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  1. Good afternoon, I published the system using the hyperserver + IIS for external access, it is working perfectly. But I can't access via localhost. Can someone help me? Thanks.
  2. Did you get a solution for this case?
  3. Good Morning... Why not use push directly on unigui without going through Onesignal or FireBase?
  4. Ele QR q vc arrume o seu cadastro preenchendo os dados da licença do unigui...
  5. @Farshad Mohajeri... Take a look at this code .. simple way to export to excel without dependencies .. Att: Gustavo Déo
  6. Sorry, I was unable to attach the file, so I will leave the unit in writing ... This unit is where the export process is located, no installation or any other dependency is required ... to call the export just declare the unit and call the procedure ... XLSWriter.DataSetToXLS(DataSet,Arq_Name); Sorry, but I'm using a translator ... Report if it worked ... Good code ... Hugs unit uNativeXLSExport; // based on internet, generate basic BIFF5 XLS // http://sc.openoffice.org/excelfileformat.pdf // CodePage support (see WriteCodePage) // and Unicode compatibility - Radek
  7. I have a solution ... if you still need it, let me know when I post the code.
  8. Did not work ... Can you help me??
  9. The problem was solved? I still have problem with locate after opening Dataset ...
  10. Good afternoon... I have the following problem ... User opens system with non-maximized browser screen. After opening the screen he wants to work on, he decides to maximize the screen, but the unigui screen does not replay itself ... Any suggestion? Thanks... Att.: Gustavo Déo
  11. Have an example using the flash plugin ???
  12. This sprint could be a priority ... It will help a lot in the speed of opening of screens ode there medium and large volume of data ... Any prediction?
  13. What property should I enable for text to stay in multiple rows in uniDBGrid? Thanks...
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