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unigui + highcharts Demo

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highcharts is free &  open source 










1)make Html file

Unigui Form's DataSet Make Html File (For example: chart.html or chart.htm). 

and Save To UniguiServer's  Directory(For example: examples or files or temp).


2)show chart

unigui form add TUniURLFrame,Set TUniURLFrame.Url=\UniguiServer's  Directory\html File

(For example: \examples\Chart.html).


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Hello friends.
I took the examples and developed a component to generate graphs. The following example and sources. Improvements and suggestions, we will share.


How do I use this component? When I open unit1 it gives the error below!
"Class THtmlFrameChart not fount, Ignore the error and continue!"
But if it does not enter unit1 it runs the example normally! How do I install this component?
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