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  1. Hi Delphi Developer, Thank you for your quick response. Your solution, as always perfect - works OK. Best regards
  2. With ExtJS 4.2.x I used this way to change Caption: ShowMessage ('Sample Text'); UniSession.AddJS ('Ext.get ("messagebox-1001_header_hd-textEl"). SetHTML ("My Caption")'); (the way given by Delphi Developer here: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/8106-prompt-pencere-basligi-degistirme/&do=findComment&comment=41435) But in the uniGUI 1.0.2.x with ExtJS 6.5.x it does not work, it generates an Ajax error: Ext.Msg.show({title:"New Application",msg:"Sample Text",buttons:Ext.MessageBox.OK});Ext.get("messagebox-1001_header_hd-textEl").setHTML("Your Caption");
  3. I bought a license Sencha Ext JS month ago for $329, because it was necessary to uniGUI, according to the content of the page "... Downloads → uniGUI Version 0.95 → uniGUI Beta". I hope I will be able to purchase only uniGUI without Sencha Ext JS, please?
  4. Hi. How do I change the title of the dialog box or how to display the dialog box title in the selected language? Setting the "ExtLocale" in ServerModule does not change the title of the dialog box, according to the selected language. It is still displayed the english titles, for exemple "Confirm" for a mtConfirmation dialog type. Thanks for the advice.
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