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  1. MarkB

    ToolTip for rows in UniDBGrid

    I'd like tooltips for the DBGrid too. In my case, I want dynamic data column by column and row by row.
  2. Dove in and found out the problem. Has to do with the two methods of TUniDBGrid 'H_OnExpandBody' and 'H_OnCollapseBody' The problem is the way the cName is being constructed in each such that the name of the Container in H_OnCollapseBody is not the same as the name constructed in H_OnExpandBody so when it tries to find the container to free it, it's not there. TUniCustomDesktopDBGrid.H_OnExpandBody cName := Self.Name + '_' + Self.JSName + '_Row_' + IntToStr(Id); // cName must be unique through the session TUniCustomDesktopDBGrid.H_OnCollapseBody cName := Self.Name + '_Row_' + IntToStr(Id); See the difference above. I tried fixing the H_OnCollapseBody method to produce the right name, using this.JName paramenter and while it worked for that one collapse, after the fact all RowWidgets were broken and would not expand. This is really simple to see and reproduce, do you really need an example?
  3. MarkB

    Disable Column Widget Buttons by a row value

    Thanks. This kind of works. If a round trip is made to the server and all rows are returned it works. But if you edit the row and change the value to a valid state, the state of the button does not change.
  4. I have a DBGrid with 4 fields, the first 2 are required and the Grid has RowEditor enabled. Those two Columns have a TUniDBEdit control associated with them. If I click the Plus button on the navigator, enter only data in the first field and click Confirm, I get a warning that the second field is required but the RowEditor stops responding to mouse clicks after that. UniguiValidationBug.zip
  5. MarkB

    Row Widget - DestroyOnCollapse

    I have DestroyOnCollapse on collapse checked but when the RowWidget is collapsed the underlying Frame is not being destroyed. Anything beyond checking this I have to do to make this happen?
  6. I'd like to have a ColumnWidget with a button but I need the buttons to be able to be disabled based upon a value in the row they are in.
  7. MarkB

    TUniDBGrid RowWidget Width

    I will tomorrow. But I want the the child grid in the screenshot that says “Without ForceFit” to be the full width of the browser window.
  8. MarkB

    Enable/Disable RowWidget in TUniDBGrid

    Yes. The plus minus button is not visible, but clicking on the first column where it used to be still responds to mouse clicks and it puts the whole row into edit mode. I'd expect clicking on that empty space not to have it do anything.
  9. MarkB

    TUniDBGrid RowWidget Width

    Take a look at the screen shots. The one that says "With ForceFit" the parent grid is set to have the columns take up the whole width of the screen and the child grid (RowWidget) like wise takes up the whole width. The one that says "Without ForceFit" the columns of the parent grid take up just as much space as the need but the Grid itself is the full width of the screen. The Child grid is only taking up the width to match the width of the parents columns, not the whole width of the grid.
  10. Is it possible to have the Confirm button on the RowEditor disabled until all required fields are entered? If you need to know why I can give my example of the issue I'm having, but the above would fix it.
  11. MarkB

    Enable/Disable RowWidget in TUniDBGrid

    So I sort of got it to work. It makes +/- button invisible but that are is still clickable and when I do, the column goes into RowEdit mode.
  12. MarkB

    TUniDBGrid RowWidget Width

  13. MarkB

    TUniDBGrid RowWidget Width

    The RowWidget width seems constrained to the Width of it's container grid meaning it's only as wide up to the last column. How do I make the RowWidget Width to match the entire width of the container grid, not just up to the last row. If I force the owner Grid to ForceFit then the RowWidget takes the whole width, but this is not optimal as the owner Grid only has a few columns.
  14. MarkB

    3 Level Row Widget in TUniDBGrid. Limitation?

    Yes. Thanks for asking.
  15. MarkB

    3 Level Row Widget in TUniDBGrid. Limitation?

    Never Mind, Figured it Out.