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  1. mos

    UniFileUploadButton File Locking Issue

    Hi Sherzod, I have fixed this issue by freeing off the FileStream parameter and now the RenameFile works.
  2. It would be great if the TUniFileUpload and TUniFileUploadButton had an option to create the TargetFolder if it doesn't already exist. So when you try and upload a file to the TargetFolder a check would be made and if it doesn't exist then it's created automatically.
  3. mos

    UniFileUploadButton File Locking Issue

    Hi Sherzod, Any update on this? I have attached a test app which has a Target Folder = Testing and I have code in the OnComplete event which tries to rename the file but fails. If you try and delete the file using Windows Explorer it says the file is in use. UploadIssue.zip
  4. mos

    UniFileUploadButton File Locking Issue

    Hi Sherzod, All you need to do is run the following demo: Framework\uniGUI\Demos\Desktop\FileUpload - Button Set the TargetFolder. Then run the app and once the upload has completed go to the Target Folder using Windows Explorer and try and delete the file.
  5. I am using a TUniFileUploadButton to upload images and when the OnCompleted event is called I need to rename the file. The problem I have is that the RenameFile is failing and when I use Windows Explorer to go to the directory to try and delete the file, Windows reports that the file is in use by my application. Therefore it would seem like the file is being locked by my application once the upload has completed and only after shutting down my app can I delete or rename it. I also tested this using the fupload demo app and again the file seems to be locked. I am using build 1534.
  6. Hi Hayri, I was using 1481 and then tried 1534 and it is now working so it must have been fixed after 1481.
  7. I have been testing OnBrowserClose and find that it doesn't trigger for all browsers e.g. Chrome. I have the following code below and need some way of setting the FAllowTerminate to True so that the session will timeout and won't remain in the session list indefinitely. I do have a Exit button on my main form which on clicking will set the FAllowTermiate to True but if the user decides to close the tab or browser then FAllowTerminate is never set to True. Is there some other way of ensuring that FAllowTerminate is always set in the above case? procedure TUniMainModule.UniGUIMainModuleSessionTimeout(ASession: TObject; var ExtendTimeOut: Integer); begin if not FAllowTerminate then ExtendTimeOut := 3600000; // 1 hour end;
  8. Hi Sherzod, That worked thanks again for your help.
  9. Thank you that worked.
  10. Hi Sherzod, How could I do the same for a TUniHTMLFrame if focus is outside the HTMLFrame then hide the scrollbars otherwise show the scrollbars?
  11. In the screenshot below there are two TUniImages the one on the left has Enabled set to True while the one on the right has Enabled set to False. When the image is disabled a grey area appears surrounding the image as the image does not fully occupy the whole area of the TUniImage. Is it possible to remove this grey area so that the white background appears but still show the green tick as disabled (it will look like the image on the left but only the green tick will show as disabled).
  12. Hi Sherzod, Attached is a sample application. If you keep pressing the Add Chat button the scrollbars will eventually appear and the text added at the bottom will not be visible. I would like the scrolling to happen automatically when content is added to the bottom so it's always visible. Example.zip
  13. Hi Sherzod, I tried to use the above code in a test app with build 1481 but it doesn't have JSCallDefer? Is it possible to position the scrollbar so it is at the bottom when things are added so that whatever was added is always visible? At the moment when the scrollbars are visible and I add things to the frame the frame does not show the last thing added unless I manually scroll to the end.
  14. Hi Sherzod, Will the above code work in a TUniHTMLFrame as I would like to do a similar thing using a HTMLFrame? If not do you have some code that will work with a TUniHTMLFrame? Thanks
  15. i have a pagecontrol component in a separate unit set as frame. the mainmodule of the application has the theme set but the page control tabs are not changing their color. does anyone know why this is so? thanks!