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  1. donlego

    How do you update a dll on Apache server

    Hyperserver , can handle it
  2. donlego

    FastReport 6_3 !

    any body know how to implement drill down report like fast report vcl do ? on unigui
  3. donlego

    unidbgrid with checkbox state on click

    hello sherzod on test case app it work , but on my real project your solution is not work, id ont know what missing, is there any other solution , to know if i click on the checkbox and return the state of checkbox is checked or unchecked ?
  4. donlego

    unidbgrid with checkbox state on click

    Hello any solution for this
  5. donlego

    unidbgrid with checkbox state on click

    ok, i will wait for your solution thanks
  6. donlego

    unidbgrid with checkbox state on click

    hello sherzod, any solutution for this ?
  7. donlego

    Hyperserver get all session list

    i was try with the method like that, but 1.refresh the browser, the session id is changed, so the ondestroy function not found the before refresh sessionid 2. if the server reboot or failure then on server startup i must create other desktop service to clear all session on database
  8. donlego

    unidbgrid with checkbox state on click

    hello sherzod i create test case for you please check then unchek the checkbox column what i want is if the checkbox is checked=true then uniedit value= uniedit value+unidbgrid row value on valnya value else uniedit value= uniedit value-unidbgrid row value on valnya value for now i get always 2 , just check the first row checked column unigui_check_box.rar
  9. hello any body know how to know what state on unidbgrid with checkbox column if click on checkbox column, i want to get the state of checkbox , the condition/state of checkbox on click the checkbox box column unigui ver 1486
  10. donlego

    All Button become border update from 1479 to 1486

    On first pict tunibutton border show border when focus (1486) On 1479 the border not show when the button is focus How to remove the border on pict 1 with css
  11. i was update from 1476 to 1486 , all my button become border(focus) , i want to make all button borderless and the form happen to it become border how to remove them with css
  12. thank you this works, only for a temporary solution
  13. my current unigui version now is 1479 , i try to istall and unistall the 1479 ver but still happen on my old project it happen if the form have onkeydown event and form keypreview=true, need the form onkeydown here i attach the test case , put minus value on the third edit ex -90000 test_case.rar
  14. hello tokay can you tell me which part on the uniedit.pas source i must replace to make minus/- work