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  1. procedure TFrmPostBayar.UniURLFrame1FrameLoaded(Sender: TObject); begin inherited; if UniURLFrame1.URL<>'' then begin FrmPostBayar.ShowMask(''); try // long proses to preview UniURLFrame1.JSInterface.JSCode ('Ext.defer(function(){'#1'.iframe.contentWindow.print()}, 10);'); finally FrmPostBayar.HideMask; end; end; end;
  2. Sory uniurlframe onframeloaded, i mean, the hidemask imediate run before the procedure do_print_frame()
  3. Onloadedform imediately hide the mask , Form1.showmask; Try Do_print_frame(); Finally Form1.hidemask(); End;
  4. sory can you tell me, which demo thanks
  5. hello i have uniurlframe load pdf file about +- 10 page how to know if uniurlframe load the full page /finish load i want to show unimask on the form before load and hide the mask after the file finish until all page
  6. o, i dont know if the qz tray is paid , do you have example for the git link connected with unigui thank's
  7. already download the file but where i can download the component, but is it compatible with unigui ver 1506 ?
  8. Bro kalo boleh tau pake theme apa itu ya 😁
  9. o, one more if i use it on unidatetimepicker it not work if (AComponent is TUniDateTimePicker) then (AComponent as TUniDateTimePicker).JSInterface.JSAddListener('afterrender', 'function(me){comboRender(me)}');
  10. thanks it's work one more quoestion how to set the triger background color, i try using this , but nohing changes me.inputEl.setStyle('bg-color', '#808080'); me.inputEl.setStyle('background-color', '#808080');
  11. the error still source procedure TUniMainModule.UniGUIMainModuleNewComponent(AComponent: TComponent); var after_render_Event: string; begin after_render_Event := 'afterrender=function afterrender(sender, eOpts) { ' + 'var me=sender; ' + ' me.inputEl.setStyle("background", "none");' + ' me.triggerCell.setStyle("background", "none");' + ' me.inputWrap.setStyle("border-right-width", "0");' + ' me.inputWrap.setStyle("border-bottom-width", "0");' + ' me.triggerCell.setStyle("border-bottom-width", "0px");' + ' me.triggerCell.setStyle("border-right-width", "0px");' + ' me.triggerCell.setStyle("border-top-width", "0px"); ' + ' me.trigger.elements[0].setHtml("<i class= "fa fa-angle-down" style=''font-size:1.8em; padding-right:5px''></i>"); ' + '}'; if AComponent is TUniDBLookupComboBox then (AComponent as TUniDBLookupComboBox).ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Add (after_render_Event); end;
  12. i want to use on runtime , but error
  13. refrresh , logout the app , the suspend increment on other node
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