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  1. the second (defining a step value) is the most important, because I don't see any workaround.
  2. I have two questions for the UniTrackbar: 1. How can I show the values permanently, not only when tracking: 2. How can I define a step-value, so I can not only track in steps 1, 2, 3.... but 0,5/1,0/1,5/2,0/2,5/3,0...
  3. try to search for "User Interface my solution for different color styles" by Erich Wanker. I am sure you can expand his example to more color elements.
  4. you can`t compare unigui with TSPlus Remote Access. TPlus Remote Access (which I use for running some kind of "hybrid" web application for my customers) is a luxury RDP connection. Its great for offering delphi vcl applications to run in a browser environment. Very easy to set up. But you run into troubles with uploading, downloading (and in our case with printing) and such stuff. And you have to keep in mind that you pay for every session on the server. That may become expensive. On the other hand there is UniGui to build "real" web applications. But not for building a full blown RDP application.
  5. search for "User Interface: my solution for different "color-styles" by Erich Wanker in this forum. Its a great solution to change colors in runtime in your unigui applications.
  6. here is the google translated version:
  7. maybe this URL does not exist any more as expected? ?
  8. I am in the same situation. For the stateful, server driven part with logged in users and the whole stuff, dynamic PDF files, calculations, a lot of dynamic db functions and the need to use nice nearly ready to use UI controls I plan to use UniGui - for the stateless part (the front end for anonymous visitors based on wordpress) I plan to use TMS Webcore/XData. I think both have their pros and cons, and both are very strong for their area of applications, but not for all requirements. As I am at the beginning of the whole stuff I hope that the decision was correct - if not, I have to begin again with another approuch in some weeks. 🤔
  9. how do you handle those who do not log out but only close the browser as soon as they are "finished"?
  10. @edujgomes5and please.... tranlating in english is so easy today. So we can all be part of the conversation.
  11. Thank you all contributors for very helpful and detailed information how to deal with security and UniGui. You may also look at a ready-to-use and not very pricy solution for basic protection: https://tsplus.me/tsplus-advanced-security/ I installed it in version "Essentials Edition" on two windows VPS (which are not dedicated for UniGui applications at the moment) and every day hundreds of hacking attempts are stopped.
  12. >> Advanced (DB)Lookups, with management of displayed fields and key fields (not displayed), and being able to display multiple columns in the popup. This makes managing related archives in forms much easier. Now is really limited and creates difficulties. << just thinking about coming back to UNIGUI after quite some years with low effort on developing on my side. Anyone remembers Woll2Woll Infopower components? These features were implemented exactly as you describe in the VCL components, I remember working with Delphi 7 and this super DBLookup component... The management of displayed fields (nice ordered in alternately colored colums) and the hidden key field which is used for lookup of the record would be the first things I am looking at when using DBLookups in UniGui. Just checking the online demos, it seems that the actual DBLookup(Combo) is on the right way but does not exactly offer these two things?
  13. oh, no answer until now... Let me think about it over the weekend, I am in the same situation to build a "general" GUI for all coming unigui projects.
  14. examples (link): here in the forum...
  15. I did my last steps with unigui in 2015 and want to restart now, but without upgrading Delphi. And I don`t (yet) have the Delphi subscription. 1. Are there any known problems using unigui with Delphi 10 Seattle (not update 1, the initial version of Seattle)? 2. Are there any known problems in passing unigui program source between Delphi 10 Seattle and Delphi 10.2 Tokyo? 3. When mainly using the unigui stuff, is there a reason to upgrade to Delphi Tokyo (now) and not go on with Delphi Seattle (say until the end of the year)? Best Regards Peter
  16. its two years past and only a playground, until then I did no serious programming with unigui, but maybe this can help: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/4154-azzurra-theme-from-unigui/?hl=azzurra and here some more topic about azzurra: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/5061-theme-playground-azzurra/?hl=azzurra Best Regards Peter
  17. chefdackel


    As far as I see the services were down not only 12 hours, but over the weekend, much too long. Here you can see the rest of the service status history: http://downuptime.net/contabo.com.html
  18. any news on this topic? Did I miss an update? Thank you. brfc
  19. you can change the code from this example, here you find the essential functions which we expect when uploading file(s): http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/4305-uniguifineuploader/ brfc
  20. none of the cheaper than cheaper ones, yes. Support for contabo here in germany is excellent, really. But the VPS XL I compare here with the big sized VPS from Strato and HostEurope seems to be based on desktop hardware, not server dedicated hardware (?). Server Manager with Server 2012 on the Contabo VPS starts in 1/4 of the time than on the Strato VPS when accessing with Remote Desktop. Every VPS has its pros and cons: with Strato you get 16 vCores and 16GB Ram. With HostEurope you get only 8 vCores but very fast SSD access, but you cannot install Server 2012 as for now. And Contabo lacks in hardware benchmarking in most points compared to the others. Not to forget that different providers VPS maybe based on different virtualization software (Hyper-V vs Virtuozzo) where you are responsible for updates or not. And there are the little bad things which you may see only when you have installed all your stuff and then install your famous resource checking tool..... well, look at Strato, they manage the memory of the VPS in such a way, that I had no chance to get information about the actual availible memory of the VPS to manage critical situations in memory comsumption, that beast is named "dynamic memory". I don`t like it. And think about hosting you UniGUI applications SSL-secured. Not every provider can offer optional more IP-addresses which you need for different SSL-domains on the same VPS. So I think there is not "THE BEST VPS", see what you want to install and what you have to run on your VPS, then a very detailled view on the VPS hardware and software of the different providers is recommended. brfc
  21. I just played a bit with the Azzurra theme for ExtJS4, looks not bad so far: the only thing I had to combine the offered CSS files in a size group (small, medium, large) and for every color to one big file and then compress this file, even it is 800kb in size. Maybe something I did not find out to get smaller sizes, but it works for the little demos... Info for commercial theme Azzurra: https://store.codaxy.com/Themes/Azzurra or have a look at this topic: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/4154-azzurra-theme-from-unigui/?hl=azzurra
  22. looks great. Two things in my application where the bootstrap theme does not show elements like expected: 1. navigation buttons in grids: 2. unispeedbutton: The unispeedbutton can be replaced with another control, but any suggestion for the grid navigation buttons? brfc
  23. so this answer: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/4666-unispecial-component/page-2&do=findComment&comment=24363 will become obsolete? brfc
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