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  1. TI.ME

    Loading Data on demand...

    This sprint could be a priority ... It will help a lot in the speed of opening of screens ode there medium and large volume of data ... Any prediction?
  2. TI.ME

    Height of text wordrap in Grid

    What property should I enable for text to stay in multiple rows in uniDBGrid? Thanks...
  3. TI.ME

    Loading Data on demand...

    Any predictions for this implementation?
  4. TI.ME

    UniDbGrid cell hints

    I was interested in this event ... to simply show the content of the field ... How do I make an event call when positioning the mouse without a grid? Thank you !!! Att.: Gustavo Déo
  5. TI.ME

    Loading Data on demand...

    Would you like to know more ... You can work with Fetch on Demand? Thanks.. Att.: Gustavo Déo..
  6. TI.ME

    What's new in unigui?

    Good night!!! Would there be a place to keep track of what's new in each release version of unigui? Att.: Gustavo Déo
  7. ohh... Perfect!!! Thanks!!!
  8. Good Morning!!! I am developing an application with using EnabledsynchronousOperation = True ... But when a code with treatment, as exemplified below ... try if not true then abort; except on e: exception MessageDlg (e.Message, mtError, [mbOk]); end; The System raises an internal exception, causing a PopUp message in the browser, and then raises the error message programmed in the unigui by missing the actual e.message error. I did the test using EnabledsynchronousOperation = False and I did not have the same problem, however I can not work that way due to the system architecture. UniGui version 1.50
  9. TI.ME

    Push Message

    Good night... Actually it was problem with the port, with the hyperserver, the unigui executable, it does not use the default port configured, the hyperserver determines another port ... I made the correction and everything went back to normal !! Thank you!!!
  10. TI.ME

    Push Message

    Good afternoon!!! http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/3275-messageserver-push-messages-from-server-to-client-long-polling/ Personally, I have adapted the message server into my project and it works perfect ... However, I moved the installation of my project to HyperServer, and now it does not work !!! When you start the msg screen, it javascript error msg !!! Has anyone ever had this problem ?? Would it help to solve ?? Error Msg <script type="text/javascript">var w=window;var dc=w.document;w.onbeforeunload=null;dc.open();dc.write("\x3Chtml\x3E\n\x3Cbody bgcolor=\"#dfe8f6\"\x3E\n\x3Cp style=\"text-align:center;color:#0000A0\"\x3EInvalid session or session Timeout.\x3C/p\x3E\n\x3Cp style=\"text-align:center;color:#A05050\"\x3E\x3Ca href=\"http://localhost:8077/\"\x3ERestart application\x3C/a\x3E\x3C/p\x3E\n\x3C/body\x3E\n\x3C/html\x3E\n");dc.close();</script>
  11. TI.ME

    dbgrid with ext 6.6

    Your code was useful ... I just improved a bit to avoid mistakes and stay clean !!! I hope it helps you tb ... But I only have one difficulty ... if I hold the key pressed, debugging the code, to realize that there is a very large delay ... so sometimes the strange behavior that you quoted .. But it's better than nothing !!! Thank you friend!!! procedure TfCadastro.grdCadastroKeyDown(Sender: TObject; var Key: Word; Shift: TShiftState); begin if (Sender as TUniDBGrid).WebOptions.Paged then begin case key of VK_NEXT : begin if (((sender as tunidbgrid).datasource.Dataset.RecNo + (sender as tunidbgrid).WebOptions.PageSize) > (sender as tunidbgrid).datasource.Dataset.RecordCount) then (sender as tunidbgrid).datasource.Dataset.Last else (sender as tunidbgrid).datasource.Dataset.RecNo := (sender as tunidbgrid).datasource.Dataset.RecNo + (sender as tunidbgrid).WebOptions.PageSize; end; VK_PRIOR : begin if (((sender as tunidbgrid).datasource.Dataset.RecNo - (sender as tunidbgrid).WebOptions.PageSize) < 1) then (sender as tunidbgrid).datasource.Dataset.First else (sender as tunidbgrid).datasource.Dataset.RecNo := (sender as tunidbgrid).datasource.Dataset.RecNo - (sender as tunidbgrid).WebOptions.PageSize; end; VK_DOWN : begin if ((Sender as TUniDBGrid).CurrRow = ((Sender as TUniDBGrid).WebOptions.PageSize) -1) then (Sender as TUniDBGrid).DataSource.DataSet.Next; end; VK_UP : begin if ((Sender as TUniDBGrid).CurrRow = 0) then (Sender as TUniDBGrid).DataSource.DataSet.Prior; end; end; end; end;
  12. TI.ME

    DBGrid - Next & Previous page

    For the previous page, it worked ... But it did not work for the next page.
  13. TI.ME

    Push Message

    This Work!!!
  14. TI.ME

    Server Web

    Também fiquei muito tempo no VCL, comecei com o unigui neste ano de 2018... Passei muitas dificuldades, e um outro membro brasileiro do fórum (Herculano), me socorreu por diversas vezes. Então agora é a minha vez... se tiver dúvidas, entre em contato que vamos tentando nos ajudar!! Abraços!!!
  15. TI.ME

    Server Web

    Boa tarde amigo!!! Vc está tentando configurar em Standard Alone(.exe) ou em ISAP(dll)??? Para um teste rápido, aconselho configurar em Standard Alone, pois é mais fácil e rápido e em questão de desempenho, não percebi nenhuma diferença. A instalação foi muito simples, basta vc instalar o pacote RumTime do Unigui, e executar o sistema para que ele fique aguardando conexões. Para configurar acesso externo, basta vc liberar a porta do unigui no firewall do windows (padrão 8077) e fazer o NAT no seu modem para conexões externas, indicando o ip interno do seu servidor e mandando entrar na porta 8077. Caso deseja configurar em ISAP usando o IIS do windows, tem alguns vídeos no youtube que auxiliam bastante (inclusive eu usei um deles para configuração do meu server)... Bom.. Espero ter ajudado... Se tiver mais alguma dúvida, entre em contato... No que eu puder ajudar, estarei te auxiliando!!! Abraços!!!