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  1. mos

    Show Hint For Panel Title

    Anywhere in the title bar area.
  2. mos

    Show Hint For Panel Title

    I have set a UniPanel.Title text and would like to show a hint when someone mouses over the title. How can I enable a hint to be visible?
  3. mos

    UniCanvas Border Styling

    I am trying to apply some styling to the border of a TUniCanvas using the following, but nothing appears: procedure TMainForm.UniFormShow(Sender: TObject); begin with UniCanvas1.JSInterface do begin JSConfig('style', ['border-style: solid']); JSConfig('style', ['border-width: 1px']); JSConfig('style', ['border-color: red']); end; end; If I comment out the border-width and border-color lines then the border appears. How can I apply all the border styling to the Canvas.
  4. mos

    multi css

    I need do be able to do something similar. In the URL that launches the web app will be an identifier to indicate what company a user belongs to, and based on this I need to be able to load in a CSS file which contains their settings so it can be applied to the main form. How can I achieve this?
  5. mos

    Setting Theme After Login Form

    I think I have found the issue I needed to have the RecallLastTheme flag set to true on the MainModule.
  6. I am trying to set the theme after my login form has been displayed and the user has successful logged in. However when I do this the theme doesn't change. The only way it seems to work is if it's done in the UniMainModule.OnCreate event handler. Is there away to set the theme after my login form has been displayed?
  7. mos

    DBGrid Title Popup Menu Events

    Yes enabling the sort menus.
  8. mos

    DBGrid Title Popup Menu Events

    Hi Sherzod, I modified the csort demo to demonstrate the issue. csort.zip
  9. mos

    DBGrid Title Popup Menu Events

    Do you have any test SQL Server database you can use as that is what I am using?
  10. mos

    DBGrid Title Popup Menu Events

    Hi Sherzod, I can send you a test project but it was connecting to a table in a SQL Server database. You will need to set the connection and table name. DBGrid Sort.zip
  11. mos

    DBGrid Title Popup Menu Events

    Hi Sherzod, Is there any reason why the code doesn't work at runtime as I have a DBGrid in a frame which can display different result sets with different columns?
  12. mos

    DBGrid Title Popup Menu Events

    Thanks Sherzod. I have another issue. I have a test app where in runtime I set the Sortable property of each of the columns to True. Howerver when I click on the column header the popup menu has the Sort Ascending and Sort Descending disabled. Here is the code I used: procedure TMainForm.UniDBGrid1AfterLoad(Sender: TUniDBGrid); var liX: Integer; begin for liX := 0 to UniDBGrid1.Columns.Count - 1 do UniDBGrid1.Columns[liX].Sortable := True; end; procedure TMainForm.UniDBGrid1ColumnSort(Column: TUniDBGridColumn; Direction: Boolean); begin ADOTable1.Close; ADOTable1.Open; end; procedure TMainForm.UniFormShow(Sender: TObject); begin ADOTable1.Open; end; Can you tell me why those menu options are not enabled?
  13. mos

    DBGrid Title Popup Menu Events

    Hi Sherzod, I have a UniTimer that is used to refresh the query by closing and then reopening it. I would like to disable the timer when this popup menu appears and re-enabled it when the popup menu is closed.
  14. Is it possible to tell when the popup menu below appears and when it closes via events:
  15. I am dynamically creating a TUniTabSheet and setting the ImageIndex := 0 to for a TUniNativeImageList that has already been assigned to an existing TUniPageControl. When I do this I am getting an AV in the following source code: function TUniCustomPageControl.GetImages: TUniCustomImageList; begin Result := FImages; end; I have attached a test project and am using UniGUI 1534 and Delphi XE2. TestTabSheet.zip