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  1. Hi, we are currently having an issue with the HighCharts, we are using Delphi XE2 environment and are using THTMLFrameCharts Please note as well, I've tried using both our existing and latest highcharts code. Initially, after logging in and initial page is the Charts, once a data has been put in, the specific data in the charts will update, so only the related bar or point will move. When switching to a different frame, a different view which are chosen from a treemenu, then coming back to the Charts, and a data will come in, the charts will not update anymore. And even tested it
  2. Hi Sherzod, I just added the !important to the css and it now works with Neptune.
  3. Hi, I have the following CSS in a ServerModule.CustomCSS: .selectedpanel { border-color: red; border-width: 5px; } This is used to put a border around a panel when the user clicks it: procedure TMainForm.UniPanel1Click(Sender: TObject); begin UniPanel1.JSInterface.JSCode('var me='#1'; me.addBodyCls("selectedpanel");'); end; This code works if the theme is Classic or Gray but does not work for others such as Neptune. How can I get this work for all themes.
  4. Hi, In the Delphi VCL the TTreeView has an OnChanging event handler which allows you to check what the current node is, the node about to be selected and if the change will be allowed. Is it possible to implement something similar as I need to know what the current node is and then allow or disallow the node change based on some criteria?
  5. Hi Sherzod, What I need to do based on the HighCharts JFiddle example is to call: series.setData([y, y*2, y+1, y/2]); I don't want to have to redraw the whole chart as the series data will be changing quite often. How can I do this in Delphi so that the chart just updates the series?
  6. Hi, Does anyone know how I can do live chart series updating like this: Live Bar Chart Updating ? I need to be able to change the series data and have the chart update each time.
  7. Works like a charm, thank you
  8. Yes, for both daily and weekly views, I would like to hide this time stamps column. Thank you
  9. Hi this is the build Version:1.90.0 build 1534 But I've found the issue, it's about the time data being added to the event start and end date. So this instead is my issue now, is it possible to remove the timestamps on the side of the weekly and monthly view?
  10. Hi, I'm populating a unicalendarpanel via below: while not ADOQuery1.Eof do begin E := UniCalendarPanel1.Events.Add; E.CalendarId := 1; E.EventId := ADOQuery1.FieldByName('Key').AsInteger; E.Title := ADOQuery1.FieldByName('firstname').AsString + ' ' + ADOQuery1.FieldByName('surname').AsString; E.StartDate := ADOQuery1.FieldByName('startdate').AsDateTime; E.EndDate := ADOQuery1.FieldByName('enddate').AsDateTime; ADOQuery1.Next; end; While the monthly view has no problem, when I switch to weekly and da
  11. How can I disable selection of particular items in a UniComboBox and also make them appear grayed out. e.g. If the combobox contains: Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 How can I make Item 2 not select-able and grayed out?
  12. Hi Sherzod, The memo is not updating after I have changed the HTML source code via the Source Edit option e.g. if I change the text color to red using the hex value I would expect to see the text displayed in red after exiting the Source Edit option.
  13. If I modify the HTML code via the Source Edit option in a UniHTMLMemo and then exit the Source Edit, the contents of the HTML memo doesn't update. How can I refresh the contents in the HTMLMemo after someone has edited the HTML source so that the changes are visible?
  14. Hi Sherzod, Thanks that worked. However I have found an issue which I have attached a project which illustrates the problem. In the example I have a PageControl which has two DBGrids which both have the More Records custom button. The issue is when I click on the UniTabSheet2 tab cross icon to close the tab sheet the More Records button disappears in the UniTabSheet1 DBGrid. Example.zip
  15. I have created a pagingbar button using the following code: function pagingBar.boxready(sender, width, height, eOpts) { this.add([ '-', { xtype: "button", text: 'More Records', width: 100, id: "moreRecsBtn", listeners: { click: function() { ajaxRequest(sender, "_moreRecs", []); } } } ]); } In the OnAjaxEvent of the DBGrid I have the following code which is suppose to change the text color of the button when it's clicked but it doesn't:
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