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  1. does it mean - that i can create a similar thing like unigui.dll just for linux? is the result a Shared Objects (*.so) files what i can upload to an linux-webhoster-standard-server? Usually it is a standalone linux console application, which can be configured to run as a Linux daemon. Not sure if it can be installed as Apache .so library. Never tried it myself as first approach is just easier under Linux. Must i switch to Lazarus? ..actual i use Delphi XE4 No. Delphi only. Versions which have Linux support. in delphi - i user a reportdesigner to produce P
  2. For example, I need to only change text for one cell in a row, but change background color for the whole row. But seems like OnDrawCell for a cell just does not fire without changing cell text. And "changing" cell text with the same old value does not work either. The only way I can guess now is to change the cell text for an every cell in a row twice. 1. To some temporary value. 2. Back to original value. That's quite ineffective and generate unwanted traffic. Please advise how can I forcibly fire OnDrawCell event? Or maybe some other solution?
  3. rgreat


    How to filter X coord's labels in TUniChart? The same way as Y coord's filtered. These are dates. Looks completely unreadable. I can't find any options for that.
  4. Not so unreal for new/updated software.
  5. UniDBGrid have nice event - OnFieldImage. Can I have similar functionality in UniStringGrid? In any way, except adding <img src="..."> tag into cells manually? I need to render images in UniStringGrid cells. And that's the difference between: http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/api/uniGUITypes_TUniCellAttribs_DefaultColor.html and http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/api/uniGUITypes_TUniCellAttribs_Color.html ?
  6. It is quite different, have less functionality compared to VCL TUniLabeledEdit, and also harder to use as it not WYSIWYG in designer. It is also broken on older versions of browsers. TUniLabel+TUniEdit combo is more useful.
  7. Not sure if this version works, so I will attach my working version. Unichecklst.zip
  8. Should be pretty simple, but quite useful.
  9. Copied this directory from my home machine. That helped. Thank you for the fast help. I would not use Clean in future. P.S. I wish you guys shared full (mostly?) sources.
  10. Search result: C:\UniGUI\uniTools\Dcu\Delphi2009\InstDecode.dcu C:\UniGUI\uniTools\Dcu\Delphi2010\InstDecode.dcu C:\UniGUI\uniTools\Dcu\Delphi2011\InstDecode.dcu C:\UniGUI\uniTools\Dcu\Delphi2012\InstDecode.dcu C:\UniGUI\uniTools\Dcu\Delphi2013\InstDecode.dcu C:\UniGUI\uniTools\Dcu\Delphi2014\InstDecode.dcu C:\UniGUI\uniTools\Dcu\Delphi2015\InstDecode.dcu C:\UniGUI\uniTools\Dcu\Delphi2016\InstDecode.dcu C:\UniGUI\uniTools\Dcu\Delphi2017\InstDecode.dcu C:\UniGUI\uniTools\Dcu\Delphi2018\InstDecode.dcu C:\UniGUI\uniTools\Dcu\Delphi2019\InstDecode.dcu C:\UniGUI\uniTools\
  11. Build started 18.12.2020 18:10:27. __________________________________________________ Project "C:\UniGUI\uniTools\uniTools26.dproj" (Build target(s)): Building with tools version "2.0". Target SetBuildOptions: Using "CreateProperty" task from assembly "Microsoft.Build.Tasks.v4.0, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a". Task "CreateProperty" Done executing task "CreateProperty". Task "CreateProperty" Done executing task "CreateProperty". Target _CheckBuildEnvironment: Task "Warning" skipped, due to false condition; (!Exists('$(EnvOpt
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