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  1. donlego

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    hi zemorango i see your login form , how to make login form position still center and your background image can be responsive when resize the browser ?
  2. donlego

    UniURLframe dll(xamp apache) with Local html file

    any solution for this ?
  3. donlego

    Ajax Error Message

    pake indih*me ? change iis port use except 80/8080
  4. load local html file on exe mode the html file is load , but on dll mode /apache it;s not load uniURLframe1.URL:='/files/splash/index.html'; unigui 1479
  5. donlego

    Resize unichart bottom font size

    Hello , any body know how to resize font on unichart for bottom label font and left unigui verion 14 79 thank's
  6. donlego

    how to make horizontal label series on unibarseries

    thanks dd for your help, the code is work
  7. hello how to make label series on unibar to horizontal and format the label ex 10000000 become 10.000.000 thanks
  8. hello how to change the headertab caption font color of pagecontrol if active the font header color =red else black
  9. donlego

    how to reduce fonts on unitreemenu

    hi marlon the font size work, but the margin not work any advice? i want to make the text float to left or make the menu container make it longer thank's before
  10. donlego

    How do I get all the active sections in Hyper Server?

    With db to record session list , i can make delete user session when user log out, but if the server restart with any user still connect before the user logout How to delete all session still exist on db session log? I try with uniserver event on before shutdown but no success
  11. donlego

    how to reduce fonts on unitreemenu

    hi dd, i mean the caption on UniMenuItems linked to unitreemenu there is no font setting on UniMenuItems
  12. donlego

    how to reduce fonts on unitreemenu

    on unimainmenu submenu have submenu the caption was cut off, how to make caption full width
  13. donlego

    Is possible?

    Just share Before unigui release i create web app with php,js,css & other, It,s eat lot of time specialy to create report. Now with unigui Convert accounting desktop +-100 form +- 200 report(fast report) Using unigui trial in +-3 month Save lot time without create report from zero , after finishing convert & trial our app, i buy the unigui license and i'am sure this is fast solution to create web app. And now after buy unigui +-2 month I have 2 company use my app
  14. Hi tokay, what source? Is unigui source ?