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  1. Viewer options Below are the options for the PDF.js viewer that can be given at URL level. Multiple values of either type can be combined by separating with an ampersand (&) after the hash (for example: #page=2&zoom=200). Options after the #Example: http://mozilla.github.io/pdf.js/web/viewer.html#page=2 page: page number. Example: page=2 zoom: zoom level. Example: zoom=200 (accepted formats: `[zoom], ,[top]`, `page-width`, `page-height`, `page-fit`, `auto`) nameddest: go to a named destination pagemode: either "thumbs" or "bookmarks". Example: pagemode=thumbs Options after the ?Example: http://mozilla.github.io/pdf.js/web/viewer.html?file=compressed.tracemonkey-pldi-09.pdf file: the path of the PDF file to use (must be on the same server due to JavaScript limitations). Please notice that the path/URL must be encoded using encodeURIComponent(), e.g. "/viewer.html?file=%2Fpdf.js%2Fweb%2Fcompressed.tracemonkey-pldi-09.pdf"
  2. PS:pdf document path and the server must be in the same domain name, can not be cross-domain
  3. 1、下一个版本就是1.0 估计不超过半个月 2、1.0属于正式版价格1000美元,目前890美元属于折扣价格,因为还是beta版本 3、不支持支付宝,只能通过外币卡支付 4、1年升级 5、包含部分源代码(控件代码开放,核心代码不开放)
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