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  1. А когда это будет?
  2. Подписка кончилась. Что изменилось в новых версиях не известно.
  3. rgreat

    Can i disable TUniFileUpload temporary form?

    Even this forum have "instant" upload button. And it works as expected. Current upload implementation is quite tedious for uploading many files. Seems like TUniFileUpload needs alternative approach to it's execute method, so it can be launched from client side.
  4. In other words i'd like to skip pressing "browse..." and "upload" buttons and immediately cast browser file selection dialog and upload selected file.
  5. rgreat

    UniHTMLMemo - insert text at cursor position

    UniSession.AddJS(UniHTMLMemo1.JSName + '.insertAtCursor("'+ s +'")'); or UniSession.AddJS(UniHTMLMemo1.JSName + '.insertAtCursor('+ StrToJS(s) +')'); ?
  6. rgreat

    Paste image into TUniHTMLMemo.

    I'd like to be able to insert images into UniHTMLMemo from clipboard or from upload. Can i catch image being pasted from clipboard to UNIHTMLMemo and send it to server? How can i insert image tag (or any other text) from server into memo at the correct cursor position?
  7. rgreat

    FavIcon problems.

    Base Icon is 32x32. Why it does not stretch?
  8. Please add "Server Info" into context menu of stand alone app tray icon. Also would be nice to add "open in browser".
  9. To be precise i use TUniServerModule.UniGUIServerModuleHTTPCommand event to process multiple parallel requests. And seems like that parallel number is quite limited. So i'm trying to decide if it is problem with my code or limitation of server.
  10. Seems like it change nothing.
  11. Do i need to set WinINet options? like: InternetSetOption(Nil, INTERNET_OPTION_MAX_CONNS_PER_SERVER, @maxConnections, SizeOf(maxConnections)); InternetSetOption(Nil, INTERNET_OPTION_MAX_CONNS_PER_1_0_SERVER, @maxConnections, SizeOf(maxConnections)); Or something like that?
  12. rgreat

    Compressed DLL

    What for? To save few megabytes of server disk space?
  13. I need bigger drop down list. TUniComboBox.DropDownCount missing. How to set one?
  14. Will applications find these runtimes automatically?