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  1. how to remove Left Line & Bottom
  2. how to focus on a specific date when form oncreate example color become green on 2nd date the code is alway focus on first date
  3. how to add uniclient event on runtime ? i use this always error on the line ' me.trigger.elements[0].setHtml("<i class=''fa fa-angle-down'' style=''font-size:1.8em; padding-right:5px''></i>"); '+
  4. any solution for unicombox/datepicker icon with css
  5. anybody have experience with htacces on xampp apache ?
  6. hello , i have app with every cust have diffrent cust id current : 1.mydomain.com/?custid=abc 2.mydomain.com/?custid=def now i have was create wildcard subdomain for my server so my question is can i use htacces to make like this 1.abc.mydomain.com 2.def.mydomain.com and get the result like curent behaviour UniApplication.Parameters.Values['custid']
  7. i use 1506 from build ? this event available ?
  8. is there any event in unigui hyper server that could indicate the server is reboot. i wanto clear my log every time server or web server is restarted
  9. it,s work, but @Sherzod can it just use css / or copy file ? coz i have about more than 100 + form need the style
  10. thanks before @sherzod, btw , i was try copy the image from triton to classic theme but nothing change
  11. change the hyperserver config app1 [http_transport] start_port=16384 app2 [http_transport] start_port=36384
  12. hello i use classic theme as default on my app how to change unicombobox/datepicker , etc triger icon with triton icon , witout change my base theme
  13. donlego


    hello i found the way just empty your ulr href like this replace server message on server module & mainmodule
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