you would click on cells "Name" and "Population" - CellClick event calls ShowMessage Click on cell "Capital" doesnt's fire it
  7. Hi! I use UNIGUI build It's nesessary to catch user's clicks on DBTreeGrid column with checkboxes, but CellClick event doesn't triggered for such column Why? Is it normal behavior? I've tried to enable Editing option for my TreeGrid but it doesn't help. Tried CellClick also on UniDBTreeGrid2 on "Capital" column in demo project (\uniGUI\Demos\Desktop\Grid - DBTreeGrid), result is the same. Thanks for any help!
  8. No. If it's important - I use TClientDataSet and property EditFormat = '###,###,###,###,##0.000' for edited fields
  9. Hello! I need a DBGrid in which some cells in each row are available for editing When user presses Tab to go to the next cell - this cell gets focus and cursor is positioned at the end of the cell value So before filling cell with a new value, user have to erase old value by press Backspace or to select old value manually and then clear it Is there any way to autoselect value when user enters the cell? Thanks for any help!
  10. Ooops! I've found the reason - for column "Name" property ShowSummary = False was set. Problem solved. Thanks for help!!!
  11. I'd like to make my grand total look like this: Name Sum1 Sum2 ------------------------------------- SomeText1 -100 300 SomeText2 200 -700 ============================(grand total row) Negative -100 -700 Positive 200 300 Total 100 -400 ============================(grand total row)
  12. For numeric columns - it's all right (after replacing #13#10 by '<br>'). But for text column - no. I would like to place into grand total (under string column "Name") this text: "Positive" + '<br>' + "Negative" + '<br>' + "Total" But it doesn't work and when I debug - debugger doesn't enter the code fragment for "Name" column (string datatype). OnColumnSummary and OnColumnSummaryTotal event are not allowed for text columns? Or maybe I've set some properties wrong?
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