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  1. i have a pagecontrol component in a separate unit set as frame. the mainmodule of the application has the theme set but the page control tabs are not changing their color. does anyone know why this is so? thanks!
  2. I have the following code in the OnBeforeLogin event of the UniMainModule with the EnableSynchronousOperations := True : if uniGUIDialogs.MessageDlg('This is a test',mtWarning,mbYesNo) = mrYes then Handled := False; However the blocking MessageDlg is never displayed.
  3. Hi Sherzod, It works! But as I change and change the data (via selecting from a list that reloads to grid), it wont work anymore?
  4. Hi, It's actually either one of the following: 1. Where or how can I run the javascript I need to run? or 2. How can I hide a column completely? There is no visible property in columns
  5. I have an application that populates a TUniStringGrid dynamically and the data is loaded based on the selected item from a specific list. Which could be solved by any of the 2 situations below: 1. How can I execute a line of JS code? or 2. How can I hide a column completely? Since there is no Visible property in Columns (only used Columns.width := 0) To elaborate: 1. The javascript is like this, $('.test').each(function () { $(this).css('display', $(this).width() == 0 ? 'none' : ''); }); I've tried UniStringGrid.JSInterface.JSCode('code here'); But it doesn't run. Alternatively, I've also used the ClientEvents.ExtEvents property, but this only works on the initial loading (placed on afterlayout) but when the data is changed, doesn't run anymore. 2. The columns appear as the image below Either solution to the 2 problems above would be great! Thanks!
  6. mos

    stringgrid color cell

    You can use the TUniStringGrid.OnDrawCell event handler to set the cell colors. procedure TMainForm.UniStringGrid1DrawCell(Sender: TObject; ACol, ARow: Integer; var Value: string; Attribs: TUniCellAttribs); begin if (ACol = 4) and (ARow = 7) then Attribs.Color := clRed; end;
  7. mos

    Drill down change color

    Hi, is there a way to manually change the color of a graph upon drill down ?
  8. mos

    DefaultRowHeight in UniStringGrid Don't apply

    Hi A.Soltani, " After Install 1426 version ,the cells height ,Back to the original state. " Did you get a solution for this as I am trying to get my cells to autosize as well?
  9. I have a stringgrid where the user can change the text font size of the cells. Is there a way of resizing the cell heights/widths so the cell text is always visible within the cells regardless of the font size selected?
  10. I want to display the image file sort_asc.gif (which is included with the installed themes) depending on which theme is currently selected. How can I build the URL to the sort_asc.gif image file?
  11. mos

    UniStringGrid Cell editor

    Hi Delphi Developer, Still waiting for an update.
  12. mos

    UniStringGrid Cell editor

    Hi Delphi Developer, The code you posted on the first page of this thread on the 23rd Dec 2017. function beforeInit(sender, config) { var me=sender; me._check=function(v, r, c){ ajaxRequest(me, '_check', ['value='+v, 'rowIndex='+r, 'columnIndex='+(c+me.fxCols)]); } } etc...
  13. mos

    UniStringGrid Cell editor

    Hi Delphi Developer, Bumping this. Still waiting for a fix.