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  1. oh, no answer until now... Let me think about it over the weekend, I am in the same situation to build a "general" GUI for all coming unigui projects.
  2. examples (link): here in the forum...
  3. I did my last steps with unigui in 2015 and want to restart now, but without upgrading Delphi. And I don`t (yet) have the Delphi subscription. 1. Are there any known problems using unigui with Delphi 10 Seattle (not update 1, the initial version of Seattle)? 2. Are there any known problems in passing unigui program source between Delphi 10 Seattle and Delphi 10.2 Tokyo? 3. When mainly using the unigui stuff, is there a reason to upgrade to Delphi Tokyo (now) and not go on with Delphi Seattle (say until the end of the year)? Best Regards Peter
  4. its two years past and only a playground, until then I did no serious programming with unigui, but maybe this can help: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/4154-azzurra-theme-from-unigui/?hl=azzurra and here some more topic about azzurra: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/5061-theme-playground-azzurra/?hl=azzurra Best Regards Peter
  5. chefdackel


    As far as I see the services were down not only 12 hours, but over the weekend, much too long. Here you can see the rest of the service status history: http://downuptime.net/contabo.com.html
  6. you can change the code from this example, here you find the essential functions which we expect when uploading file(s): http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/4305-uniguifineuploader/ brfc
  7. none of the cheaper than cheaper ones, yes. Support for contabo here in germany is excellent, really. But the VPS XL I compare here with the big sized VPS from Strato and HostEurope seems to be based on desktop hardware, not server dedicated hardware (?). Server Manager with Server 2012 on the Contabo VPS starts in 1/4 of the time than on the Strato VPS when accessing with Remote Desktop. Every VPS has its pros and cons: with Strato you get 16 vCores and 16GB Ram. With HostEurope you get only 8 vCores but very fast SSD access, but you cannot install Server 2012 as for now. And Contabo lacks in
  8. I just played a bit with the Azzurra theme for ExtJS4, looks not bad so far: the only thing I had to combine the offered CSS files in a size group (small, medium, large) and for every color to one big file and then compress this file, even it is 800kb in size. Maybe something I did not find out to get smaller sizes, but it works for the little demos... Info for commercial theme Azzurra: https://store.codaxy.com/Themes/Azzurra or have a look at this topic: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/4154-azzurra-theme-from-unigui/?hl=azzurra
  9. looks great. Two things in my application where the bootstrap theme does not show elements like expected: 1. navigation buttons in grids: 2. unispeedbutton: The unispeedbutton can be replaced with another control, but any suggestion for the grid navigation buttons? brfc
  10. How to set visibility of the badgetext by code? Explanation: I want to show the recordcount of a db table with the badgetext. As long as the recordcount is "0" I don`t want to show the badgetext, if the recordcount is not "0" I want to show the badgetext (by code): if dbtable.recordcount =0 then [badgetext.visible=false] else [badgetext.visible=true] brfc
  11. great, for UniGUI it may look like this, here for the TabControl (thanks to Photoshop), more usable for most of us would be a PageControl? ...there is few space for the badgetext. With UniTabControl and UniPageControl, even when putting some blanks at the end of the caption for a tab, the caption is trimmed from the blanks. Maybe there will be a need to change the caption of tabs in runtime, so f.e. "Tab1" if there is no value for the badgetext (and the badgetext is not shown at all), and f.e. "Tab1..." if there is a value for the badgetext. Only an idea. brfc
  12. thank you very much. As the badgetext is created for buttons, its not so easy to adapt it to TabControls or Pagecontrols, such as here (see image down)? I could not make that work, but that would be another great field for badgetext: brfc
  13. and to get all functions running with one and only domain name. So you can host "mydomain.com" at provider A as a classic website (www.) and as domain for your mail, but also create a subdomain ("subdomain1.mydomain.com") and point that subdomain to provider B (111.222.333.444), where you host your VPS. Thats also important if you want to use SSL with your domain, get a wildcard certificate for your domain and run the secured UniGUI applications on "subdomain1.mydomain.com". So you even can change the VPS where you host your UniGUI applications very easily: change the DNS entries of the subdom
  14. thank you for your exploring work with mobile components, we all who actually don`t work with the mobile components can only profit from the time which you spend on the project. brfc
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