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Hosting - Cloud or On Premise?


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Is anybody considering deploying their applications via the Cloud via a hosting service?   Is this feasible?


search high memory in lowendbox.com,

i get 5GB cheap linux vps,

install your vnc xwindows desktop and run your standalone exe using wine,

until now tested running ok

or buy http://winity.io/ is cheap vps windows

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None of them are better than Contabo




none of the cheaper than cheaper ones, yes. Support for contabo here in germany is excellent, really. But the VPS XL I compare here with the big sized VPS from Strato and HostEurope seems to be based on desktop hardware, not server dedicated hardware (?). Server Manager with Server 2012 on the Contabo VPS starts in 1/4 of the time than on the Strato VPS when accessing with Remote Desktop. Every VPS has its pros and cons: with Strato you get 16 vCores and 16GB Ram. With HostEurope you get only 8 vCores but very fast SSD access, but you cannot install Server 2012 as for now. And Contabo lacks in hardware benchmarking in most points compared to the others. Not to forget that different providers VPS maybe based on different virtualization software (Hyper-V vs Virtuozzo) where you are responsible for updates or not. And there are the little bad things which you may see only when you have installed all your stuff and then install your famous resource checking tool..... well, look at Strato, they manage the memory of the VPS in such a way, that I had no chance to get information about the actual availible memory of the VPS to manage critical situations in memory comsumption, that beast is named "dynamic memory". I don`t like it. And think about hosting you UniGUI applications SSL-secured. Not every provider can offer optional more IP-addresses which you need for different SSL-domains on the same VPS.


So I think there is not "THE BEST VPS", see what you want to install and what you have to run on your VPS, then a very detailled view on the VPS hardware and software of the different providers is recommended. 



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I have several uniGUI projects running in production for 2 years, all of them are hosted on Contabo VPS.

My impressions :


Pros :

  • Price : Contabo is the cheapest VPS provider I ever found.
  • Support : not extremely fast, but you always get an answer in the day.
  • Stability : 0 problem since 2013.

Cons :

  • Performance: Contabo VPS is clearly not the fastest offer (vCPU are not so fast).  I recommand VPS XL only (smaller VPS is too slow for uniGUI)
  • Control panel/Monitoring/Add-ons : you just get low cost control (it is impossible to resize a machine, the monitoring is not very efficient, the asynchronous FTP cache is very disturbing...)


But for that price, you won't find better !


My three cents...

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Hi all,

As promised, I contacted contabo team, asking them to offer, for all Unigui community

a coupon discount for there excellent VPS.



Here is what Katharina Knör  said :

"Thank you for your interest in your VPS plans.

At the moment we do not offer any coupon codes in combination with our VPS plans on public forums.


But I can imagine that we perhaps offer a coupon code privately to each forum member via a private message.
The message includes a few words to our company and VPS and the coupon code.
As our VPS are already very cheap I have to think about an appropriate amount of the coupon code...

Best regards,

Katharina Knör
Marketing Manager




I followed this mail to Farshad and I am expecting result.


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