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  1. is there any event in unigui hyper server that could indicate the server is reboot. i wanto clear my log every time server or web server is restarted
  2. donlego

    change unicombobox/datepicker icon

    it,s work, but @Sherzod can it just use css / or copy file ? coz i have about more than 100 + form need the style
  3. donlego

    change unicombobox/datepicker icon

    thanks before @sherzod, btw , i was try copy the image from triton to classic theme but nothing change
  4. donlego

    change unicombobox/datepicker icon

    anyone have a solution ?
  5. donlego

    One Server, Two applications, one calls the other !?

    change the hyperserver config app1 [http_transport] start_port=16384 app2 [http_transport] start_port=36384
  6. donlego

    change unicombobox/datepicker icon

    hello i use classic theme as default on my app how to change unicombobox/datepicker , etc triger icon with triton icon , witout change my base theme
  7. donlego


    hello i found the way just empty your ulr href like this replace server message on server module & mainmodule
  8. donlego

    Replace / Change Server Message URL

    sorry it's solved
  9. in unimainmodule , there an server message properties how change "[###url###] to my custom url like 'www.google.com'
  10. donlego


    i need the solution to ,for this case
  11. after update firefox browser to 76.0.1 (64-bit) today , the warning show unigui version 1506
  12. donlego

    get series label unichart on series click

    Any solution for this ?
  13. helo how to get the label of series on unichart click i want to get the label on the series ex : 0-30 hari 31-60 61-90 >90 i use this event, but just get value of the series, i want to get the label of the series procedure TFrmDefaultList.chartnya_listSeriesClick(Sender: TUniCustomChart; Series: TUniChartSeries; Index: Integer; Value: Variant; X, Y, PageX, PageY: Integer); begin showmessage(vartostr(value)); end;
  14. donlego

    invalid session or session timeout default page

    i still need session expire / timeout , my app limiting the user count acces , so if the user session never expire it can be problem to other user who want to login to the app
  15. donlego

    invalid session or session timeout default page

    hello any solution for this ?