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  1. mhmda

    Is there a possibility to rotate the UniImage?

    This may help you: $(MainForm.UniImage1.el.dom).css({ "-webkit-transform": "rotate(90deg)", "-moz-transform": "rotate(90deg)", "transform": "rotate(90deg)" });
  2. mhmda

    Ripple in html UniLabel or UniImage...

    Hi, You are mixing a lot of things: html, .js code, .js files, css all in same place !! You have to separate thing and put them in the right place. This may help you http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/7934-animate-controls-using-greensock-gsap-library/?hl=gsap
  3. mhmda

    UniImage center property gets lost

    I think it's the same as for this forum.
  4. mhmda

    Remove border UniDbMemo

    Hi, test case would be great :-) What browser do you use for testing? Do you mean the border when focusing??
  5. Hi, I really love unigui and love you all guys... and a lot of you ask me for help here and help there especially with 'layouts' so I thought maybe I should do it more professional, so I will ask you: [unigui layouts - Extjs / Touch] Do you prefer a guide - pdf OR online live video conference (2 hours)?
  6. mhmda

    Problem encryption!!!

    We do encrypt passwords using hash algorithm and when it comes to sensitive data we encrypt it using RSA (with salt), and we never had a problem at all with unigui.
  7. mhmda

    Show rowbased hint/tooltip in UniDBGrid

    I'm not sure but you may test it.
  8. mhmda

    Show rowbased hint/tooltip in UniDBGrid

    ...function (value, metadata, record)... You have the record parameter which points to the whole row, so you can display any field you want. record.get('0') holds the value of the field which belongs the first column. record.get('1') holds the value of the field which belongs the second column. record.get('2') holds the value of the field which belongs the third column. ..... Regardless the name of the field in server side, Unigui always translated the field names to: '0','1','2','3','4'...
  9. mhmda

    Email göndermede dosya ekleme

    Google Translate: selam 1- Bu sorun, Unigui'nin e-postaya dosya eklemenin klasik yolunu kullanmasıyla ilgili değildir. 2-Tamam. 3- Sunucu tarafında seçiminizi, js kodu kullanarak istemci tarafını kullanarak YEDEK VEYA klasik yolunu kullanarak yapabilirsiniz. Daha fazla yardıma ihtiyacınız olursa bana özel mesaj gönderebilirsiniz (PM).
  10. mhmda

    Show rowbased hint/tooltip in UniDBGrid

    Here is quick example: UniDBGrid->Ext Events->ViewReady Event: function viewready(sender, eOpts) { sender.getColumns()[0].renderer = function (value, metadata, record) { myToolTipText = "<table class='tblRecGridRowToolTip'>"+ "<tr class='tdToolTip'>"+ "<td class='tblRecGridRowToolTipTitle'>Reference:</td>"+ "<td class='tblRecGridRowToolTipValue'>5006247</td>"+ "</tr>"+ "<tr class='tdToolTip'>"+ "<td class='tblRecGridRowToolTipTitle'>Debit account:</td>"+ "<td class='tblRecGridRowToolTipValue'>Suppliers account</td>"+ "</tr>"+ "</table>"; metadata.tdAttr = 'data-qclass="dvQtip" data-qtip="' + myToolTipText + '"'; }; MainForm.UniDBGrid1.getView().refresh(); } You may use Xtemplate for you Tool-tip text and from 'record' variable you can extract the fields value.
  11. Thank you Farshad...
  12. How Can I force the UniFormattedNumber in client side - getValue() return number NOT string, I don't want to use praseFloat.... I want to use maybe Ext.override.....
  13. mhmda

    Create frame in thread

    The form is loaded first and after that there is an ajax call to fill the grid with dat. what do you mean by 'many grids and queries' maybe you should separate them in multiple frames/forms. a screenshot or image would help you much more
  14. mhmda

    Show rowbased hint/tooltip in UniDBGrid

    I use 'metadata.tdAttr' at client side to display a custom hint:
  15. I use 'metadata.tdAttr' at client side to display a custom hint:
  16. mhmda

    Styling UniStringGrid

    I don't think that there is easy way... I use the same technique as above.
  17. mhmda

    Removing Border of UniComboBox??

    use CSS class for that. http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/6.5.2/classic/Ext.form.field.ComboBox.html search for 'cls':
  18. mhmda

    Create frame in thread

    Why do you use thread? the user session is already thread of unigui application. could you explain the logic or the idea of what you want to do.
  19. mhmda

    showmessage copy

    As DD said this is may cause by CSS role.
  20. mhmda

    New themes...Work in Progess

    Great theme, good work !!!!!!
  21. mhmda

    Create frame in thread

    Sure, Use classic VCL way
  22. mhmda

    Leaflet Map + Unigui

    Thank you,
  23. mhmda

    Suggestions for nice outline icons/png

    You may also try this: https://icons8.com/
  24. mhmda

    Suggestions for nice outline icons/png

    Well. I already subscribed to flaticon https://www.flaticon.com/ and I think it's good because you may download you icons in any format you want especially .svg (victor). they also have a collections manager. You also may use this http://www.fatcow.com/free-icons it includes about 4,000 icons
  25. mhmda

    Layout: advanced tutorial

    CSS: vh And vw Units. https://web-design-weekly.com/2014/11/18/viewport-units-vw-vh-vmin-vmax/