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  1. rgreat

    UniComboBox - remote query with fixed list

    Thank you. It would be nice if this bug would be fixed, though.
  2. rgreat

    UniComboBox - remote query with fixed list

    procedure TMainForm.UniComboBox1RemoteQuery(const QueryString: string; Result: TStrings); var i: Integer; begin Result.Clear; for i:=1 to 9 do begin Result.Add(i.ToString); end; end; 1. 2. Even if you change UniCombobox.Style to csDropDownList nothing will change. ItemIndex will still be -1. This make impossible to reliably select item in list unless you fallback to dirty tricks like adding ID in listbox item text. test.zip
  3. rgreat

    [Solved] [Workaround] TUniStringGrid Scroll issue

    Would you add that into UniStringGrid by default?
  4. rgreat

    [Solved] [Workaround] TUniStringGrid Scroll issue

    Seems like it works as intended. Thank you. Would you add that into UniStringGrid by default?
  5. rgreat

    [Solved] [Workaround] TUniStringGrid Scroll issue

    1. Run and click on second column cell. 2. Scroll with mouse wheel in bottom direction. 3. Result: test.zip test.exe.zip P.S. I only have UniGui, though.
  6. rgreat

    [Solved] [Workaround] TUniStringGrid Scroll issue

    Easy way to get that behaviour is to use multi-line text in grid cells.
  7. Looks like "hello world" application. Don't TMS Web Core have something real to show?
  8. rgreat

    UniComboBox - remote query with fixed list

    UniCombobox with remote query where you can only select items from list. I'd like to get UniCombobox.itemindex working with remote query enabled. Not working for me now. And also like to auto-revert user typed input when i exit UniCombobox if no item is selected. So to summarise i'd like to have UniCombobox with csDropDownList itemindex behaviour but with option to search through it like on csDropDown+remote query.
  9. Well... Not perfect. but definitely step in right direction. Text align is at bottom. But this is both a blessing and a curse.
  10. Thank you. Also i use this code to make captions to look good: UniSession.SetStyle('.myCpt{word-wrap: break-word; white-space: pre-line;}'); for i:=0 to DBG1.Columns.Count-1 do begin DBG1.Columns[i].Title.Caption:='<span class="myCpt">'+DBG1.Columns[i].Title.Caption+'</span>'; end; And maybe that's not the best way to make caption word wrap.
  11. Tried to do this with caption stored in Column.GroupHeader while column number in Column.Caption, but this way number field column is inconsistent in it's height.