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  1. I'll answer myself: Session ID must be passed with "_S_ID" parameter name.
  2. Application needs to receive data through TUniServerModule.UniGUIServerModuleHTTPCommand. Commands are tied to UniGUI session id (SessionId is added as parameter in URL). How to tell HyperServer to redirect http request to specific node/process which have this session? It is possible with GET/POST approach?
  3. Right. Now I need to understand how can I attach this tooltip to an <img> inside caption or at least to a string grid column caption. Tried several approaches but nothing seems to appear. I'm at loss what I need to provide as target to the ExtJS constructor. I have something like this: ConfDeliveryTable.Columns[3].Title.Caption:='Paper Type<img border="0" id="rg-test-id" src="Files/Info.svg" width="16" height="16">';
  4. When I add hint with default CSS tricks it either not visible, or displays cropped inside the cell. Maybe there is some kind of ExtJS trick available?
  5. StringGrid is much more flexible and easier to use control compared to DBGrid. It would be nice if they could share same presentation abilities.
  6. Yes, but it needs to be upgraded with text search box for values and limitation of menu subitems. Also 'mark all' and 'unmark all' menu items. In current state it is not really user friendly. But still. Good job. And thanks for sharing.
  7. Consider making client side wrappers/helpers for UniGUI components which would mirror server side properties of same UniGUI components. For ease of access. Example (in javascript): Consider it at least for most used properties.
  8. Solution does not work in "crisp" theme. Help? Trying something like: .testgrid .x-keyboard-mode .x-column-header.x-column-header-focus .x-column-header-inner:before { border: none; } And variants...
  9. Selfhost + ngnix can be easier to set up and maintain.
  10. Especially headless version (no GUI linux).
  11. You can use self hosting service application.
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