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  1. Hello, I have replicated the settings as informed and consulted the documents available in the manual through the link: http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/index.html?using-a-different-account-for-.htm I made tests with strees test tool available and got the following logs. Note: Log1 was made with settings: total sessions per run: 50 max worker theads: 100 total numbers of runs: 1 delay between runs: 60 playback speed: max speed paralel requests: 1 Log2 was made with settings: total sessions per run: 30 max w
  2. Thank you, I will run some tests and get back to you with the result Thank you, I will run some tests and get back to you with the result
  3. My firewall is disabled. Attached is the log of one node A2021-04-09.log
  4. I have changed it to 8, I have done the iis settings but the problem still exists. Attached is the last log I got. A2021-04-09.log
  5. I set it to 50 for testing, as it was set to 8 before and I was getting a lot of errors. Currently my hyperserver has about 50 sessions.
  6. Hi, thanks for the help. I made the changes but still have the problem. I also made some changes to the .cfg file that greatly decreased the crashes. I am sending the attached log file and cfg file. The main changes I made to the .cfg were: initial_nodes=0 max_nodes=50 sessions_per_nodes=5 Note: the last lines of the log file happened after the adjustments I made to the iis as recommended. A2021-04-09.log Administrador.cfg
  7. Hello, do you have an example of a correct configuration? My current configuration is like this.
  8. Hello, my hyperserver is constantly crashing and looking at the log I found some messages. What could cause this kind of problem? Note: the system uses a threadtimer with a 1 minute interval to check notifications for users, and I noticed that when this feature is active the incidence of this problem happens more frequently. attached is the generated log file. A2021-04-08.log
  9. Hello, here is a testcase. To help in understanding: the problem occurs only with frames, as apparently a "framepanel" is being created along with each frame. FrameTest.rar
  10. Hello, after updating the unigui to version 1546 I am facing a problem with components that are released at run time, they do not disappear from the screen. sample code below: i := 0; while i < fAtendimento.ComponentCount do begin if (pos('frameComentarios', fAtendimento.Components[i].Name) > 0) or (pos('frameHistoricos', fAtendimento.Components[i].Name) > 0) then begin fAtendimento.Components[i].Free; i := i - 1; end; i := i + 1; end; Obs. I already returned to version 1535 to test and the problem is really in
  11. I am trying to display the items in tabular form. The first items that don't need to scroll work perfectly. But the items that need to scroll don't work. The strangest thing is that in my.css, if you remove the class: .x-boundlist-item{ border-width: 0px; } All items stop working. If you add the class, the items that don't need to scroll, work. Why is this happening? And how to make all items work? TestRemoteQuery.zip
  12. yes, a way to filter the items to reduce the total and facilitate the search. like combobox
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