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  1. rgreat

    Row select marks the selected cel

    Solution does not work in "crisp" theme. Help? Trying something like: .testgrid .x-keyboard-mode .x-column-header.x-column-header-focus .x-column-header-inner:before { border: none; } And variants...
  2. rgreat

    Best choice to implement a uniGUI server

    Selfhost + ngnix can be easier to set up and maintain.
  3. rgreat

    Is it work under CentOS 7?

    Especially headless version (no GUI linux).
  4. rgreat

    Windows 10 as production

    You can use self hosting service application.
  5. rgreat

    How to force wrap text in Panel.Caption?

    UniFormCreate Moved to UniFormShow and it's work. Thank you!
  6. rgreat

    How to force wrap text in Panel.Caption?

    UniPanel1.JSInterface.JSCode('Ext.get('#1'.id+"_td").setHtml("'+UniPanel1.Caption+'");'); Error: Cannot read property 'setHtml' of null
  7. rgreat

    How to force wrap text in Panel.Caption?

    I need multiline caption to be positioned strictly by design. Automatic word wrapping is done on wrong world. I need <br> after comma here: Below task is done by using TWO TUniLabels, which cause problems when i modify font size.
  8. Caption:='this is first line<br>this is second line'; Caption:='this is first line'#13#10'this is second line'; Both approaches do not work.
  9. rgreat

    StringGrid cell style not working.

    Thanks. I already did something like this. But it would be nice to have more direct approach to cell styles.
  10. rgreat

    StringGrid cell style not working.

    Workaround for someone who might be interested: .mygrid div table td div{ text-align: center !important; } .mygrid div table td:nth-child(1) div{ text-align: left !important; } .mygrid div table:nth-child(1) td div{ text-align: center !important; } .mygrid div table:nth-child(2) td:nth-child(1) div{ text-align: right !important; } And set grid LayoutConfig.Cls to 'mygrid'.
  11. I managed to design this grid, but I can not set cell text alignment. I cannot seems to currectly use Attribs.Style SG0DrawCell event. procedure TMain.SG0DrawCell(Sender: TObject; ACol, ARow: Integer; var Value: string; Attribs: TUniCellAttribs); begin Attribs.Font.Size:=10; Attribs.Font.Style:=[fsBold]; if ARow=0 then begin Attribs.Font.Color:=clBlack; end else begin if ACol=0 then begin Attribs.Font.Color:=rgb(0,32,96); Attribs.Color:=rgb(152,152,152); end else begin Attribs.Font.Color:=clBlack; Attribs.Color:=rgb(213,213,213); end; Attribs.Style.Style := 'text-align: center;'; // <- this like breaks all previous settings and does not seems to do anything itself. end; Can someone give out example of setting cell styles through OnDrawCell event? I would also like to know how to disable cell selection rectangle drawing.
  12. rgreat

    UniComboBox - remote query with fixed list

    Thank you. It would be nice if this bug would be fixed, though.
  13. rgreat

    UniComboBox - remote query with fixed list

    procedure TMainForm.UniComboBox1RemoteQuery(const QueryString: string; Result: TStrings); var i: Integer; begin Result.Clear; for i:=1 to 9 do begin Result.Add(i.ToString); end; end; 1. 2. Even if you change UniCombobox.Style to csDropDownList nothing will change. ItemIndex will still be -1. This make impossible to reliably select item in list unless you fallback to dirty tricks like adding ID in listbox item text. test.zip