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  1. rgreat

    UniComboBox - remote query with fixed list

    UniCombobox with remote query where you can only select items from list. I'd like to get UniCombobox.itemindex working with remote query enabled. Not working for me now. And also like to auto-revert user typed input when i exit UniCombobox if no item is selected. So to summarise i'd like to have UniCombobox with csDropDownList itemindex behaviour but with option to search through it like on csDropDown+remote query.
  2. Well... Not perfect. but definitely step in right direction. Text align is at bottom. But this is both a blessing and a curse.
  3. Thank you. Also i use this code to make captions to look good: UniSession.SetStyle('.myCpt{word-wrap: break-word; white-space: pre-line;}'); for i:=0 to DBG1.Columns.Count-1 do begin DBG1.Columns[i].Title.Caption:='<span class="myCpt">'+DBG1.Columns[i].Title.Caption+'</span>'; end; And maybe that's not the best way to make caption word wrap.
  4. Tried to do this with caption stored in Column.GroupHeader while column number in Column.Caption, but this way number field column is inconsistent in it's height.
  5. rgreat

    TUniChart image clipping

    These steps improve situation: 1. UniChart.LayoutConfig.BodyPadding := 0; (from 10) 2. For UniPieSeries.SeriesLabel.Display='inside' i recommend using: config.innerPadding=10; config.insetPadding=-10; 3. For UniPieSeries.SeriesLabel.Display='outer' and 'rotate' i recommend using: config.innerPadding=10; config.insetPadding=30; // or more (depending on labels length) 4. And finally we need a way to reduce calloutLine.length somehow to minimize unused space around diagram. Dirty source hack: function TUniCustomSeriesLabel.AsString(AFieldName: string): string; begin if (AFieldName<>'') and (AFieldName[1]<>'[') then AFieldName := '"' + AFieldName + '"'; Result := '{'+ 'field:'+AFieldName+ IfThen(FEnabled and (FDisplay<>'none'), ',display:"'+ FDisplay +'"'+ IfThen(FCalloutLine.FVisible, ',calloutLine:true','')+ ',calloutLine: { length: 25 }'+ // <----------------------------------------------------------- 20-30. IfThen(not FFont.IsDefault, ',font:"'+FFont.ToString(False, False, False, False)+'"','')+ IfThen(not FFont.Color<>clWindowText, ','+FFont.ToColor(True, False),'')+ IfThen(FOrientation<>tloHorizontal, ',orientation:"vertical"','')+ IfThen(FPadding<>20, ',padding:'+IntToStr(FPadding),''), '')+ '}'; end; Can i set calloutLine at runtime? 5. Missing labels: 6. And finally: Can i add units in hint? These are stored in dataset, but seems like not all DS fields are loaded into Chart, so i cant just use them in JS.
  6. rgreat

    TUniChart image clipping

    Playing now with insetPadding, Will update when achieve good results.
  7. rgreat

    TUniChart image clipping

    One more example: With tweak: Both does not look very good. first: unnecessary clipping. second: diagram is too small.
  8. rgreat

    TUniChart image clipping

    On the other hand this solution is far from perfect. It adds very large unused borders around diagram. Also seems like amount of text labels is not optimal, and quite low. Only 2 labels on screenshot above. It could be at least 3: 1.19 not shown unless selected. It is possible to remove or tune-up text filtering?
  9. rgreat

    TUniChart image clipping

    Thank you, it works. Why not set it by default?
  10. rgreat

    TUniChart image clipping

    Why image is clipped? How to fix it?
  11. А когда это будет?
  12. Подписка кончилась. Что изменилось в новых версиях не известно.